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I'd love to hear what you come up with, mate!
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Don't confuse BAE (Or Hawker Sydley) press releases to the industry and advertisement claims against real reasons.

Budget. Budget. Budget.

When the aircraft was fist designed in the late 60's - 70's, the choice of engines that had been through the (lengthy and expensive) certification process was limited.

The Texxtron/Lycoming (then) engine variant had been in helios in vietnam and was based on a older core engine from a tank (although Honeywell think it was a completely different engine).

I don't know why people are mentioning "Hot and High", the ALF 502 is very asthmatic with limited turbine margin on a good day and the later 507 on the RJ is not much better.

I've worked on 146's/Rj's on and off for 12 years and the above is just stuff I've picked up on various courses over the years.

The RJX should have been designed with 2 larger motors IMO, 4 Donkeys on a regional jet did scare people who were awaiting the Embraer 170/190 family coming off the drawing board.

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The 502's in the first 146's were really unreliable dogs,it was a good job there were four of them(& a good job they're easy to change).
When Allied Signal acquired Textron Lycoming they spent a small fortune on increasing the reliability & these days they're not too bad.
The 507's in the RJ's have the increased temp margin but are still prone to the occasional uncontained failure.
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Why Four Engines?
Easy, the wings weren't long enough for 6.
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Ayuk ayuk.
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