View Full Version : Orlando Flight Training school accomodation

12th Sep 2008, 13:54
Can someone give me information regarding current rates which OFT may charge for accomodation near the school? Also anything to look out for there, and possible better offers to be had in the vicinity?


12th Sep 2008, 15:26

I guess you mena their accommodation? If so.....I have just been speaking with Adam at OFT. Their accommodation is $750 per month.
Hope that helps


12th Sep 2008, 20:54
im here at OFT at the moment. if i was you i would look around as well. I have a friend in there and although its nice and close to the school there are other places. its a little on the expensive side. Im living in a local place called which is really close. its only $500 a month all in.