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Hi Cirrus. In a similar position to you. I emailed Airservices last month regarding the fact that there has not been an application intake in quite a while. They replied saying that they hadn't been advised (at the time) as to when the next intake will be. Just told me to keep an eye on the website.
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Unfortunately the rate of training has been cut right back, along with a stack of other stuff. There are still courses being run but considerably fewer of them and there are more than enough people already in the pipeline to fill the reduced number of course placements. Sorry I don't have any specific information for you either.
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Thanks for that le Pingouin. I assumed that might have been the case. Still needing 80 new recruits a year according to the workforce plan however, but that'd probably put a lot of strain on the training centre.
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I thought that might be the case. Thank you to you both for your replies
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Airservices Australia boss: 457 visa change won’t affect air safety | The Australian
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From the article:

Airservices Australia boss Jason Harfield has insisted the Turnbull government’s scrapping of the 457 visa would have no impact on the safety of the air traffic control system.

During this week’s Senate estimates hearings, Mr Harfield said the changes would impact “just under 40, I think it’s 38” of about 1100 air traffic controllers and the figures included trainees who were not yet fully qualified.

“Some of them were originally on 457 visas but have converted across to a different type of visa,” Mr Harfield said.

“We are just working through them individually, but I can guarantee that there will be no impact to the safety or operations of the air traffic control system,” he said.

The comments came after Senator Nick Xenophon said concerns had been put to him that the changes created “serious implications for air traffic control in this country and that a number of experienced recruits had been told they would not be able to stay as air traffic controllers”.

Under the government’s visa shake-up, announced last month, dumped 457 visas will be replaced by a new type of temporary skill shortage visa.

Air traffic controllers are on the list of skilled occupations that were removed because of the changes.

Pressed by Senator Xenophon, Mr Harfield said there was “capacity in the rosters and we’ve done that assessment that we are able to continue to maintain service provision during that time as we work through all of this”.

The comments are likely to fuel debate about how the aviation sector will be affected by the 457 visa changes, which take effect from March next year.

Regional Express has claimed the changes to the visa program will lead to a reduction in air services as it cuts pilots and aircraft maintenance engineers from the list.

But Foreign Affairs Minister Julie Bishop said she had told Rex deputy chairman John Sharp there could be a review in the event of genuine shortages.

Best wishes for those 38/40 colleagues that took the leap, hope all ends up well for them and their families.

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Hi all,
Has anyone heard any update or been invited to attend the next round
of Assessment Centres for 2017? And if so what month?
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