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Licence conversion

Hi chaps,
can anyone let me know how to go about converting an ICAO to a Canadian ATPL ?
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I would also like to know about converting a JAA ATPL to canadian atpl if anyone knows a short answer!
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I d ont think you may convert a JAA to a Canadian (ATPL)
You will have to write the Atpl exams and do a flight test
In fact it is the same for a Canadian to convert to a JAA
Only the FAA can convert to a Canadian and vice-versa
But you may do some search with Google and maybe contact them directly
Transport Canada
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Instructor Rating

Hi guys,

I wanted to know what's the procedure to convert my flight Instructors rating from South African CAA to canadian.

Thanks for any info.

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Flight Instructor Ratings will not convert, but if you hold an instructor rating from a contracting state - not sure if SA counts - some of the ground school hour requirement may be waived. Keep in mind you still will need to convert your license to a TC CPL or ATPL to have a license on which to attach the rating.

More info here (see section 7 for Credits for Foreign Applicants):

Part IV - Personnel Licensing and Training - Transport Canada
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Thumbs up Instructors Rating

Thank you surveytheworld.

SA comes under the ICAO contracting state, that I am sure.
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