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Question How to change WiFi router password and name

The Wi Fi router I have is a Belkin into which is plugged cabled Broadband.
How do I change the name and password of the network.
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The router will have a web daemon running on the box. You will just need to open an internet browser and point it towards the box's IP address (assuming you know it). If you don't know it, that's your first task!

Once you're on the router's webpage, it should be fairly intuitive as to where to change the password for wifi (assuming this is the password you're talking about).
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Your router's IP address is likely to be or
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Do you mean the WEP / WPA / WPA2 pre-shared key when you say network password? Or the password of the router admin account?

And is it the name of the Wifi Network that you want to change?

Accessing the router is the first task - ipconfig /all from a command prompt will tell you the default gateway - that's the IP address of the router.

After that - RTFM!

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Belkin Router

As stated above, use yr computer to establish the IP address of the router - by opening a terminal window and typing ipconfig /all and noting the default gateway address. It will probably be of the form 192.168.n.1. Paste that address into a web browser and you should obtain a web page sent from the router. You'll probably be asked for a login and a password - and if you don't know these, you will probably have to go for a full reset. (but try the defaults, from the instruction manual, first). If you do know the login and password, it should be relatively simple. You will probably be able to find a manual on-line from Belkin.
To reset the router, look for a small hole in the back - push an insulated probe into it and you will reset the router to its factory settings. YOU WILL LOSE ALL OF YOUR SETTINGS, so only do this if you have got a copy of the instructions and are confident in what you are doing.
Bon chance.
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The default password to access the the user interface on a Belkin is 'admin'.

The network name is also called the SSID - that is what anything trying to log on to your wifi will see. You may want to change that from the default but there is no need to other than to avoid confusion, if for example you and your neighbour both had Belkins with same default SSID.
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