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Old 27th Dec 2012, 07:59   #1 (permalink)
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Any Skype experts?

Any Skype experts in the house ?

Can't get Skype to 'register' my mobile phone number, so that I can type any text messages I want to send - can't abide those fiddly little buttons on the phone.

I go through the registration process, i.e. submit my phone number, and get the command to 'enter the code that has been sent to your phone' - it hasn't, and never is.

If I send a txt anyway I get the advice that my txt has been sent - it hasn't.

Skype won't accept txts. unless there is a phone number registered with them for the recipient to reply to, yet they won't register my number.

The Skype Forum suggests that I'm not alone in this complaint, but nobody has come up with a solution.
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Old 27th Dec 2012, 08:59   #2 (permalink)
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this has come up before - from another member in NZ
Not sure if theres an answer there though
SKYPE Question
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Old 27th Dec 2012, 19:22   #3 (permalink)
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Apologies - isn't memory great - until you lose it !!

I'd forgotten, but nothings' changed, still won't work.
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Old 4th Jan 2013, 05:24   #4 (permalink)
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After a long and frustrating computer session on Skype Chat, with someone from Skype, I'm left with having to enquire of NZ Telecom if they can accept txt addresses using alphanumerical characters, as Skype use "SKYPE" as their txt address instead of a number.

I suspect that NZ telecom don't - never heard of anyone in NZ using alphabetical characters as the addressee to send SMS messages, so looks like it is unavailable in NZ.

I will attempt to get the Indian Sub-continent call centre to try and understand what I'm talking about and then come up with an answer.

Breath is held ( and I'll probably die as a result ! )
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