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14th Apr 2012, 14:31
Many fingers of land running into the ocean dotted with islands. Reminds me of the Thimble islands along the Connecticut Coast line But this place is only lightly populated with homes compared to the million dollar ones along the US coast line

It's gotta be North Atlantic and the fingers should show up easily on giigles

Rory Dixon
14th Apr 2012, 16:14
Not northern Germany, not the Atlantic, not the Faroer.
For the sailing enthusiasts this place is well known and the little light is in a different country.

14th Apr 2012, 16:22
It wouldn't be Ireland would it, so we are looking at Eire from Ulster near Portstewart?

Rory Dixon
14th Apr 2012, 16:37
Unfortunately not, sorry.

14th Apr 2012, 16:46
North Sweden, Baltic Sea and Finland in the distance?

14th Apr 2012, 16:56
Does the Gulf stream run near it?

and my idea of the north atlantic was anything north of Washington DC, but I'm not a mariner

Rory Dixon
14th Apr 2012, 18:03
svhar, you are getting close. 50% correct.

14th Apr 2012, 22:56
Regarding finfly's mystery, I have searched a bit. I am fairly certain that it is a part of the Nimes Roman aqueduct line in Southern France. It is 50 kilometers long, and this particular place on it I have not found. But the style looks similar in some parts of it. All the other that I have seen look very different.

It was an educating search. Amazing system. Thousands of kliometers.

And Rory's challenge, then I'll guess South Sweden (Skåne) and Denmark.

14th Apr 2012, 23:55

Are we talking islands in the Baltic? Mariehamm?

Rory Dixon
15th Apr 2012, 08:46
Fair enough, it's the Swedish west coast looking west to Danmark. The picture was taken from the old Carsltens fästning in Marstrand, and the little light in the middle of the picture is Skagen lighthouse in northern Danmark.
The islands on the eastern coastline have less vegetation than the one shown on the western coastline.
So over to svhar.

Rory Dixon
15th Apr 2012, 08:54
To finfly's challenge: I also think, that the reminders in the picture are from roman aquaeducts. I am not so shure, that the visible tunnel also is, migth be unrelated. From the vegetation I think it is more south-east of the Nimes region, closer to the Mediterranian sea. May be in the area of Frejus.
But just a guess.

15th Apr 2012, 12:43
Thanks, Rory. It may impossible to identify the exact place after 40 or 50 years. I am certain that it as a Roman aqueduct. Could well be Frejus.

It was an interesting search. Incredible structures.

Open House.

15th Apr 2012, 15:49
From the drawer, and this one should be quick, and I suspect I should know it anyhow.

Re the former photo-I think you are both correct, as I have found some writing saying they did spend some time in Southern France.

15th Apr 2012, 16:12
That's the Navigators Monument in Belem, Portugal.

Edit : Officially called "Padrão dos Descobrimentos" and Belem is a suburb of Lisbon.

15th Apr 2012, 22:14
Thank you tt. So labeled and your turn.

15th Apr 2012, 22:44
I'll find something in the morning, otherwise OH if anyone else wants to offer a challenge before then.

15th Apr 2012, 23:19
OK then. Until morning here's another one with lots of 'vintage' cars,

15th Apr 2012, 23:31
I was going to bed but this is addictive.

London, looking towards Admiralty Arch from the Strand?

I am going to bed!

15th Apr 2012, 23:59
The vehicles don't 'look' English - yet the scene is 'right-hand drive' . . . :confused:

16th Apr 2012, 03:30
London, looking towards Admiralty Arch from the Strand?

Tableview - looks like it, although I am puzzled by the tall building behind the arch towards the rear of the photo?

16th Apr 2012, 07:35
I don't think it is Admiralty Arch. The building in the photo (the roof of the arch) has a different style to that of Admiralty Arch.

It's certainly England... maybe futher north; Manchester?

wings folded
16th Apr 2012, 07:51
It's certainly England...

Not too sure of that. Flip the photo right to left and the cars then drive on the right.

Finfly has a bit of a habit of posting his piccies back to front...

And why are the buses not double deckers?

16th Apr 2012, 08:01
I agree, the cars don't look British, nor does the bus, that was my first thought. The buildings look very English and the one on the LH top looks like the House of Parliament. I agree on closer inspection that it's laterally reversed and that was misleading.

The only town I know that a Parliament Building that looks like the one in London is Budapest, but that is definitely not Budapest.

I don't know London very well (I know my way around but not the names of the streets) but my first thought was that it was the view from Charing Cross, when you have the station behind you and you look to your left, South West towards Trafalgar Square. I'm now pretty sure it's not ...... !

Does this help?

16th Apr 2012, 10:04
I think it is Madrid. Puerta de Alcala at the end.

I am certain now. It is Calle de Alcala taken at the end of Gran Via.

16th Apr 2012, 16:48
Thank you once more. Parent photo labeled and reversed. I don't know of any way to prevent my posting them backwards when I don't know how they are supposed to look.

I think table was up when I put mine up 'till the morning'.

16th Apr 2012, 17:58
It's certainly England... maybe futher north; Manchester?

Oh well, you could have fooled me with that one. I also observed the lack of double-decker buses; however, my thoughts were of a differing northern bus company.

In future I'll be on the look-out for "reversed" photo's!



wings folded
16th Apr 2012, 18:15
I don't know of any way to prevent my posting them backwards when I don't know how they are supposed to look.

If they are transparencies (slides) there will be a glossy side and a matt side. You should scan them to give the same effect as when you look at the glossy side. (I have explained this to you before...)

16th Apr 2012, 20:43
Kick kick .... this is me kicking myself. How many times have I walked down that hill towards Paseo de la Castellana from Gran Via.....! This photo is taken with the Banco de España building behind the photographer, and the castellated building on the right is the Palacio de Comunicaciones in Plaza Cibeles, and on the other side of the arches, Plaza de Independencia and the Parque del Retiro.

16th Apr 2012, 21:01
WF-thanks (twice one supposes) for your efforts to help.

I did not say that it could not be done, but rather (due to lighting where the project must be done and my own aging eyesight) that I could not do it.

Nonetheless, it is nearing a close, with scarcely more than 150 left to go... a mixture of my own and theirs, and some of theirs known to me.

Renewed most grateful thanks to all who have assisted in this somewhat sad chore. Here is the couple in what I have determined to be the Eternal City. I am sure they would want to thank you, as well.

17th Apr 2012, 00:19
Tableview, don't kick yourself too hard, amigo. I knew that I knew the place, but with the cars and buildings on the wrong side of the street, it was a little confusing. It was not until I saw your flipped version when it became clear.

These pictures are always interesting, finfly1, even more challenging, when they are flipped. Glad to help.

So, Open House, or what? Still 150 to go.

17th Apr 2012, 00:47
I think it was table view's turn which I interrupted with backwards Spain.

wings folded
17th Apr 2012, 07:15
WF-thanks (twice one supposes) for your efforts to help.

I did not say that it could not be done, but rather (due to lighting where the project must be done and my own aging eyesight) that I could not do it.
Finfly, sorry if I appeared harsh. I had noticed your "inversion snag" for the Paris picture of the arch at the Tuileries, a place I know extremely well.
I tried flipping Madrid, and the right hand driving made the cars and buses much less incongruous, but I do not know Madrid.
Those who do then completed the identification. That cooperative effort is one of the reasons I like this game.
I concur with svhar; your challenges are most interesting, and you had a stroke of genius in enlisting the awesome abilities of many on this thread.

17th Apr 2012, 17:33
This will put us back on page one, but I have an unsettling feeling it has been posted here before, but I don't have time right now to look through thousands of posts on hundreds of pages. I also have a feeling I should know this one without asking....

17th Apr 2012, 17:47
Chateau de Chenonceau, Loire Valley, on the river Cher, France.

Open House, if correct.

17th Apr 2012, 18:51
My google search confirms your choice to my satisfaction. OH. And thanks.

17th Apr 2012, 19:52
It may, or may not be, my 'turn' but OH, but I'm happy for Finfly to post one of his mysteries.

17th Apr 2012, 20:03
Always happy to oblige...

17th Apr 2012, 20:11
Very East European, Christian Orthodox. I have a feeling it's Poland, they used to have red and white trams but the other way up - the colours I mean not the trams - as that is the same colours as the Polish flag.

17th Apr 2012, 20:13
Smolny Cathedral, Saint Petersburg, Russia.

17th Apr 2012, 20:20
svhar, there are times when I hate you!

(I mean that in the nicest possible way, of course!)

17th Apr 2012, 20:22
I know. You have done this to me many times. Payback time.

And Open House, if correct.

17th Apr 2012, 23:39
Not tried this before, and not been to enough places to be very good at guessing so I will snatch the open house ...

18th Apr 2012, 05:19
Timişoara Orthodox Cathedral, Romania?

18th Apr 2012, 12:02
Indeed. Over to you. I shall have to try better next time. I get the feeling that if i posted my own house someone here would get it.

18th Apr 2012, 13:30
if i posted my own house someone here would get it.

There's a thought!

Clue 1. The building was other than it is now and the design of the windows hints at what. The dormer windows are a modern addition.

Clue 2. This building was part of a greater establishment, but is the only one left standing.

Clue 3. There is a military connection.

Clue 4. I live here! ;)

Clue 5. I live in Croydon.

wings folded
18th Apr 2012, 19:10
Looks like a hospital.

Hospital+Croydon+Military=Croydon Military Hospital?

18th Apr 2012, 19:52
Nice try WF.

Not a hospital, though what went on in the building might have put you there!

wings folded
18th Apr 2012, 20:01
It must be late. Only two things to put you in hospital spring to mind:

1. munitions
2. mcdonnalds production line

18th Apr 2012, 20:34
It must be late. Only two things to put you in hospital spring to mind:

1. munitions
2. mcdonnalds production line

must be the quarter-pounders then going bad

18th Apr 2012, 22:50
The Officers' Mess RAF Kenley?
If correct,Open House.

18th Apr 2012, 23:53
Havelock Hall, 70A Havelock Road, Croydon, Surrey.

wings folded
19th Apr 2012, 07:08
You forgot the post code :ok:

19th Apr 2012, 09:11
Keerekt, svhar.

But do you know what the building used to be?

19th Apr 2012, 09:16
Off to the East Indies TB?

Postcode is CR0 6AG

19th Apr 2012, 09:19
Got to get fit first !

one day we will find out how svhar does it

19th Apr 2012, 09:24
The Gymnasium of the East India Company Military Seminary.

Here's what it used to be like around here.

19th Apr 2012, 10:45
one day we will find out how svhar does it
like sabredog,the same tactics.
They know.
classic :ok:

20th Apr 2012, 17:14
Here's another:

20th Apr 2012, 17:49
looks like fatigue followed by tensile shear in a rotor blade.

must be a story there

probably AAIB lawn

wings folded
20th Apr 2012, 18:40
Hazy background looks like a Cambridge college. But too hazy for me.

20th Apr 2012, 19:02
Bristol? Looks like the green in front of the cathedral.

21st Apr 2012, 02:05
Dear fellow players, I don't know.

This is a fun, challenging and educating game. But there have to be basic SOP. Jet Noseover had the ball. Then came this interesting challenge from ThreadBaron. But how can I declare Open House or post a challenge when Jetsy has the ball?

I suggest: Twelve hours down time: Open House. Any ideas welcome.

Mayby I have OCD.

21st Apr 2012, 03:07
Officially, Jetsy has the ball. She can declare OH or post.

Duckbutt's can run concurrently or he can withdraw, but it was an out of turn as no OH was declared by Jetsy.

Threadbaron's is complete and svhar did guess it correctly but it was an out of turn posting as well.

Jetsy, you're first, but until you come back on line, and to keep the thread running, you guys can play Duckbutt's.


21st Apr 2012, 07:31
Apologies if I jumped in out of turn but nothing seemed to be happening and we had dropped on to page 2.

The building in the background is a church (over 700 years old) but not a cathedral. The object was not deliberately placed there but arrived unexpectedly from the sky during one night. It is much, much more substantial than a rotor blade!

21st Apr 2012, 10:41
Tramway rail, St Mary Redcliffe, Bristol. OH if correct

21st Apr 2012, 11:47
Thta's it Bushfiva.

On Good Friday 1941 during an air raid a bomb landed on some tram tracks, a section of which was blown over some houses to land impaled into the ground in the churchyard of St Mary Redcliffe in Bristol. It has remained untouched ever since.

The damage caused that night brought an immediate end to the tramways of Bristol and none ever ran again.

21st Apr 2012, 11:57
The object was not deliberately placed there but arrived unexpectedly from the sky during one night.Slightly misleading clue there, it implies that the origin of the object was 'from the sky' thus part of an aircraft, whereas in fact it had been blasted ground-to-ground. That said, good challenge!

I walked past that church a couple of weeks ago and was not aware of this. This is very close by

21st Apr 2012, 12:37
Sorry, can't agree. Factually correct surely, it was you that concluded it was part of an aircraft.

21st Apr 2012, 15:19
Getting back to the photo of a ship posted by tableview

is that an image of an ape typing on a keyboard just to the right of the rust marks at the ships waterline?

If so

Open Bar

21st Apr 2012, 15:33
The ship is the "Thekla", now moored in the Mud Dock of Bristol & used as a music venue/nightclub.

The painting is by Banksy - "Skeleton Rower". :)

OH if correct (& applicable!).

21st Apr 2012, 15:53
Well I got the location right; don't know Brizzel that well, always assumed that was the cathedral. Where is the Cathedral then?

I reckon this has enough clues for a few guesses, even for those as have never been:

21st Apr 2012, 16:04
Yes, but that wasn't actually posted as a challenge, just a bit of background information to complement Duckbutt's challenge.

OH then!

21st Apr 2012, 16:24
I think this might be Istanbul, Turkey.

21st Apr 2012, 16:24
Sorry Flaymy, no offence was intended (see pm just sent).

Is your new challenge Istanbul?

21st Apr 2012, 16:51
Hahaha, none taken, Duckbutt! I have a very thick skin, and was actually rather surprised I was right in my head at least; you were quite right that it was not by my description the correct location.



Of course it is! But for you I should probably demand to know which hotel :ok:

21st Apr 2012, 16:54
I think it is the Gezi Bosphorus. But Open House. Seconds can matter.

21st Apr 2012, 16:54
But for you I should probably demand to know which hotel

Don't challenge svhar, he will probably be able to give you the room and passport numbers of the guests in the photo and tell you what they had for lunch!

Rory Dixon
21st Apr 2012, 19:39
Now this one should be a bit easier than my last challenge.

21st Apr 2012, 23:59

I've followed this thread for quite a while. I am amazed at your ability to recognise pics posted.

There is no way you've been to all the spots you've identified.

How do you do it? :E

22nd Apr 2012, 00:25
There is a search facility within GoogooImage whereby you drag and drop the image into the 'inbox' and thereafter like images are highlighted, however, this is far from universally successful.

Just saying . . .


22nd Apr 2012, 01:31
was that the castle that the long haired broad dropped her hair over the balcony to her lover below?

22nd Apr 2012, 01:43
Rapunzel ( I believe?

Rory Dixon
22nd Apr 2012, 08:53
I think what you had in mind was the so called 'Diebsthurm' in Lindau. It looks a bit like it, but there are some distinct features that don't fit.
The fariy tale of Rapunzel (which is a certain type of salad in the German language) was made well known by the Grimm brothers, which published a large number of fairy tales in the beginning of the 19th century and also had a significant impact on the German language.
Nevertheless, the origin of the fairy tale is French with the name of Persinette, relating to parsley, and traditinal.
So overall, no, not correct.

Ghost Vector
22nd Apr 2012, 12:42
The Tesla Coils on top gives it away. Frankenstein's Laboratory.

Rory Dixon
22nd Apr 2012, 21:11
Tesla Coils, I like it!
The interesting thing is that you might even see Frankenstein's lab when you climb the tower and look around.
Hehe - that should lead you all in the wrong direction
But the special weathercock should redirect you, I think

23rd Apr 2012, 09:56

Rory Dixon
23rd Apr 2012, 12:43
That's correct.

Ghost Vector
23rd Apr 2012, 13:00
Drat, I thought that a squashed chicken on top. Come to find out it's an eagle in mid flight.

23rd Apr 2012, 14:11
Open House

23rd Apr 2012, 15:17
Easy one, I think!

23rd Apr 2012, 16:00
Mgarr Harbour, Gozo.

23rd Apr 2012, 16:28
Hmmm, as I said in an earlier thread ...... sometimes I hate you!

Over to you amigo!

23rd Apr 2012, 16:42
Gracias amigo. Try this one then:

23rd Apr 2012, 18:17
Airport apron bus.

23rd Apr 2012, 18:46
Muscat or any other Oman location?

23rd Apr 2012, 18:48
No. But obviously in that part of the world.

23rd Apr 2012, 19:55
Maybe Ras Al Khaimer in UAE.
OH if correct as I am off air for sometime.

23rd Apr 2012, 19:59
Not UAE either, but closer than Muscat.

from BG2CT
23rd Apr 2012, 21:47
hmmm somewhere in southern Iran ?

23rd Apr 2012, 21:59
South and west of Iran.

Roughly 1050 NM from MCT and 920 NM from RKT

from BG2CT
23rd Apr 2012, 22:41
aargh how about Jeddah/Yanbu ?:suspect:

23rd Apr 2012, 22:54
Negative but close. Very close.

from BG2CT
23rd Apr 2012, 23:02
could it be Thuwal ?

23rd Apr 2012, 23:07
No, it is a mosque at an airport, very close to Jeddah, which is surrounded by these mountains. Interesting approach. Very close to the holiest place of Islam.

24th Apr 2012, 02:09
Medina Airport, Saudi Arabia.

24th Apr 2012, 10:59
That is correct, jet noseover. It really is a beautiful place. Your controls.

24th Apr 2012, 15:23
Clues everywhere!

24th Apr 2012, 15:36
Port Lockroy, OH if correct.

24th Apr 2012, 15:45
It sure is. Next?

24th Apr 2012, 18:19

A testimonial to human stupidity/ingenuity.

from BG2CT
24th Apr 2012, 19:18
tableview - if your name is where you are from i just want to say "lekker bru", :ok: i was lucky to grow up in Cape Town as a child, will always love that place ! Nothing can replace that table mountain view !
As far as the pic - funny as hell

24th Apr 2012, 21:33

25th Apr 2012, 01:07

Which car is backing up?

25th Apr 2012, 02:38

Is it a challenge or you posted the tribute for the sake of "tributting"? :confused:

If it is a challenge, I swear I saw this picture few hours ago mirrored. Which would narrow the guess to fewer countries in which folk are driving on the "wrong side of the road". ;)

Sultan Ismail
25th Apr 2012, 02:59
The skin tone of the barrow operators, and the texture of the sidewalk suggests the good old Transvaal.

25th Apr 2012, 03:22
Or any red-neck state in the US.. :)

25th Apr 2012, 07:29
Thats why I thought Birmingham was correct

25th Apr 2012, 08:17
I posted it as a light hearted 'challenge' really.

The skin tone of the barrow operators, and the texture of the sidewalk suggests the good old Transvaal.
Exactly right, and I reversed the image deliberately to confuse you and I blurred the GP number plates!

Open House.

BG2CT - check your PMs

25th Apr 2012, 18:32
It does not enter my mind to reverse the picture. They ARE driving on the correct side.

25th Apr 2012, 18:45
It's on highway 5 in Oregon. I need to research a bit more to give you the name, am I right so far? I've driven across it. Olympia?

25th Apr 2012, 18:51
Far off. Another continent.

25th Apr 2012, 18:55
Ok, I won't spend any more time on this one then! I'm on dinner duty tonight anyway ............

im from uranus
25th Apr 2012, 22:10
Is it the Great Belt Bridge in Denmark, east of Nyborg, on the E20?

25th Apr 2012, 22:12
That is correct. Your controls, im from uranus.

im from uranus
25th Apr 2012, 22:15
Cheers, nothing available, open house..

25th Apr 2012, 22:42
Is there enough here to tell anything?

25th Apr 2012, 22:48
There certainly is. The Bell Tower, Luza Square, Dobrovink, Croatia.

from BG2CT
25th Apr 2012, 22:50
lets try

26th Apr 2012, 00:32
I'm convinced, grateful and you go again. Merci.

26th Apr 2012, 01:29
Typical ruskie statue of a freedom fighter

wings folded
26th Apr 2012, 07:45
For the first time svhar is wrong. She has had another child since the photo was taken. :=

26th Apr 2012, 08:10
For the first time svhar is wrong.

I'm opening a bottle of champagne tonight!

im from uranus
26th Apr 2012, 08:23
Whilst the church looks right, that bell tower doesn't look like the one at St. Sophia's. I 'm sure it's elsewhere, but I've been wrong loads of times!! :(

from BG2CT
26th Apr 2012, 09:08
not so close to kiev ;)

from BG2CT
26th Apr 2012, 09:21
clue number 2 , plenty of water around

26th Apr 2012, 19:09
I did not know that she'd been there.

Astrakhan Kremlin, Moscow then.

from BG2CT
26th Apr 2012, 19:41
the kremlin in the city of astrakhan it is :ok:

26th Apr 2012, 19:44
Here comes an easy one:

26th Apr 2012, 20:03
El Floridita bar, Havana, Cuba?

26th Apr 2012, 20:07
Correct. Over to you, Duckbutt.

26th Apr 2012, 20:12
Another one:

27th Apr 2012, 09:12
A view of this 12thC church from the opposite viewpoint taken in 1950:

Although the result of enemy action, the damage was not caused by bombs. The tower later fell without human intervention.

27th Apr 2012, 09:30
Old St. James Church, St. James Street, Dover.

27th Apr 2012, 10:16
Correct as ever svhar.

27th Apr 2012, 10:22
Thank you.

I took this picture some years ago. The building has been painted, and the street has been changed into a lawn. Looks better now.

27th Apr 2012, 11:13
The old Victoria Museum, now The Supreme Court,Karachi.

27th Apr 2012, 12:29
Apologies,svhar,but it was purely local knowledge from happier times!
Open House.

27th Apr 2012, 15:08
Will it be complicated if I ask ,type of wine? :E

famous, and good quality as well. Since two types can be attributed to the same hill,both answers will be acceptable.

from BG2CT
27th Apr 2012, 16:25
somewhere in the balkans:cool:

27th Apr 2012, 18:28
Tokaji wine?

27th Apr 2012, 19:48
Balkan ,yes, Tokai no.
Modern words, Western Balkan,
old fashion SFR YU :}

Rory Dixon
27th Apr 2012, 20:54
Is the type of wine Vranac?

27th Apr 2012, 20:58
Good try, but no.
Anyhow closer than Tokai.

from BG2CT
27th Apr 2012, 21:29
ovo mora da je istra / dalmacija ?

27th Apr 2012, 22:14
How about Rioja?

27th Apr 2012, 22:22
Istra, Croatia?

27th Apr 2012, 22:58
dalmacija ?

close, but it is not answer to question. :E
type of wine? actually, two types are famous from those southern slopes.

28th Apr 2012, 00:14
merlot and cabernet sauvignon?

Now, off to have some! :ok:

28th Apr 2012, 08:41
no.not so international names.But i hope it is internationally recognized, at least one.Answering to that question will give clue and answer to second type.

and easiest way is to find location or region, than type of wine will be piece of cake ( or more appropriate glass of wine...)

So far we have,
It is not Tokai and Vranac but close.
Soutrhern slope,
at least one type is very unique,to that slopes.
and not international names such , Cabernet, Sauvignon and similar.

(by the Vranac' field are located at "valey" not on the hill :ok:)
keep guesing....:ok:

Rory Dixon
28th Apr 2012, 11:53
Next guess is plavac mali.

from BG2CT
28th Apr 2012, 12:40
postup / dingac wine ?

28th Apr 2012, 14:55
two posters for one answer, ;)
is it up to both of you to declare next status. :ok:
yes Dingac and Plavac,first class of wines...
southern slopes of Peljesac peninisula,Croatia.

Rory Dixon
28th Apr 2012, 15:40
Being first I just take the honour and declare open house.

28th Apr 2012, 19:30
Someone say Open House?

Beginning to see a pattern with some of these....

28th Apr 2012, 19:43
So am I. :bored:

Fort Lovrijenac, Dubrovnik.

Open house

from BG2CT
28th Apr 2012, 20:06
another open house...:}

wings folded
28th Apr 2012, 21:20
At first glance, does not look like Milton Keynes.

28th Apr 2012, 22:26
Beirut,mid 80's?

29th Apr 2012, 03:41
I cheatted..So I am removing myself from this challenge. :ugh:

Northern Afrika...:p

29th Apr 2012, 03:51

I don't know if you are aware of it or not, but if you right click on the image, it says where it is in the .jpg name. What we've done before is save the picture to our computer, change the name, then use something like photobucket and repost it with the new name.

The temptation to identify it by the name of the file is then removed. Not that anyone would ever do that, at least anyone who is still here playing routinely :hmm:

Good on ya Jetsy for withdrawing.


Oh, and welcome by the way. :ok:

from BG2CT
29th Apr 2012, 09:35
i didnt realise, i wanted to use a better picture since the the one i took from my telephone when i was there was low quality.
cheers and open house i guess

Rory Dixon
29th Apr 2012, 15:02
What's the name of the building and for what purpose does it serve today?

29th Apr 2012, 17:04
A winery

for Benedictine monks

29th Apr 2012, 17:36
I smell french connection here...:)

Rory Dixon
29th Apr 2012, 17:39
lomapaseo, sorry, no.
jet_noseover, guess you are on the right track

29th Apr 2012, 17:49
You see Rory..I cheatted again. So I'll leave this to others.

I liked Singa's challenge because I found wines I never tried before. I researched the hills of former Yugo and found few jewels. Was not able to cheat on his/hers picture.:ok:

Awesome what I can learn (and please the taste buds) from this thread. Croatian vino with dinner tonight!

I like the island, Rory. Hope to be a "guest" there sometime in my lifetime. ;)

Rory Dixon
29th Apr 2012, 18:02
Well jet_noseover, at least it is not in the file name...
The area there is a great place to be, and being a 'guest' there could be quite interesting, but preferably when the wife is also there, but then, this depends on next sunday.

29th Apr 2012, 18:10
Ahhh, thats right! Election day...:)

She sure is a "looker":ok:

29th Apr 2012, 22:23
the taste buds
it is not complicated to find good choice regarding wine.
Just ask around about "sunlight hours"
If it exceeds 3000,wine should be :ok:

Dingac and Plavac slopes,not less than 3200 ;)

29th Apr 2012, 22:33
If I can tap the ball into the empty net, that is surely the French President's holiday residence at Bregancon just east of Hyeres in the South of France. I know because I have been fortunate enough to baste my body on nearby beaches whilst on holiday in the area.

Forgive me for being impertinent but as I have to leave my computor now until the morning and I have confidence in my answer above may I leave you with this picture for your consideration?

Rory Dixon
29th Apr 2012, 23:07
Yes Duckbutt, the beaches there are really nice.
You are most cerainly correct.

30th Apr 2012, 00:16
"Ghent, Belgium, rises the impressive carillon tower with its fifty-two singing bells. On the largest bell, which is taller than a tall man, is a Flemish inscription that reads:

"My name is Roland. When I toll there is fire.
When I ring there is victory in the land.""

Singa..Looks you are very familiar with the old Yugo teritory! Thanks for some nice vino recoms. Another Pprune member adviced on the New Zealand white one..Whitehaven from Marlborough. Never looked back since this one. One fabulous wine!

30th Apr 2012, 08:48
that's where I spent 99% of my life,so far. Sometimes we qualified it, as unfortunatelly ,but most of the time it is just excellent. :ok:

regarding wines, I am more familiar with fruit brandies( rakis...) ,wine is collateral damage. :}:} the same logic applies to fruit brandies. No sun, no good brandy.

this morning i received, a few very good and very inspirational pictures, but would decide latter on, for challenges. :ok:

30th Apr 2012, 09:03
Correct Jet Noseover, the belfroi in Ghent.

wings folded
1st May 2012, 08:52
We have now slipped down to page 2 and no declaration was made, so I am assuming a de facto Open House, just to get back on page 1 where we belong:

1st May 2012, 18:46
On the Baltic Sea, probably Latvia

wings folded
1st May 2012, 20:12
Not Latvia.

(It must have been a major shock to all Latvians to wake up one morning and find that their country had been moved to the Pacific)

wings folded
1st May 2012, 20:14
While I was replying, you sneakily changed Bering to Baltic, making my response stupid. Ah well, the timing is everything.

Still not Latvia.

1st May 2012, 20:45
I got the "B" right

Ta ta ... it was the spelling police :)

But I must be within 500 miles as the crow swims

wings folded
1st May 2012, 21:03
I am not sure that a crow would make it that far. It is over 1,000 miles (statute).

wings folded
3rd May 2012, 11:45
Half way down page 2 at 10:44 zulu on the third.
What is going on?
Obviously nothing much.
Make a guess, or tell me you don't like my challenge, but do something.

Rory Dixon
3rd May 2012, 11:51
I think its Switzerland, but have no clue where.

wings folded
3rd May 2012, 12:48
Closer than Latvia but not correct.

3rd May 2012, 12:52
I think more Eastern or is the herring red ? Istanbul

wings folded
3rd May 2012, 13:17
Thank goodness Wodrick and Rory; I was beginning to think that the apocalypse had occurred and I was the only one left alive.

Wodrick the herring is positively incandescent scarlet, but do keep trying. Head back west, not that far in fact from Rory's effort.

3rd May 2012, 16:57
So, somewhere in the high bits of France?

Think you are going to have to post some sort of pointer.

3rd May 2012, 17:03
I was leaning towards Croatia but really have no idea.

3rd May 2012, 17:35
To me, it has a Russian or Slavic feel about it?

There are many Russians in Lyons, so maybe it's there (West of Switzerland etc).

wings folded
3rd May 2012, 20:51
It is very close to a ski resort frequented by wealthy people but is a "normal" village in itself.

im from uranus
4th May 2012, 07:35
I can't find it either, a 'wealthy' ski resort could be St. Moritz, Klosters maybe or even Val d'Isere! More clues needed maybe? :confused:

wings folded
4th May 2012, 07:54
Duckbutt was correct in a general sense, and the "wealthy" ski resort has a runway considered to be amongst the most challenging for pilots.

Sorry to have annoyed you, svhar, but I am sneakily rather proud to have defied everyone for so long :)

4th May 2012, 08:10
So Megeve area? I have already been looking around there but whilst there are a few churches of a similar architectural style I can't find this particular one.

wings folded
4th May 2012, 08:30
You are on the wrong track with Megeve. The runway I mentioned is 1,753 feet higher.

im from uranus
4th May 2012, 08:36
Here? (,6.647345&spn=0.000967,0.005284&sll=45.442959,6.647168&sspn=0.000967,0.007328&t=h&layer=c&cbll=45.443224,6.646319&panoid=M0QeCH_nHCqBwC1WsNANug&cbp=12,114,,0,-10&radius=0.21&hq=Church&z=18) :ok:

Rue de l'Eglise, Bozel, France :cool:

Open house :}

wings folded
4th May 2012, 08:43

(The lady had moved a bit when I took my photo)

4th May 2012, 08:59
one more wine challenge,
Name it,

high quality white wine
clue on picture and some connection exists with previous challenges....
the same holiday vacation

im from uranus
4th May 2012, 09:31
Zilavka Mostar?

4th May 2012, 10:49

im from uranus
4th May 2012, 10:56

Dare I say it again?......

Open house :p

4th May 2012, 14:41

4th May 2012, 18:14
From the wife, Knossos, Crete. She is NEVER correct !

4th May 2012, 23:04
Many thanks again. So labeled. Thank Mrs,too.

im from uranus
5th May 2012, 08:12
Here's something else to annoy you svhar... I'm sure it's Wodrick's turn, to either post a challenge or declare open house... := :} :ok:

Is it in S.A somewhere?

5th May 2012, 08:18
'twas good shout while I rested OH

5th May 2012, 10:55
Hang on a mo, folks!
Finfly's post #8919 is not Knossos, which is 3 miles inland with the city of Heraklion between it and the sea!
It's the acropolis at Lindos on Rhodes ... and your photo is reversed.

5th May 2012, 16:27
Wild guess, been to Berlin many years ago, but not to the zoo.

By chance the Zoologischer Garten?

5th May 2012, 16:46
There is a zoo down there, but it is not in Berlin.

Rory Dixon
5th May 2012, 16:50
Looks very mediterranean, but due to the missing moutains rather western parts.
I would guess somewhere in the Montpellier - Perpignan area.

5th May 2012, 17:04
It is in western Europe, but not in France either. Also there is a large amusement park down there.

Rory Dixon
5th May 2012, 17:19
So I move further east and propose Ravenna.

5th May 2012, 17:22
Not Italy, further west.

5th May 2012, 17:32
Going by the clues then, the Zoo Aquarium Madrid and nearby, the Parque de Atracciones.

Using Google maps to try to figure out what that thing is sticking out, a sign perhaps, or part of an overlook?

Having second thoughts now. :ugh:

5th May 2012, 17:41
Casa de Campo, Madrid it is. It is a part of the gondola from where the picture is taken. Over to you, 11Fan.

5th May 2012, 17:43
Saw your addition there. How old is it? The picture that is.

It's breakfast time for the kitties and I'm surrounded, seriously. I tried to find a quick one to post but I think I've hit everything I have in my picture folders.

5th May 2012, 17:54
Tell ya what, here's an easy one. Just the region is good enough.

I've posted pictures from within 20 miles from this point before.

Back after the cats are fed.

5th May 2012, 18:04
Well hell, that looks like fun.

The Teleférico, Madrid's Cable Car

Really gotta go feed the cats now. They got that "look".

5th May 2012, 19:54
Grand Tetons

Jackson Hole

5th May 2012, 19:59
No sir lomapaseo. Right continent though.

5th May 2012, 20:15
Posted this about 10 hours ago, but it had to go for approval (perhaps 'cos there was a link to a similar photo in it?) and hasn't appeared yet, so I'll try again without the link:
Finfly, your post #8919 is not Knossos - which is 3 miles from the sea! - but the acropolis at Lindos on Rhodes. And your image is reversed again!

EDIT: Aha, that's better! It appeared instantly this time.

5th May 2012, 22:44
I'll accept that as I said at the time she is usually wrong, seems an unbroken record !

6th May 2012, 00:12
Olympic National Park?

6th May 2012, 00:22
Given that you know a little bit about me, pretty good guess there Jetsy. ;)

Alas, you and lomapaseo are just about equal distance away in your guesses from this place.

You; Olympic National Park, roughly 700 miles
lomapaseo; Jackson Hole, roughly 650 miles

Think jackass.

BTW, trust all is well.

6th May 2012, 00:40
Alas, you and lomapaseo are just about equal distance away in your guesses from this place.

You; Olympic National Park, roughly 700 miles
lomapaseo; Jackson Hole, roughly 650 miles

I win I win !!!

Thank goodness I don't have to navigate when flying :)

6th May 2012, 01:05
Canadian rockies ?

6th May 2012, 01:05
Bwahaha, sound like Sirikit..;)

You won by 50 miles! Well, I'll drink to it. :)

11 fan, ok. Back to look at some places 700 miles away from Olympic National Park.

6th May 2012, 01:12
lomapaseo, wrong direction.

BTW, check your PM's Jetsy.

I didn't give her any extra hints lomps. It's unrelated.

Fair's fair.

Another hint: It's sort of a reservoir. Think LA Confidential (obscure reference).

Man, I'm having trouble with PPRuNe today. :ugh:

6th May 2012, 01:17
lomapaseo, wrong direction.

Ok, looks we have to go either West or South.

BTW, check your PM's Jetsy.
Did and replied.

6th May 2012, 01:24
Ok, looks we have to go either West or South.

Not too put too fine of a point on it, both actually.

6th May 2012, 01:29
OK, lets go South - West then..:):ok:



6th May 2012, 01:31
Actually, one of ya go West, the other South. Should be pretty figure out who's who, despite lomps slapdash navigation skills. ;)

And that's from your guesses of Jackson Hole and Olympic National Park by the way. The miles are rough.

BTW: I changed computers. Seems it helped.

6th May 2012, 01:43
OK, go West, I'll go South. And before we know it, svhar will get the challenge :ok:


6th May 2012, 01:57
Still with us lomps? looks like lomps turned out the lights.

Wanna take a crack at it Jetsy, and if not, I'll spill it?

Hello? :confused: Tap tap..... is this thing on?

6th May 2012, 02:15
Nooo, do not spill the beans yet, 11. Wait for the "second shift". We had challenges lasting longer than 2 days. I have to go for a bit now too but shall return in a few. Keep us guessing for a bit longer.

I know what you mean about the problems with this site today, same here.

6th May 2012, 02:17
Will do. I'm multi-taskiing so I'll just check back when second shift comes on-line. See ya later.

6th May 2012, 03:24
Well I had considered a point outside of Oakland CA, but it seemed to be a flood plain from that dam that busted a few years back.

I was hoping that the clean up batters after me would come in and finnish this after I laid my great groundwork


6th May 2012, 03:53
Well, it was rough miles for ya there. Come back in a little bit.

6th May 2012, 04:09
Got my movies mixed up in the clues. I said LA Confidential and should have said Chinatown.

What did Hollis Mulwray get killed over?

im from uranus
6th May 2012, 05:09
Is it near Hetch Hetchy Reservoir, Yosemite? :confused:

6th May 2012, 05:48
Is it near Hetch Hetchy Reservoir, Yosemite?

I'm afraid not......

6th May 2012, 05:49
Bringing it to current page:

Looking South