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9th Jan 2010, 20:25
Hi, are there any C182's around south london (e.g biggin, redhill.) That can be rented?ThanksCallum

9th Jan 2010, 21:56
Hey Callum,

Check out Tropair ( they have a Cessna 182 145 per tacho plus landing and VAT (I think) landing at Biggin is around 20 with the following spec:

Date of construction 1969
Engine Teledyne Continental O-470R 230hp with constant speed prop.
Max authorised Takeoff weight 2900 (lbs)
145mph indicated Airspeed
Equipped with Bendix King Nav Com & Garmin GNS 430
Long range tanks 66 Imp Galls. (300ltrs)
Personnal Location Beacon for foreign trips

G-AXNX although an early model is in superb condition and very well equipped .Re sprayed a couple of years ago and new leather interior in 2005. A very good load lifter and good turn of speed make this aircraft ideal for those day trips to France and the Channel Islands. A real pleasure to fly and with no restrictions on pilot hours subject to a thorough check ride. The Aircraft is rented out at 145.00 per tacho hour wet NO VAT plus landing fees.

Hope this is of some help?


9th Jan 2010, 22:09
Thanks, much appreciated!

Vino Collapso
10th Jan 2010, 08:53
The Tropair 182 was sold to Hungary recently so cross that one off your list. It may still be on their website but has definitely gone. :{

10th Jan 2010, 11:27
Stretching the geographics a bit but West London Aero Club at White Waltham have a 182S or, stretching further, The Pilot Centre - Denham Aerodrome ( have a fixed gear and a retract.

10th Jan 2010, 12:01
Ohh noo about Tropair.

I think they are about the only people who do a/c hire @<hidden> Biggin Hill. There are a few C172's about if your interested?


10th Jan 2010, 12:16
A friend of mine in the US has a Cessna 182 that he would lease to you if you wanted to form a group and could guarantee some minimum hours :ok:

10th Jan 2010, 12:17
Thanks tomtom but i need something that can take 4 people + baggage to the Isle Of White!

17th Jan 2010, 21:42
Dear Julian, I am a US citizen and am currently very interested in leasing a Cessna 182. Please contact me with any information

thank you

18th Jan 2010, 17:30
I needed a "proper" 4 seater to rent at 2 days notice last year. The Pilot Centre ( could not have been more helpful - especially as I haven't been a member there for some years.

Also I doubt you'll beat their hourly rate.


18th Jan 2010, 17:47
Stapleford have a really really clean 182, not many pilots know about it but it is available for self hire.

Oh and it will be a FREE landing when returning home. (As they operate a zero cost landing fee to ALL home based a/c.


18th Jan 2010, 18:48
Thanks phenom and open cirrus ill try both these companys, looks like ill be traveling to Bestival in style this year!