View Full Version : London Aviation Multiflight's corosponding school

24th Jun 2010, 19:37
I just finished my PPL at Multiflight Leeds and am now looking to go to USA to do my hours building, at Multiflight's partner London Aviation (Naples) I have seen good things on Prune but around 2006 and things can change in 4 years has anyone been there recently and what do they think of the place?

Cheers flying.midget

24th Jun 2010, 20:31
I was out there last year to do my ppl and hour building with london aviation (via Multiflight) and went back there again the beginning of this year. i have to say, its an excellent school, great instructors, friendly staff all round, the planes they use are 172s and a 150. Mainly the 150 for the hour building as its cheap and its not used all that much. there not money orientated unlike some of the schools out in the states (OFT to say the least). Location is great too, only an hour flight to miami and 2 hours to key west. Nice town/city to be in too. great for night flying.
hope this helped, if you want anymore information just let me know.