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Old 7th Mar 2010, 04:17   #1 (permalink)
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Copa 2010

So whats the latest and greatest with Copa? any updates on hiring news, interview gouge or rel. info out there as of today. Gracias
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Old 12th Mar 2010, 15:55   #2 (permalink)

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gimme a call

Hey John! Gimme a call, I was just out there three weeks ago and dropped off a res.

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Old 12th Mar 2010, 19:57   #3 (permalink)
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Hey Guys,
Just got an email, from HR giving me a test date. PM me or email me and maybe we can get some info from each other.

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Old 12th Mar 2010, 21:09   #4 (permalink)
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hey guys my email is jsrico04@yahoo.com send me a note.

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Old 24th Mar 2010, 19:14   #5 (permalink)
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human resources?

Hi guys,

Im a spanish dash 8 fo, meeting copa requirements. I have tried sending my papers to seleccionpilotos@copaair.com , but it gets bounced back.
I filled in the web application, but Im quite suspicious of it woking properly.

Would anybody be so kind to provide me with contact details for the people in charge of pilot selection, or otherwise the hr dept?

Thanks and Good luck to everybody!
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Old 26th Mar 2010, 05:59   #6 (permalink)
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I know on another forum I saw a guy say he was going to Panama for an interview with Copa this month. Not sure what his times were but looked like he flew the Saab-340.

I was born in Panama but moved to the US when I was very little. I've done all of my flying in the US but I'm curious if Copa would consider me at the Panamanian pilot minimums of 250 total hours. Anyone have any insight on this? Thanks
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Old 27th Mar 2010, 20:28   #7 (permalink)
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Location: MADRID
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Hi guys. Im trying to send me documentation to copas email but seem that it cannot get througt. Has anyone another email from RRHH or a telephon number to contact them. Thanks
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Old 4th Apr 2010, 04:14   #8 (permalink)

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Whre are you from, when is your test and where.
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Old 4th Apr 2010, 15:55   #9 (permalink)
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Returned email Need Help

Anyone found out the alternate way to send your info?, since the email posted in their website doesn't work. It gets returned.
Also anyone knows their payscale, specially for Captains?
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Old 12th Apr 2010, 18:40   #10 (permalink)
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Location: USA
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did you get anywhere

Hi Debs, did you get your info over to Copa?, I have been trying to but no-one responds with any solid data has to how to send your stuff to Copa. Let me know if you do please?
Good Luck.
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Old 13th Apr 2010, 18:46   #11 (permalink)
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Copa latest news

Yesterday a friend of mine recieved a mail from Carolina Henriquez ,they were bad news ,HIRING OF EXPATS FO MAYBE AT THE END OF THE YEAR,they are hiring currently only nationals ...I was shortlisted with other 20 Jet expirienced FOs ...inicially we will continue the assestment in May ,but now all is CANCELLED for the expats until further advice ...
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Old 13th Apr 2010, 23:27   #12 (permalink)
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COPA's way of treating applicants is quite extraordinary. I applied as DEC and I never heard anything, despite talking to various higher-ups. Never heard anything from Carolina Henriquez (not even a reply!). I called, emailed, was in PTY to make contacts ... nothing.

Then I get a call from a friend of mine, getting the info that COPA was in MEX last week on a recruitment show and "hired" quite a few Mexican pilots. Speaking of expats... which kind are we talking about? Latin-American nationals and non Latin-American nationals?

Hope y'all have better luck than me!

7 7 7 7
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Old 17th Apr 2010, 18:18   #13 (permalink)
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Copa Hiring

COPA is now hiring Captains. They are interviewing starting end of April, 2010 with a class in June and August. They have an agreement with Continental Airlines (because Continental owns their airplanes and the union there is weak and unable or incapable to enforce scope) that they give preferential hiring to furloughed and retired CAL pilots. I dont know about the rest of the seats. They have been very quick to respond so if u dont get a response then u can assume they are not interested.
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Old 18th Apr 2010, 00:52   #14 (permalink)
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Where do you send your resume to? Apparently, the email address posted on their website does not work.

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Old 18th Apr 2010, 18:26   #15 (permalink)
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There must be an easier way of contacting COPA directly as it seems their web process is dead in the water.
I've been trying to apply for months now, off and on, but I always get nowhere. Maybe it has something to do with Panama and Canada internet connectivity?

Can you call them in Panama or is calling this Carolina the better option?
Wouldn't mind some help/advice/assistance with this if you're so inclined?

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Old 12th May 2010, 20:33   #16 (permalink)
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Location: in a cave
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Mine went through just fine. I even got a nice automated response letter saying they received my stuff and that they will get in touch with me whenever hiring starts.
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Old 27th May 2010, 07:02   #17 (permalink)
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Copa Interview for Expats

hello everybody!!!

does anyone knows what happened with the exams and interviews that copa did in mexico???

I was interviewed for a FO capacity a few weeks ago and I recieved an email saying that HR accepted me, they said the next exam would be in panama (simulator) but now i have been waiting and waiting for a date but still without one...

Does anyone knows how is the sim exam in copa?

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Old 27th May 2010, 19:30   #18 (permalink)
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any news

Hello Ed I am Fernando I saw you were there any news you can give me ? I was planning to go there for a couple of days to do the same any feed back?
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Old 30th May 2010, 04:45   #19 (permalink)
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sim check

Sim will be on a King Air 200, SID at random airport, hold, ILS to miss app, ILS to land and any extras they wanna give you, (at least that was my case)

good luck!
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Old 30th May 2010, 19:59   #20 (permalink)
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Thanks about that!!!

I've spent hours and hours in the sim practicing approaches of tocumen intl airport (i found the charts in the jepp manual of my father) but thats the only panamian airport that i have charts for!!

does anybody knows where i can get charts for other panamian airports?
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