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8th Jan 2011, 12:39

Been busy with my exams! I've decided on Computer Science/Computer Engineering as a degree to fall back on. I've been programming and developing since I was 10 in aspects of Desktop aswell as Web.

Is this a relevant degree to do if I want to be a pilot? I know many people who have the view of "why do a degree if you wan to become a pilot" OR "why do an engineering based subject if you want to become a pilot". But it needs to be done.

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8th Jan 2011, 12:50
You will be fine.

At least you have a uni/college degree, I have a High School diploma. I hope that is enough for me.

8th Jan 2011, 13:02
Awesome. I'll graduate by 22, I've already missed a year due to family problems :ugh:

What do you have a diploma in? I'm guessing you're not from the UK right?

Agaricus bisporus
8th Jan 2011, 13:51
Er, degree, pilot, relevant in the same sentence?

Does not compute.

Why/how is a degree "relevant" to a pilot?

Pilots don't need degrees, it is a practical career for which you will recieve specific training and in which academic prowess, especially at that level, is some way down the list of attributes required.

If you want to have a degree for some other purpose all well and good, but don't kid yourself that it will have any bearing on piloting. It won't.

The RN used (still might for all I know) to require 5 O Levels for pilot entries, the lowest academic requirement for all Officer candidates. The RAF asked for 2 A levels having previously found that specifying a degree substantially increased the chop-rate. The military are looking for a specific type of character, not paper quals.

If you're going civvy the qualification you need is a bit of common sense and a fat cheque book, nothing more.
I am not kidding.

Genghis the Engineer
8th Jan 2011, 17:18
Irrelevant. If you want to use programming as a fallback, get some specific package qualifications or certified computer-language skills. It'll be cheaper, quicker, and more likely to bring some money in if you need it in a hurry.


8th Jan 2011, 22:27
As Agaricus said, it is all down to aptitude anyway