View Full Version : jar training centers in boston area?

28th Mar 2006, 12:32
just wondering if there is any jar licence training centers in the boston area?

28th Mar 2006, 13:54
Define "area" (there's one in New Brunswick, Canada - which is only a 1hour flight from BOS).

Would also be handy to know what you want to train for PPL, Space Shuttle type rating or something inbetween.

28th Mar 2006, 13:55
Lincs or Mass? Yes and No!

28th Mar 2006, 14:19
its for ppl, it would have to be in driving range of boston city,or marblehead
if u have site for the training center it would be helpful, Mass

28th Mar 2006, 15:10
I had a look at road mapping software - to drive came out at 511 miles, just 8 hours each way.

I wouldn't recommend you do too many day return trips.

The school is Moncton Flight College but be advised that their JAA approval status is currently "expired" (due change of management on the JAA programme) with a revalidation scheduled for April 18th (or soon after).

28th Mar 2006, 15:43
is there anything with in an hours drive? cause i will be usin local transport

<<edit for speed: No!.>>