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Online Canadian VFR Charts

I a going to be flying low level VFR from Toronto to Vancouver. I am looking to have a look at the route online.

Skyvector has some sectional VFR charts available but not the western part of Canada.

Are there any online VFR charts available?

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The flight will be close enough to the border that FAA sectionals will give you the information -- much easier to find online.
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For real charts, go to navcanada.ca On the left side margin, click on Aeronautical Information Products, then click on Aeronautical Charts, then click on VFR Navigation (VNC) Charts. There is also a Distributor List for your shopping convenience.

Note that U.S. VNC charts do not go far enough north if you want to go west via Calgary, to Banff and through Kicking Horse Pass. West from Lethbridge through the Crow's Nest Pass is not covered by U.S. VNC chart overlay either.

There is a sample Vancouver VTA chart on the navcanada site, but it is out-of-date.

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I a going to be flying low level VFR from Toronto to Vancouver
if you want to go west via Calgary, to Banff and through Kicking Horse Pass. West from Lethbridge through the Crow's Nest
You NEED good sectional charts depicting the route through the mountainous area. If you go south, through Lethbridge, stop and talk to someone about travel through the southern passes. The winds down south are usually very strong and you can have a lot of turbulence. If you go via Calgary-Banff, stop at Springbank airport and talk to someone at the Calgary Flying Club for guidance through there as well. Same thing applies, if the winds high up are strong, you will get hit with severe turbulence. Take the time to plan.
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Have you looked at fltplan.com? They do US sectionals, & I think Canadian sectionals too
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Last info I heard, current VFR e-charts are not available because Nav Canada (the publisher of these charts) does not approve it.

They are working on making a product available, but the project seemingly proceeds at glacial speed. Welcome to Canada-- please reset your watches a few decades back.
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+1 to twhat 80-87 wrote

I have lived in the Calgary area for 35yrs and have flown here off and on for the past 20yrs.

Buy the charts.

I was flying the VFR route from Springbank to Banff to Golden to Invermere last weekend. I have flown this same route several times and I STILL turned down the wrong valley after Golden. Some intensive chart reading and cross referencing with my GPS put me back on track.

For $16 each why tie one hand behind your back?

Also, crossing the rocks from Calgary into the Kelowna area is a "pick your day" adventure. Clouds this time of the year will mean obscured terrain at higher levels. Strong westerly flow aloft will mean lots of turbulance.

Tip, check the winds aloft of Nakiska Ridge on the Environment Canada website. This is indicative of the winds aloft at about 9000ft in the vicinity of the Bow Valley.
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