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Old 4th Nov 2011, 07:46   #101 (permalink)
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Many of us have inside knowledge.

It is spotters like you who have been blinkered by the company spin!
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Old 4th Nov 2011, 07:51   #102 (permalink)
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He said his plan to turn around international Qantas operations would take between 3-5 years to work, after which the profits from the Asian venture would be used to fund the re-expansion of international.

The above is from Ben Sandilands.

You know what this reminds me of? That South Park episode with the underpants gnomes.

Step 1 - Steal underpants
Step 2 - ?
Step 3 - Profit!

My 2c
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Old 4th Nov 2011, 08:27   #103 (permalink)
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After watching the inquiry, considering how AJ kept saying it was his sole decision to shutdown QF. The pitiful lies & overall piss poor leadership. I`m wondering if he is happy to cop the criticism etc, get the boot back to Ireland, BUT the Board lives on?????? I`m sure a couple more zeros will be added to his bank account.

Makes me wonder who is waiting in the wings to be CEO? What is the master plan?

Overall if we get through this on a positive note. I`ve got a whole new respect for the Labour party & a total disrespect for the Liberal party & Management in general.
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Old 4th Nov 2011, 08:50   #104 (permalink)
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Hey Ken

Find a spotters board and stop trolling here where peoples livelihoods are at stake
Forum: Spectators Balcony (Spotters Corner) 21st Feb 2008, 18:28 Replies: 59
How to use the scanner
Views: 8,703
Posted By Ken Borough
Sydney Frequencies

Does anyone know where there's a list of Air/Ground/Air Company frequencies used by airlines at Sydney (YSSY/SYD)?

Any help will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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Old 4th Nov 2011, 08:58   #105 (permalink)
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You have been weighed, you have been measured, and you have been found wanting
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Old 4th Nov 2011, 09:01   #106 (permalink)
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Some comedy has emerged from today....

From "plane talking"

"“Alan Joyce has conceded that there is nothing currently in the Qantas Sale Act preventing him from replacing Australian Qantas operations with Asian subsidiaries.

“However, he has asked Australians to ‘trust him’ that such an option is not on the cards.”
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Old 4th Nov 2011, 09:30   #107 (permalink)
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I thought he did OK. He had a bit of a laugh here and there and left when he said because he had "other engagements". Nothing will come of this unless QF wants it.


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Old 4th Nov 2011, 09:42   #108 (permalink)
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Just laughing at the "trust me" line
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Old 4th Nov 2011, 09:51   #109 (permalink)
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Cookie7 I don't even want to think about it. Did the AIPA get a say today, so busy trying to find out what channel/station it was all on, plus pick up grandkids, I might have missed it. If so what was said or asked? Thanks guys. Ken Borough, seriously mate, the bloke is a Australian, a proud Australian, I would rather listen to him anyday, then your mate.
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Old 4th Nov 2011, 10:01   #110 (permalink)
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Originally Posted by bandit2
After watching the inquiry, considering how AJ kept saying it was his sole decision to shutdown QF. The pitiful lies & overall piss poor leadership. I`m wondering if he is happy to cop the criticism etc, get the boot back to Ireland, BUT the Board lives on?????? I`m sure a couple more zeros will be added to his bank account.
Yeah, seems clear he's put his hand up to be the patsy and take the bullet for the board.

I once had a lot of time and respect for Peter Cosgrove.....no longer.
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Old 4th Nov 2011, 10:10   #111 (permalink)
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seriously mate, the bloke is a Australian, a proud Australian, I would rather listen to him anyday, then your mate.
Teresa, Joyce is an Australian; he's as Australian as Senator Cameron or even Julia. Yes they were all born somewhere else other than Oz but all 3 are Australians.
So attack him for his decisions if you will, but not for your prejudices.
I suspect you carry too many wounds from 1989 experience. It would appear that you pulled on the wrong rope then and its likely that the same ill judgement used then is showing through now. Reality and emotion are not the same thing you know.
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Old 4th Nov 2011, 10:14   #112 (permalink)
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teresa green
My post was actually a tongue-in-cheek reply to bankrunner but half that members post was removed by a mod due to it being a personal attack.

TG - in answer to your secondary, AIPA were present and spoken for, I'm sure you know which 3 reps spoke today (otherwise PM me).
I'm also sure one of the usual members will post a tube video of that portion of the afternoon.

I must say, the absolute disgrace of the day was AJ not clearing his calendar and availing himself completely. Regardless of whether or not a person summonsed to the Senate Enquiry is given a timeframe, they should always make the full day available. As has been seen on various replays of news items this evening, AJ asking to meet his flight and Senator Cameron suggesting otherwise!

And a side note to another member of PPRuNe (and you know who you are), you did say if ANYONE showed contempt you would release items to relevant personnel, now I hope you do so!

Last edited by Cookie7; 4th Nov 2011 at 10:29.
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Old 4th Nov 2011, 10:39   #113 (permalink)
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I thought SP did pretty well today.Composed,articulate and didn't get too angry..Jackson and co also came across pretty proffessional.Shame that TS just sounded too angry again..I think the TWU needs a tv friendly face too put their points across.
I reckon AJ made a co$k of himself..Surely his position cannot last!!..
And then, out of the software reprogramming dept - OW re-emerges..Unfortunately still garbled!!..I really do wish that these QF spokespeople do come to interviews fully armed with all the facts..

'Todays No.4 Engine failure due to an oil px problem was not related to previous A380 eng probs"..hmmm????? . Its a good job that some Senators weren't born yesterday..
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Old 4th Nov 2011, 10:58   #114 (permalink)
Nemo Me Impune Lacessit
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Cameron is a 99% union man and he will defend the union position 'till death whilst using every other possible option to suggest he is really interested in solving real problems.

Cameron, along with the rest of the TU movement, have been caught on the back foot by a boss who has pulled the rug from beneath their feet and shown them to be powerless when management put the big foot down.

I think it is a shame to see Cameron held up as some kind of hero, he is just another militant trade union Brother cunningly disguised as a Senator.

Trade unions and workplace associations definitely have a very necessary position but that isn't dictating how a company will run when they have no fiscal responsibility whatsoever.
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Old 4th Nov 2011, 11:07   #115 (permalink)
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....probably spot on, but it is nice to have some powerful figures on our side for a change.
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Old 4th Nov 2011, 11:13   #116 (permalink)
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We the shareholder laud Alan for the splendid work and stellar performance he displayed in the Senate. Everyone was against him, it would seem that nobody likes a winner? It seems that because Alan is Irish the Senators and public want to cut him down? Tall poppy syndrome is obvious.

No matter how hard the Senators try, the public, the government and the unions - you will not remove Alan nor the board from their posts. Let's face it, a half billion dollar profit and you all think Alan is a bad CEO? How absurd.
Australia needs Qantas, for sure, but Qantas needs Alan.

Try as you may you won't roll Alan. We the shareholder are very pleased with out leader, and Qantas is to powerful to be undermined by a handful of union members. Any airline who can puppeteer the government, regulator, public, and media will reign triumphant. You must start to listen to the man, yes, when Alan talks you should listen. Trust is earned not bought, and Alan has truly earned your trust, he implied that himself. Give the man a chance, he has feelings you know, he is also human and has emotions, a life, a 'partner' so give the man a chance. Embrace the man and his ideologies, think outside the square, don't fight us join us. Life is too short to see management and unions squabble over payrises, work conditions, job security, folly such as that. Give the man a go, I implore you.
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Old 4th Nov 2011, 11:18   #117 (permalink)
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Posted by a troll
Alan has truly earned your trust
It's hard to work out how you can say that when everything he says in public is a lie!
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Old 4th Nov 2011, 11:19   #118 (permalink)
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That was comedy ..... Right?
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Old 4th Nov 2011, 11:51   #119 (permalink)
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For you MIC!

Nice one MIC! Good try!

At the AGM not one thing was said about his loyal passionate workforce. It was all about the technology, the shareholders and customers. Management priorities are wrong!

This is not BHP, Telstra, or Rio! This is a real airline with real planes that fly through the air with real engine failures and the potential of a real crash! Geez, they've come close to losing one with fatalities on a few occasions now! The old adage: If you think safety is expensive try having an accident. This is the big picture and wasn't stressed enough at the inquiry.

Why is it that there are so many latent failures? These all-to-common incidents are the evidence that management are not taking safety seriously enough and the result of cost-cutting. This is the primary reason I have no confidence in Q management. See how expensive saftey is when one goes in!

The ATSB said Q was lulled into a 'false sense of security' after QF1 at Bangkok in 2001.

When pig-headed management start looking beyond the 'bottom line' and start engaging with staff properly, they might actually turn Q around.

Just have a look at Lufthansa management change strategy. The key is that they engaged their staff. Look at the Virg/Branson philosophy. Staff-Customers-Shareholders in order of priority. Virgin group success speaks for itself.


Anglo-American style of management is just not working here at Qantas. Union action is just history repeating itself by having militant, egotistical execs running the show.

\Leadership, culture and employee engagement: Do CEOs and executives actually get it? - Human Capital

Do you think Q is safe just because it's had no fatalities in the jet era. Think again. Management has a moral, legal and social responsibility to drive the safety culture and morale of staff is a big part of that.

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Old 4th Nov 2011, 11:55   #120 (permalink)
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Clotted, whilst I did not exactly find 89 a barrel of laughs, it has little to do with how I perceive the present situation. Whilst our mob, certainly attained the same result as Joyce, and none of us feel good about it, there was a lesson there, that he choose to ignore. It happened once, and should have never happened again, but it did. This time world wide. A brain snap by someone who should and gets paid to know better. I cannot even imagine someone like Woodward, regardless of his drawl, ever making such a goose of himself. I dont give a ratz if Joyce is a Australian or from Swaziland, I still prefer to listen to Woodward, for no other reason than he makes more sense. I note with interest your age, that would put you as a F/O or young Skipper during 89, so did your ill judgement match mine, going OS for seven years, or did you stay home and help em out?
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