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The cockpit crew assisted in these duties as we all wanted to get
Sorry, DI3G, one just has an exquisitely dirty mind
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Basil...Happy Holidays...

I was working for 2 different Principals...You say you haven't had this pleasure....Well...

On a real VVIP Jet, in MY experience, the Capt calls the shots...My policy was to take care of ALL CREW Always...

I expected a lot of the ENTIRE Crew...but it was all for the benefit of the "Principal"....

On many occasions the handling agent was more than happy to allow us to go to the hotel and provide cleaning, etc...

In the VVIP world, NO ONE except the crew gets on the jet, without the Capt's (my) permission...

There are security measures in place...(as in every panel, including the fuel service panel) are locked with a simple key lock...(no Zues Fasteners here)....

We had motion detectors that would give us a readout in the cockpit (during preflight) that would indicate if any "space/area" of the A/C had been breached....

In return...my F/A's were paid $3,000 per month, plus $100 per diem (everyday x 30) plus all expenses on the road...

So "Yes"...If they need to vaccum the cabin, and if I need to assist (I never really had to)...The Jet would be ready to fly the next day...

In all fairness, my "principal(s)" never wanted to leave wherever for at least 36 hours...but we were ready to go ALWAYS...

On the other hand, I ubderstand your post, and yes, I wanted to get to the hotel with the girls ASAP...but only because we were "dog-assed" tired...

Never once did I try to "bed" any of my F/A's...And we worked together for over 4 years....

Anyway, I enjoy your posts, and I think we are on the same page regarding pilots nowadays and all of the automation B.S....Cheers...Dale
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