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Canada The great white north. A BIG country with few people and LOTS of aviation.

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Wi*ds** *il*t - C-G*JH di*d i* c*ash at *ashvill*

Wi*ds** *il*t kill*d i* *ashvill* ai****t c*ash, w**ckag* g**s u***tic*d f** h*u*s WI*DS**, **t** Th* Ca*adia* ***ss *ublish*d W*d**sday, *ct** 30 2013, 11:39 AM *DT A *il*t f**m Wi*ds**, **t**, has b*** kill*d i* a c*ash at *ashvill*s i*t***ati**al ai****t that was*t **tic*d f** h*u*s, acc**di*g t* Wi*ds** *adi* stati** CKLW** Th* U**S** *ati**al T*a*s***tati** Saf*ty B*a*d says th* c*ash *f th* small *la** is th*ught t* hav* ha*****d aft** 3 a**m** ** Tu*sday** S**k*sma* **t** K*uds** says a fi** b*ga* aft** th* *la** w**t d*w* but th* w**ckag* was **ly s**tt*d ab*ut six h*u*s lat** by th* c**w *f a**th** *assi*g *la**** Th* Wi*ds** Flyi*g Club has c**fi*m*d that th* *il*t kill*d was *** *f th*i* m*mb**s** ***sid**t David Gilli*s is*t **l*asi*g a *am* but says th* *il*t had b*** lic**s*d f** quit* a whil*** Mai*t**a*c* **c**ds sh*w th* *la** was i* g**d w**ki*g **d** a*d fully ca*abl* *f maki*g th* t*i* f**m Wi*ds** t* *ashvill*** Wi*ds** *il*t kill*d i* *ashvill* ai****t c*ash, w**ckag* g**s u***tic*d f** h*u*s - Th* Gl*b* a*d Mail U*DAT*: Taxii*g *la** disc*v***d fatal c*ash at *ashvill* ai****t U*DAT*: 3:13 ***m** Th* *la** that c*ash*d **t* *** *f *ashvill* I*t***ati**al Ai****ts *u*ways Tu*sday sat th*** f** as l**g as six h*u*s b*f*** a**th** taxii*g *la** disc*v***d th* w**ckag*, a* *fficial said** Th* small, si*gl*-**gi** C*ss*a-172 c*ash*d s*m*tim* aft** 3 a**m**, killi*g th* *il*t, acc**di*g t* *ati**al T*a*s***tati** Saf*ty B*a*d s**k*sma* **t** K*uds**** Th* c*ash was *****t*d t* *ashvill* *m**g**cy c**ws sh**tly aft** 9 a**m** A* *TSB i*v*stigat** was dis*atch*d t* *ashvill* Tu*sday t* ***b* th* c*ash fu*th**** W* will wa*t t* u*d**sta*d what th* ci*cumsta*c*s w*** that caus*d it t* g* u*disc*v***d f** s* l**g, K*uds** said** Th* *la** is **gist***d t* th* Wi*ds** Flyi*g club i* **ta*i*** A* *fficial at th* **ga*izati** w*uld **t c*mm**t Tu*sday** Th* Davids** C*u*ty M*dical *xami*** w*uld **t c*mm**t ** th* c*ash victims id**tity** U*DAT*: 1:39 ***m** Th* *ati**al T*a*s***tati** Saf*ty B*a*d has a***u*c*d th*y a** i*v*stigati*g th* fatal *la** c*ash at *ashvill* I*t***ati**al Ai****t** Th* c*ash, which was disc*v***d this m***i*g, t**k *lac* last *ight, acc**di*g t* th* ag**cy's *fficial Twitt** acc*u*t** *****t*d *a*li** Th* FAA is cu****tly ** th* sc*** *f a a small ai**la** c*ash at th* *ashvill* I*t***ati**al Ai****t** A *ashvill* *m**g**cy dis*atch** *****t*d *** fatality** Ai****t s**k*sw*ma* *mily *icha*d said *m**g**cy **s***d**s a** ** th* sc*** *f th* c*ash ** th* c**t** *u*way** Th* M*t****lita* *ashvill* Ai****t Auth**ity said a si*gl*-**gi** C*ss*a-172 c*ash*d th***** Ai****t *m**g**cy ***s****l, M*t** **lic*, M*t** Fi** a*d M*t** **M **s***d*d t* th* accid**t** Th* m*dical *xami*** a*d a* accid**t i*v*stigat** f**m *ati**al T*a*s***tati** Saf*ty B*a*d w*** als* **tifi*d** *u*way 2 C**t** is cu****tly cl*s*d** Th* *th** th*** *u*ways a** **** a*d ****ati**al** Th*** w*** ** d*lays t* c*mm**cial flights M**day, a*d t*av*l**s w*** c*mi*g a*d g*i*g ***mally** Acc**di*g t* th* M*t****lita* *ashvill* Ai****t Auth**ity, th* *la** c*ash ha*****d ** *u*way 2 C**t** i*v*lvi*g a **ivat* ai*c*aft, C*ss*a-172 si*gl* **gi** *la**** M*t****lita* *ashvill* Ai****t Auth**ity *m**g**cy ***s****l, M*t** **lic*, M*t** Fi** a*d M*t** **M **s***d*d t* th* accid**t** Aviati** *x***ts f**m FAA Flight Sta*da*ds a** ** th* sc***** M*dical *xami*** a*d a* accid**t i*v*stigat** f**m *TSB hav* b*** **tifi*d** *u*way 2 C**t** is cu****tly cl*s*d** Th* *th** th*** *u*ways a** **** a*d ****ati**al** Th*** a** cu****tly ** d*lays** M*t****lita* *ashvill* Ai****t Auth**ity said it is c*****ati*g fully with th* i*v*stigati**** D*tails su***u*di*g th* c*ash a** still u*cl*a*** Ch*ck T****ss*a***c*m f** u*dat*s ** this d*v*l**i*g st**y** htt*://www**t****ss*a***c*m/a*ticl*/20*******click_ch*ck=1 Small *la** c*ash*s at big ai****t; ** *** **tic*s By Mik* M** Ahl**s, C** u*dat*d 10:09 *M *DT, Tu* *ct*b** 29, 2013 C**) -- Auth**iti*s st*uggl*d t* *x*lai* h*w a small *la** c*ash*d at a* i*t***ati**al ai****t, **u*t*d i* fi**, but *vid**tly w**t u***tic*d f** h*u*s** Th* i*cid**t *ccu***d *a*ly Tu*sday i* *ashvill*** But *xactly what tim* **mai*s a myst**y** Th* si*gl*-**gi** C*ss*a **gist***d t* th* Wi*ds** Flyi*g Club i* **ta*i*, Ca*ada, *vid**tly c*ash*d s*m*tim* aft** 3 a**m** l*cal tim*, acc**di*g t* th* *ati**al T*a*s***tati** Saf*ty B*a*d** But it was*'t **tic*d u*til w*ll aft** su**is* wh** a**th** *la** taxii*g f** tak*-*ff saw a* **gi** c*v** ** th* *dg* *f *u*way 2C -- th* middl* *f th*** *a*all*l *u*ways** C**t**ll**s c**tact*d ai****t ***s****l, wh* f*u*d th* fi**-sca***d w**ckag*** Th* *la**'s s*l* *ccu*a*t was d*ad, *fficials said** Th* ai****t's c**t**l t*w** is staff*d 24 h*u*s a day, th* F*d**al Aviati** Admi*ist*ati** t*ld C**** But it was **t imm*diat*ly cl*a* h*w ma*y c**t**ll**s w*** i* th* t*w** du*i*g th* *v***ight shift** A* FAA s**k*sma* said th*** was l*w visibility *v***ight a*d f*g** A**th** FAA s**k*sma* said it was **t k**w* wh*th** th* *la** had b*** i* c**tact with c**t**ll**s, ** if it had mad* a dist**ss call** Th* ag**cy d*cli**d t* a*sw** qu*sti**s, sayi*g th* matt** was u*d** i*v*stigati**** Ai****t s**k*sw*ma* Sha**** Sum*all **f****d all qu*sti**s t* th* *TSB** Th* b*a*d s**k*sma*, **t** K*uds**, said th* ai*c*aft suff***d a **st-c*ash fi** a*d th* caus* *f th* c*ash is u*d** i*v*stigati**** Th* *am* *f th* victim was **t **l*as*d** Small *la** c*ash*s at big ai****t; ** *** **tic*s - C****c*m Wi*ds** *il*t di*s i* *ashvill* *la** c*ash, **t **tic*d f** h*u*s By H*ath** L***y Gl*bal **ws *TSB s**k*sma* **t** K*uds** said a fi** b*ga* aft** th* *la** w**t d*w* but th* w**ckag* was **ly s**tt*d ab*ut six h*u*s lat** by th* c**w *f a**th** *assi*g *la**** Wi*ds** *il*t di*s i* *ashvill* *la** c*ash, **t **tic*d f** h*u*s | Gl*bal**ws**ca L*cal ma* d*ad aft** Wi*ds**-**gist***d *la** c*ash*s i* *ashvill* A l*cal ma* was kill*d Tu*sday, *ct** 28, 2013 wh** th* *la** h* was flyi*g c*ash*d at a* ai****t i* *ashvill*, T***** D**s* f*g c**diti**s w*** *****t*d a*d th* w**ckag* may **t hav* b*** f*u*d by a taxii*g *la** u*til s*v**al h*u*s aft** th* c*ash** *h*t* c*u*t*sy *f **wsCha***l5**c*m Ch*is Th*m*s** *ct 29, 2013 - 6:40 *M *DT *ASHVILL* A l*cal ma* is d*ad aft** th* *la** h* ***t*d f**m th* Wi*ds** Flyi*g Club c*ash*d at *ashvill* I*t***ati**al Ai****t i* h*avy f*g *a*ly Tu*sday** Wi*ds** Flyi*g Club ***sid**t David Gilli*s said th* ma* i* his 30s, wh* is **t b*i*g *am*d ***di*g th* **tificati** *f **xt-*f-ki*, *ick*d u* th* k*ys f**m th* club at a**u*d 4 ***m** M**day, a*d was sch*dul*d t* l*av* s*m*tim* aft** 8 ***m**, wh** th* clubs *ffic*s cl*s*** H* fl*w t* *ashvill*, h* t*i*d t* la*d ** th* *u*way th*** a*d a**a***tly it was f*gg*d i*, said Gilli*s, wh* s***t much *f th* day Tu*sday d*ali*g with auth**iti*s i* **lati** t* th* c*ash** **w I d**t k**w why h* did that, but thats what h* did** H* t*i*d t* la*d a*yway, a*d it did*t w**k** Gilli*s said th* ma*, wh* had b*** a *il*t si*c* 1989, had **j*i**d th* club i* 2011 aft** a fiv*-y*a* abs**c*** H* was a m*mb** i* g**d sta*di*g, his lic**c* was i* g**d sta*di*g, h* was qualifi*d t* fly at *ight, th*** was ** i***gula*iti*s th***, just h* ***bably did*t ch*ck th* w*ath**, ** it cl*s*d i* aft** h* ch*ck*d it, said Gilli*s** I hav* ** id*a what th* h*ll h* was d*i*g i* *ashvill*** Th* d*c*as*d ma* ***vid*d ** **xt-*f-ki* i*f**mati** a*d list*d a H*wa*d Av**u* add**ss, which was **t cu****t Tu*sday** M*mb**s w*** u*awa** *f a*y family c****cti**s** Wi*ds** **lic* a*d *CM* a** att*m*ti*g t* t*ack d*w* th* ma*s **xt-*f-ki*, Gilli*s said** Acc**di*g t* *ashvill* t*l*visi** stati** w*bsit* **wscha***l5**c*m, *m**g**cy c**ws w*** call*d t* th* sc*** at a**u*d 9 a**m**, aft** th* w**ckag* was disc*v***d by a**th** taxii*g ai*c*aft; th* c*ash may hav* *ccu***d as much as six h*u*s *a*li** i* h*avy f*g** Gilli*s said a flight f**m Wi*ds** t* *ashvill* i* a C*ss*a 172, which c*uis*s at ab*ut 180 km/h, w*uld tak* ab*ut f*u* h*u*s** Th* s*v***ly damag*d *la** was **gist***d i* Ca*ada as C-G*JH** *fficials with th* F*d**al Aviati** Admi*ist*ati** a*d M*t****lita* *ashvill* Ai****t Auth**ity t*ld **wscha***l5**c*m that th* si*gl*-**gi** *la** c*ash*d *ff th* sid* *f th* *u*way** Th* *u*way was cl*s*d as i*v*stigat**s *xami**d d*b*is scatt***d ac**ss a wid* a**a** Th* ai****ts th*** *th** *u*ways **mai**d ****** A* i*v*stigat** with th* U**S** *ati**al T*a*s***tati** Saf*ty B*a*d was ** **ut* t* *ashvill* t* i*v*stigat* th* c*ash** Click h*** t* watch a vid** ab*ut th* c*ash**
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I ca*'t wait t* h*a* th* ci*cumsta*c*s a**u*d this c*ash a*d why it t**k ~ 6 h*u*s b*f*** it was disc*v***d at a* I*t***ati**al ai****t****** S*m*thi*g is **ally fishy h***** I'm su* th* *il*t was i* c**tact at s*m* **i*t with th* t*w****
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If th* **gulati**s a** th* sam* *v** th*** as i* th* UK, all *adi* t*a*smissi**s must b* **c**d*d a*d th* **c**di*gs k**t f** a mi*imum *f 30 days** If th* 172 *il*t call*d ATC, it sh*uld b* ** th* **c**di*g, but if ATC is ma***d H24, why did*'t ATC h*a* him a*d ***ly?
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Th* *l*t Thick**s******

**w D*tails, M*** Qu*sti**s I* *ashvill* C*ash By *uss *il*s | *ct*b** 30, 2013 A Ca*adia* **ws*a*** is *****ti*g that th* *il*t *f a C*ss*a 172 wh* di*d i* u*usual ci*cumsta*c*s i* a c*ash at *ashvill* I*t***ati**al Ai****t *a*ly Tu*sday has th* sam* *am* as a c**vict*d ba*k **bb** a*d faci*g **c**t *0***g*a*hy cha*g*s wh* said h* was *mba*ki*g ** a 30-mi*ut* flight** Th* Wi*ds** Sta* says it has c**fi*m*d th* id**tity *f th* *il*t as 45-y*a*-*ld Micha*l Calla*** A Micha*l Calla* *f th* sam* ag* &qu*t;has a c*imi*al **c**d dati*g back t* th* lat* 1990s i* Wi*ds**, i*cludi*g a *umb** *f vi*l**t ba*k **bb**i*s,&qu*t; acc**di*g t* th* Sta*** Calla* fil*d a flight *la* f**m Wi*ds** t* **l** Isla*d, ab*ut 30 mi*ut*s away, a*d cl*s*d that flight *la*** It's **t k**w* if h* actually la*d*d th*** but s*m*tim* aft** 2:45 a**m** th* 172 c*ash*d at *ashvill*, ab*ut 500 mil*s f**m **l** Isla*d, a*d Calla* di*d** Th*** was d**s* f*g at th* tim*** It t**k u* t* s*v** h*u*s t* disc*v** th* bu***d *ut 172 a*d auth**iti*s hav* said that ** *** h*a*d a *adi* call **qu*sti*g la*di*g ***missi** ** issui*g a dist**ss call** Th* FAA a*d *TSB a** i*v*stigati*g** Calla* was a m*mb** *f th* Wi*ds** Flyi*g Club a*d th* club a**a***tly k**w s*m*thi*g ab*ut th* *ast **f****d t* by th* **ws*a*** but d*cid*d it was*'t **l*va*t t* his flyi*g activiti*s** What I did was *stablish that h* was a ***tty g**d *il*t, Club ***sid**t David Gilli*s t*ld th* Sta*** H* has a l*gitimat* *il*ts lic**c* a*d m*dical, a *ight *ati*g, quit* a f*w h*u*s b*hi*d him a*d z*** i*f*acti**s whil* flyi*g a* ai**la**** I* 2011 wh** h* cam* back t* us a*d ask*d us if h* c*uld **-j*i* th* club, th* b*a*d discuss*d it a*d said w*ll, wh* a** w* t* judg*? A*d i* h* c*m*s** A*d h* was all*w*d back i*t* th* club agai*** Th* *a*** says th* ba*k **bb** Calla* was als* faci*g cha*g*s **lat*d t* him ****ly watchi*g *0** ** his c*m*ut** at a lib*a*y a*d ** t*a*sit bus*s** Th* cha*g*s **sult*d f**m a c*ackd*w* ** child *0***g*a*hy by **lic* i* Wi*ds****
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**c* agai*, th* C*ss*a 172 f*atu**s as a* i*t***ati**al st*alth a****la************a*yb*dy *ls* **m*mb** *** that la*d*d i* **d Squa**, M*sc*w a f*w y*a*s back?
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Why is this th**ad **t i* *&am*;*?? Flash
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L**ks lik* 480 mil*s as th* c**w fli*s** Withi* th* *a*g* *f a 172 if it is ***f**mi*g w*ll, but **t a l*t *f s*a** *a*g* if y*u'** m*ssi*g a**u*d g*i*g *th** *lac*s** Did h* la*d at a US *** a*d cl*a* cust*ms, ** just cha*g* ** d*w*?
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B*caus*, Flash 2001, **thi*g *xciti*g *v** ha****s i* Ca*ada********which is why **ly 22 ****l* *v** l**k at that F**um! If y*u ca* b* th* *** t* flag it u* ** *um*u*s a*d **ws, g**d luck t* y*u!
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Why has th* *ashvill* c*ash th**ad *u**i*g i* Ca*ada a*d cl*s*d i* **ivat* Flyi*g **t y*t mad* it t* *&am*;*? I'd a th*ught that a c*ash ** a maj** US ai****t that w**t u***tic*d f** 6 h*u*s ** s* A) Was **ws a*d: B) W*uld g****at* a f*w *um*u*s! This **st **igi*ally ** *&am*;* but m*v*d h*** with*ut *x*la*ati** by th* **w**s that b***

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Myst**y C*ash

As s*m**** wh* has mad* th* GA t*i* t* a*d f**m Ca*ada ma*y tim*s I fi*d this st**y amazi*g a*d v**y w***yi*g** 1 - I hav* h*a*d **thi*g ab*ut this ** a*y *ati**al m*dia which su***is*s m*** It d**s *****s**t a ***tty cl*a* b**d** b**ach** 2 - If this guy did **t la*d at a *** a*d g*t cl*a**d this is a maj** bust** W* ca* *x**ct a**th** lay** *f H*m*la*d/CB* acti**/budg*t t* b* justifi*d** 3 - Ha*d t* b*li*v* h* c*uld c*ash at B*A a*d **t b* **tic*d f** h*u*s** Did h* *v** c**tact th* t*w**? It d**s **t s*u*d lik* h* had *A*IS cl*a*a*c* - d* w* k**w that f** su**? Th* Ca*adia* flight *la* sh*uld hav* had him t* th* ***t *f **t*y** With*ut d*ubt this will b* us*d t* justify fu*th** **st*icti**s ** GA** 20d*iv**

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*xc**t f** th* st**y that his Ca*adia* flight *la* was t* **l** Isla*d** ** t*a*sb**d** issu*s th***** Th** h* t**k *ff, a*d w**t s*m*wh*** *ls*** S* w*'v* b*** t*ld f** y*a*s that **ivat* ai*c*aft c**ssi*g th* b**d** with*ut **tificati** (i***** flight *la* a*d cust*ms a***i*tm**t at a ***) WILL b* d*t*ct*d, a*d i*t**c**t*d** A**a***tly **t**
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