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3rd Mar 2001, 16:04
Strange / wonderful pictures...



Any more to add?

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3rd Mar 2001, 16:35
Pop a little crosswind into the mix at Kia Tak and 'bingo' cracking photos!!

4th Mar 2001, 20:31
Well done on finding some cracking photos. Almost looks like some didn't make it!!!

Lady Heath
4th Mar 2001, 20:49

5th Mar 2001, 00:38
GREAT!!! - I particularly enjoyed the naked celebrities.

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5th Mar 2001, 01:46 ( ( ( ( ( also have a nice bunch of photos.

Cheers for a nice post!

Good Morning Buenos Aires

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C. Yeager
5th Mar 2001, 01:50
What airport is that with the Air France 747 landing?

5th Mar 2001, 15:05

The airport is "Princess Juliana intl" in the Antilles.

Mister Geezer
6th Mar 2001, 16:16
This site is worth a look for some more 'interesting' photos.

There are a few crackers and there a few photos on the Spectacular Approaches page that will make you laugh!


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ickle black box
6th Mar 2001, 17:09
Heres a few exciting military ones, (

ickle :d

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Mister Geezer
7th Mar 2001, 02:54
Here are a few more:


It's a limited RAS as you approach my dark area.......

8th Mar 2001, 00:03
Bloody Hell !!!

8th Mar 2001, 23:08
Coool Stuff, Any more?