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Irvine Flying Jackets

Has noticed recently the number of 'Fake' Irvine type flying jackets on e-bay.

The original Irvine's did not have pockets in the jackets, And on e-bay there have been quite a few 'fake' jackets with front pockets.

The sellers are claiming they are from WW2 Fighter/Bomber pilots.

The odd genuine irvine does turn up and sell for good money, The other week one went for £636 on e-bay.

Also the cuffs are more oily on the originals and not as thick.

My mate had one once in good nick too, He had to give it a good oiling over the cracked leather.

He picked this up from an 'old' lad who was a 'Techie' who salvaged it from a crashed mosquito.

My mate paid £22 for it and later sold it for £440.

Has anyone else notice these 'fake' flying jackets on the market??

It is alot of money to spend on a replica.
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Hi,BALPHAINDIA. I have one of these replica jackets, purchased from a terminally ill friend for £100. The label inside is spelt IRVIN, [notice the lack of E on the end] describes it as an RAF sheepskin flying jacket made under exclusive licence from IRVIN GB [formerly IRVING parachute co. of Gt. Britain] by Aviation Leathercraft. It is, of course, new manufacture, has pockets in the front, as you describe, and I am well satisfied with it. I very much boubt that there are many originals about these days, the jacket I have retails for close to £500 at Duxford's museum shop.
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Originally Posted by Byalphaindia
The odd genuine irvine does turn up and sell for good money, The other week one went for £636 on e-bay.
My original one still has the wiring for heated gloves, but it's beginning to look a bit tired overall. Anyone know the best product to keep the leather from showing signs of age?
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Old 14th Apr 2008, 11:01   #4 (permalink)
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Senior Pilot: Have not used it myself but I am told that Neets Foot Oil is good for preserving leather.
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Old 14th Apr 2008, 11:13   #5 (permalink)
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Chelsea Dubbin and saddlesoap are v good............
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Old 14th Apr 2008, 13:58   #6 (permalink)
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No e on the end of the name. There was a G added due to a clerical error when the company was registered which wasn't corrected until 1970.

Loads of info here http://www.irvinaerospace.com/aboutus.html
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Old 15th Apr 2008, 11:28   #7 (permalink)
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Neetsfoot oil and dubbin does tend to rot the stitching. I was told that after I’d already done the damage.

The Saddler down the road from me recommended Connolly’s Leather Food and it really did work; but after 125 years of trading, Connolly is now no longer in business.

These chaps might offer some advice; http://www.flying-jacket.com/about-irvin.aspx
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This stuff works wonders on all "soft" leather

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