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Longest serving F/A retires

USA's longest-serving attendant ends 63-year career at United - USATODAY.com

I know, I know....it should be on a different forum. But maybe your grandfather flew with him.
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great achievement but already has been posted before. Merry Christmas.
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Thanks, I put it on the pilot forum initially(hence, the way I wrote the original post). I suspect many of them don't check out this forum often.

Merry Christmas.
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Interesting article on Iris Peterson, who, before her retirement was United Airlines no.1 ranking FA after serving 61 years with the airline. Ron Akana took this title when she retired!
Angels Of The Sky 4 – Iris Peterson Confessions Of A Trolley Dolly
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Thumbs up

Great Article, Great Acheivment...however....

At Eastern we had our own "No. 1"....an older lady, widower, someone that everyone loved...as there is no "forced" retirement for F/A's, as there are for pilots, this old gal was there for the duration...

Eastern honored her by allowing her seniority to dictate her trips, but at least on the B-727...we always carried a "fifth" F/A for legalities...

As much as everyone loved her, alas, she wouldn't have been very effective if an emergency evacuation became required...
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