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Aft Doors 737 for ditching


I have seen on a Easy Jet passenger emergency briefing card for B737-700 that for ditching they do not instruct to use the front and aft doors, only the overwing ones.

As far as i know Boeing for the NG is mentioning only the aft doors not to be used for ditching.

Can anyone tell me why Easy Jet have decided to do this way?

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The 737 (or so Boeing say) should sit tail heavy in the water partially submerging the aft doors.

BA have the same policy - and the front doors should only be opened once it has been safely established by the crew that they are above the waterline (ie crew are supposed to re-enter from the over-wing exits if they see it is okay to do so and that the front doors are above water). Hence the reason not to instruct pax to do it straight away.

So far as I am aware it is standard for the over-wing exits to be used as the primary exits in a ditching on the 737.
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you know when you have one of those lightbulb moments? yeah - just had one.

We flew on 737-300's, and there was never any special mention in any 73 drill in regards to the possible unsuitability of doors 3. Of course there's the standard "assess conditions" across all fleets, but nothing saying that the thing sits ar$e-heavy and to replace cabin flats with gum boots!

And ALL of our flying includes signifigant over-water routes!
Makes total sense, and I feel a wee bit dopey only realising this now!
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And there folks is the reason why not just pilots should peruse and be part of the discussions. Occasionally something may be written or read by a non pilot which may ultimately make an operation safer, or at least impart some knowledge.

The stupid question is usually the most relevant!

For those wondering what I'm talking about look at the post "Hosties" in the DG & P Reporting points submitted by hole.digger.
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Old 24th May 2009, 16:37   #5 (permalink)
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Actually, at my airline on the 737-300/400 the forward and read main doors only are used in a ditching. The overwing exits are not used. This is in contrast to our -800 fleet, where the rear doors are not used and forward doors and overwing exits are.

Different airlines, different procedures.
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mind if I ask which airline? - not that i disbelieve you more that I'm curious as it seems rather an oddity given the specifics.
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at thomson both 300 and 800 rear doors not used due being tail heavy
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Boeing Flight Attendant Manual - indeed do not say anything about using the aft doors for dithching both for CL and NG.

Still for CL only for the 737-500 they are mentioning not to use the aft doors.

Is it possible for Thomson, BA, Easy Jet or any other airliner which operates both CL and NG - to try to have same ditching procedures ?
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im crew for EZY, the exits to be used for ditching and also shown on the safety card are the forward main doors and the overwing exits as pointed out the boeing 737 type are tail heavy so more of a chance to be submerged!
That has changed, our safety cards are now version 4 distributed on 02/05/2009 with the revised exits on ditching, origionally had all 4 main doors plus the overwings!

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Matt101 -

Not at all. Qantas.
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