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C-295 to replace the Buffalo

Evidently, a Made-in-Canada solution was not considered.

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I think the only Canadian-built contender would have been the Dash 8-400.
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Some Air Forces already operate the CL415 in the SAR role. Would have thought there was an advantage to having an amphibious capability.
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The dearth of responses on this tread is telling of the Canadian psyche.
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The Canadian content is supplied by tatataaaa"trumpets" PWC in Longueil , PQ.............Republic of Western Canada is looking better, and better.
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The DHC-8-400 was probably too big for the mission requirements. I thought the same, but at the end of the day, the fleet was in need of an upgrade and a more modern and very capable aircraft was chosen.
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The requirement for a ramp is what nuked the Dash series.
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Some have floated the concept of a modernized Buffalo, but the development time to add modern engines would have been excessive and you would still have an unpressurized tube meaning extremely uncomfortable transit flights. Not really a viable option.
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Long story short. There were three bidders, Leonardo with C27J, Embraer with KC390, and Airbus with C295W. Contract is not only for aircraft but also infrastructure, maintenance support, and training. Contract includes extensive industrial and technological trade benefits. There are major Canadian sub-contractors involved, like PAL, P&W, and CAE.

All potential providers had the opportunity to consider the requirements, submit feedback, and submit bids. We can discuss our favourite FWSAR contenders all we want, but if they did not enter a bid, they weren't considered in the final assessment.

As a retired FWSAR pilot, I am most appreciative the gov't made a decision replacing the aged CC115 Buffalo and CC130H fleets as opposed to dragging out this procurement process like many others.


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