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FAA to TC conversion

I am working as a flight instructor in asia region based on my FAA licenses. I am looking to convert to a canadian CPL/IR and eventually get a Canadian class 4 instructor license.
I know I have to do two 20 questions each conversion exams. What books do I have to study and is there any question bank available? Do I need to get an endorsement from an instructor to appear for the exams? Also is there any checkride involved?
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I had to take only one exam for the ATP; it was twenty-five questions. This is the prep I used:

PilotTraining.ca > Ground School Courses

You need no endorsement, and no flying is required. You will need an IPC within the last twelve months preceding your application. I elected to pick up a Canadian RRTO as well, but that is not a prerequisite for the license exam. Do have a passport picture (cut to Canadian specs) available; a Canadian Costco did this for me.

You'll have to appear at a TC office to take the exam, of course, and can contact the office of your choice to ask questions. The cost was $100.00 plus $30.00 per type rating. They take credit cards.

It's so easy to get I couldn't pass up the chance and it may be useful in the future, but in truth I have no immediate need. Is there some advantage in having a TC license at your place of employment?

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Dear Rotorhead1026,

Just one question, is the US Citizenship a requirement to convert your FAA pilot certificate into a TC License? Can I perform the conversion with a european passport and FAA ATP certificate?

Thanks in advance

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La Coneja, I'm no expert, but the agreement

Conversion between U.S. and Canadian Pilot Licences - Transport Canada

doesn't mention a citizenship requirement. The best way to be sure is to contact a TC office and ask. This link MAY help.

Foreign Applicants - Transport Canada

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I can confirm there is no citizenship requirement to convert the licence using this process.
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Yep no citizenship requirement, it just has to be an original FAA licence i.e not a temp licence based on a JAA licence or something.
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Thank you all for your information.
I have a few more questions.
How do I schedule a test for CPL and IR? Is it at the authority or like FAA some companies CATS and LaserGrade conduct those tests?
Secondly how difficult is it to get a Canadian Medical? Is it recommended to get it well before hand or like FAA, I can walk in and get a class 1 in few minutes to an hour max when I arrive in Canada.
It says somewhere that verification of my license from FAA generally takes upto 90 days? How much time does it usually takes? Shall I start this process before I arrive in Canada or I can do it when I am in the country?
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Read the information here closely ... Conversion between U.S. and Canadian Pilot Licences - Transport Canada

The medical requirements are somewhat similar to FAA. You are not issued the medical by the AME; it's sent to you by TC. You start the process by getting a medical.

The license verification took a little over a month. I sent them copies of my certificates, but I don't know if this sped the process up.

The exams are done at certain TC offices. Read through the link carefully. It's all there.

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query on endorsement on tc licence

hello it would be a huge help if sme one help me in clearing this doubt.

i had MEL/IR on my faa licence,i did happened to do my recency in canada recently and i gave my conversion xam and am bck in india nw, my doubt is wht will be endorsed on my canadian cpl licence as i had only MEL/IR on my faa cpl licence,will it be SEL/MEL or just MEL ,i want it to be SEL/MEL coz i want to give my skill test on single engine as i cant afford multi here in india. and also i heard smene saying dat if u hav a multi licence endorsed on ur foreign licence by default u will be endorsed SEL too on ur canadian licence is this true.waitng for a reply.thnx
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Has anyone done the Transport Canada FAA 25 question conversion exam recently?

I was hoping for some feedback. Are the questions strictly focused on the Canadian differences e.g. Air law, Airspace, flight duty limitations, differences etc?

Also Any trick questions?

Any help would be greatly appreciated
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