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16th Dec 2001, 01:02
seems all is not to clever in the new venture staff been asked to take pay cut, bills not being paid and not much flying strong rumour the passenger op is being wound up.

Front seat view
16th Dec 2001, 04:59

You seem to have a lot to say about this company “WHY”. It’s a bad time for us all at the moment. So if you haven’t got a good word to say then please say nothing…
All the best to you all at air foyle/hla; summer is just around the corner
:p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p

16th Dec 2001, 05:14
Agreed. We are all participants in the same game and must try and be supportive, even if not with the same team. HC Airlines / Prime is obviously going to suffer given the fact that the surplus subcharter / ad-hoc work that they aim for may not be abundant at this time. Good luck to all at this outfit, and the summer, fingers crossed will hopefully bring you all what is needed.

I remember when Air Scandic first began ops and their work consisted of alot of Adhoc etc. Hopefully now that they have a good IT programme, Prime will gain contracts just like they did.


starship :)

16th Dec 2001, 14:19
A lot of us are in same situation at present but should try and stick together, have friends who work in HC and it is true on pay cuts and laying of cabin crew down to only 1 crew keep smiling, as long as they pay euro control and airports you should keep airborne

17th Dec 2001, 07:46
Was down there last week and all seemed fine except for a few comms probs seemed a happy ship...

FM ;)

21st Dec 2001, 01:22
I am sure it is a very happy camp now they are looking to reduce salaries on anyone over the minimum wage, a nice xmas box I know the situation is bad worldwide but does not give confidence as they have been going for what is it 18+ years and always in profit until expanding out of what they know best any how good luck to all

21st Dec 2001, 02:57
At least they are still paying and no redundancies (KOW). Seems some contract work being looked at for Prime which might require a few extra crews in foreseeable future. Better than it could be, thanks to smart reevaluation by Sr. management of ability to cope w/new business if/when it comes down pike. Cheers, Happy Christmas and a Prosperous New Year all who are working so hard to bring in the bacon.

29th Dec 2001, 13:07
So are you all taking the enforced paycut of 15%, with no pay review or guarantee of getting money back, when other parts of your group get a pay rise, great thing this joint venture. or will the new man at helm put you out of business like he has done other companies. and walk away with a fat salary. is he involved with the antonov aircraft also ?? keep smiling if you can watch the smiling a... and his henchmen <img src="frown.gif" border="0">

29th Dec 2001, 17:04
General2001 (do you get promoted in 2002??), on-going negotiation is in progress, so you probably won't get any news from HLA for a while.

The Guvnor
29th Dec 2001, 18:32
general2001 - you talking about our Iranian-American friend, FA?

29th Dec 2001, 21:00
Yes Guv indirectly, but he is not alone

<img src="mad.gif" border="0">

The Guvnor
29th Dec 2001, 21:17
So, Farhad Azima, the same bloke that owned Global International Airways, Capitol International and Buffalo Airways; and currently owns Aviation Leasing Group (ALG) which has offices in London and Kansas City?

The same Farhad Azima that also is the ultimate owner of First International Airways (which curiously uses the same logo/livery as Global, except for the substitution of an 'F' for 'G'? FIA which is domiciled at Ostend, though its aircraft seem to be based out in the UAE?

The same FIA that uses a Ghana flag of convenience AOC (as does MK Airlines and a few other shady operators) where you're guaranteed that safety and operational oversight will not be something to worry about?

The same FIA that's lost at least one Boeing 707 in Africa?

The same Farhad Azima that had a deep involvement in the Iran-Contra affair, with alleged organised crime activities (including alleged money laundering through his companies, including Indian Springs Bank of Kansas City, an S&L in which he was the largest shareholder) and has been under investigation by the DEA and other authorities for alleged involvement with the drugs trade from Azerbaijan (his birthplace) and Central America to Arkansas (the 'Menagate' affair); and with arms trader Adnan Kashoggi (including helping to finance the coup by Samuel K Doe that took over Liberia)? <a href="http://www.thirdworldtraveler.com/CIA/S&L_Scandal_CIA.html" target="_blank">(Click here)</a> <a href="http://www.constitution.org/piml/96062510.txt" target="_blank">(Menagate Click Here)</a>

The same Farhad Azima that had close links with CIA proprietaries including Southern Air Transport, Intermountain Aviation, Response Air, Consultants International Inc, Lukim Air Services, St Lucia Airways and Seagreen Air Transport? <a href="http://www.webcom.com/~pinknoiz/covert/brewton.html" target="_blank">(click here)</a>

The same Farhad Azima that also is closely connected with the notorious Des Ayto of Race Aviation (which Azima owned, and used to ship 23 tonnes of TOW missiles to Iran)?

The same Farhad Azima that has close links with former KGB major Victor Bout/Butt (plus so many other variations the intelligence community knows him as Victor B.), who owns a large fleet of (largely stolen) Soviet aircraft ... and a 707 or two; as well as being on remarkably close terms with both the Taleban and Osama bin Laden? Butt's operations in Africa and Afghanistan are legend. <a href="http://users.skynet.be/j.denecker.agalev/operators.htm" target="_blank">Click here </a>for further information on how the various players at Ostend link together (the item is in Dutch, but can be fairly easily understood)

The same Farhad Azima that is the ultimate beneficial owner (contrary to UK and EU law) of HeavyLift aka HC Airlines aka Prime, having provided the US$23.75m required for a management buy out from Kvaerner by Michael Hales and Graham Pearce?

The same Farhad Azima who ultimately owns the Boeing 707 that was seized at Southend recently, operating under another African flag of convenience - this time Equatorial Guinea - piloted by a certain well known individual who has flown many times previously for Mr Azima, including the operation of a number of arms flights. <a href="http://users.skynet.be/j.denecker.agalev/wapenhandel.htm" target="_blank">(click here - article in Dutch; and </a><a href="http://www.cleanostend.com/" target="_blank"> for a summary in English click here)</a>

Nope, sorry. Never heard of the bloke! <img src="wink.gif" border="0">

However <a href="http://www.pir.org/cgi-bin/nbonlin6.cgi?_AZIMA_FARHAD_" target="_blank">this link</a> makes seriously fascinating reading, especially if you know the people involved.

Incidentally, you can see that despite being classed as an 'inappropriate contributor' by Clinton in March 1997 and having his donation cheques returned <a href="http://clinton6.nara.gov/1997/03/1997-03-03-statement-in-response-to-question-in-brieifng.html" target="_blank">(click here)</a>; he nevertheless hosted a $1,000 a head afternoon tea fundraiser at his home for Hillary Clinton that was attended by Bill Clinton <a href="http://www.kcstar.com/item/pages/election.pat,local/3774d26a.a09,.html" target="_blank">(click here)</a>

Interestingly, the Clinton Library fund received over $1m from Azima <a href="http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-srv/WPlate/1999-10/19/052l-101999-idx.html" target="_blank">(Click here)</a>.

One wonders what Azima received in return? <img src="wink.gif" border="0"> <img src="eek.gif" border="0"> <img src="wink.gif" border="0">

[ 29 December 2001: Message edited by: The Guvnor ]</p>

1st Jan 2002, 22:34
well Guv you seem to have dirt on this one, sounds a right piece of work

1st Jan 2002, 23:19
Christ Guv, he's right up there with you, isn't he!

sf mov
2nd Jan 2002, 00:17
Not My Job, you mention no redundancies, pray what about the loadmaster redundancies in july ?? also the virtual mass exodus of ops staff to our russian friends across the old corridor ??

2nd Jan 2002, 23:28
With regard to redundancies, I was just referring to this most recent in the series of crises; with regard to the ops migration, don't think those were redundancies, just votes with feet...

3rd Jan 2002, 03:47
sf mov "the virtual mass exodus of ops staff to our russian friends across the old corridor ?? "
it was 2 wasn't it ?

sf mov
3rd Jan 2002, 23:48
In relation to the amount of ops staff,and including the couple of others who left, yes it was an exodus.

10th Jan 2002, 01:11
Redundancy may not even come to that, watch this space <img src="eek.gif" border="0"> :)

10th Jan 2002, 10:42
all I can say on the matter of this new J.V is it's very much a 'us & them' attitide between both companies (HLA & Foyle) in ops & commericial.
And its just not the same with all these new faces here - both companies have really lost their identity and it's confusing everyone

11th Jan 2002, 01:27
how long will FA wait, will friday reveal all <img src="mad.gif" border="0"> <img src="rolleyes.gif" border="0">

11th Jan 2002, 22:52
Why, what is happening on Friday then??

12th Jan 2002, 14:51
Whats the story on the PRIME AIRCRAFT, see cabin crew forum is aircraft parked on its own or with the snowplough in front of it any one in ema comment ?? <img src="confused.gif" border="0">

12th Jan 2002, 15:22
Heard it popped down to Freetown last week obo GCR (who stepped in after BWL ceased) who do the LGW-Freetown service.

13th Jan 2002, 19:54
Hey flyingtortoise! Thought this forum was for Rumours and News and not "nudge, nudge, oo err, guess what I can(t) say with innuendo and general waffle". If you have something to add, just say it. If not, dont.

13th Jan 2002, 23:28
saw it today parked with airport equipment near it does not mean anything

16th Jan 2002, 01:32
So how did the meeting go today, any comments <img src="frown.gif" border="0">

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