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Kyprianos Biris
2nd Oct 2006, 06:14
Finals for RWY 34R (LGSR) as part of my hourbuilding at EGNATIA AVIATION COLLEGE in Greece

Nice one. I had some photo's taken from Santorini few months ago.

pilot-320 if you want some hour building why don't you fly to Ikaros Fly In this sunday (8/10)
Fly In data: (in Greek :ooh: sorry)
Airfield data:

2nd Oct 2006, 17:20

IM WELL INFORMED ABOUT AN AERORALLY THAT WILL HAPPEN AT IKAROS !! UNFORTUNATELLY IM DOING MY ATPL so im being unable to attend plus i dont have the appropriate id for taking place!! I will for sure attend some rallies as i have hours and we hoping for a place ( a good one) hahahah

why dont u post here? i will start posting at hellasga!!

thanks for ur nice words and happy landings!!!!!:D

2nd Oct 2006, 17:29 is a shot taken in greece . The island to the right is Thassos we are at 6000ft on a slight deviation from the LMO 1E ARRIVAL and preparing for the VOR/DME approach RWY 23L AT LGKV (KAVALA, MEGAS ALEXANDROS AIRPORT). Thats during my hourbuilding with EGNATIA AVIATION COLLEGE there. Second foto is the the airport from 6000ft and turning after reaching KPL VOR!!

2nd Oct 2006, 17:32
A very good experience for wvery new pilot!!! an international airport!! thanks to the school and the instructors for their approval!!

Established Localiser
2nd Oct 2006, 18:07
The Pleasure Beach at Blackpool

2nd Oct 2006, 18:14
A BIG BIRD touching while im holding at LGKV.RAINBOW in Athens. Santorini island volcanoe (overfly) and the last one Limnos airport LGLM!

2nd Oct 2006, 18:20

Established Localiser
2nd Oct 2006, 18:23
Final for Le Touquet ! Flew from Manchester in a PA28 2hr 20 mins


Established Localiser
2nd Oct 2006, 18:29
Ship Mid Channel in September en route to Le Touquet

2nd Oct 2006, 18:41 overfed cessna visited our school EGNATIA. it's actually owned by AEROLAND a new Greek Airline.

2nd Oct 2006, 18:51

Established Localiser
2nd Oct 2006, 19:31

Silverstone !

I really must re-size these images !!


2nd Oct 2006, 19:34
Thanks for this foto ( SILVERSTONE ) mate!! i used to fly a lot there during my ppl in the UK. where do u fly from? i was at WYCOMBE! BRITISH AIRWAYS FLYING CLUB.

Established Localiser
2nd Oct 2006, 19:39
That was taken en-route back to Barton from Le-Touquet shame it was a bit misty, I was in a PA28-181
Good thread this !
A few more on my site from past years

2nd Oct 2006, 19:54
I will check for sure!!! thanks for the info my friend!!!!

2nd Oct 2006, 20:05
do u know people from griffon? post some fotos here pleaseeeeee

2nd Oct 2006, 20:12
1) taking off from LFKO KOS ISLAND
2) Easy way to turn and maintain a rate 1 turn
3)me and a friend during training

2nd Oct 2006, 20:17
:ugh: my god!! look at his look!!

Established Localiser
2nd Oct 2006, 20:34
A few from Griffon although these are scanned from photographs so the quality is maybe not as good.

2nd Oct 2006, 20:40
I loved the fotos !! i have friends from cyprus and everyone was saying about the amazing scenery down there !!:D

2nd Oct 2006, 20:44
Actually F.O.D (foreign object debris) if u want they wont harm u!! nice piece of history at LGKV.... CAPTURED DURING A TAKE OFF

Established Localiser
2nd Oct 2006, 20:51
Pahoke & Immokalee Florida

2nd Oct 2006, 20:54
Pahoke & Immokalee Florida YOUR PRIVATE MESSAGES...

2nd Oct 2006, 22:16

2nd Oct 2006, 22:30

Established Localiser
3rd Oct 2006, 16:10

Established Localiser
3rd Oct 2006, 16:16

3rd Oct 2006, 18:29
Doncaster - GST PFL target

Sandtoft - my first solo

V-Bomber - can you spot it?

Gamston - my first landing

Sheffield City - currently my home field

Bembridge IoW - flying visit

Kemble - wet and windy

Toulouse - A380 fabrication plant

Sywell - wonderful place

Netherthorpe - short runways!

Cherbourg - first foreign PPL trip

14th Oct 2006, 15:36
Took this one yesterday when bimbling around Kent. This 747 was just completing his base turn ~1000' above me...the reflection of the checklist in the window makes it quite interesting I think.

Higher-res version here:


14th Oct 2006, 23:18

"his 'n hers", actually, to be more correct, "hers 'n his" ;)

Hour Builder
16th Oct 2006, 20:37
I have a few pictures I'd like to add on here, can anyone host them for me?


16th Oct 2006, 20:49
Hi. Go to photobucket (, upload your pictures then link to them here when you use the IMG tags when posting. :)

Hour Builder
16th Oct 2006, 21:08

Thanks for the info BRL, and the offer to host TheKentishFledgling but I've figured it.
What does everyone think....??

16th Oct 2006, 22:07
Me and the various machine that I fly in the UK.

16th Oct 2006, 22:15
The last few

16th Oct 2006, 22:24
The Alps from about FL150, showing Samedan

Monte Christo Island, near Corsica

The French Alps, FL110

Coast of Albania, on the way to Corfu, FL130 I think

Departure from La Axarquia, Spain (LEAX), near Malaga

Joining downwind at Cannes

Wangen-Lachen, Switzerland (LSPV) - 500m runway

The Matterhorn, Switzerland, from about 13,000 feet

Kyprianos Biris
17th Oct 2006, 05:50
IO540 nice pictures !

Any chance of a better resolution of Samedan ?

17th Oct 2006, 09:48
Oh dear, just noticed that the first pic has shrunk massively... I wonder why; it was fine last night. The picture website (photobucket) must have resized it. Edit: now fixed, sorry. Interestingly, one can see the URLs to all the pictures on pprune by doing a View Source ;)

Chimbu chuckles
17th Oct 2006, 12:00
How about a piccy of your Bo from the outside?

Is it turbonormalised?

I'll show you mine if you'll show me yours:O

17th Oct 2006, 14:20
Those pics were taken from a TB20. Never got an airborne pic of the actual plane though; here's one from the web:

Actual panel

17th Oct 2006, 17:30
That cockpit looks nice, plane and the recent pictures are amazing too.

IO, if you ever have a spare seat and are down the south coast, give us a shout! :)

Human Factor
17th Oct 2006, 19:35
Now there's a memory!! I did my first solo in G-OATS (the white and orange Traumahawk) fifteen years ago. Would have been nice to have another go in it sometime but someone totalled it last year.:uhoh:

18th Oct 2006, 04:48

18th Oct 2006, 04:50

18th Oct 2006, 04:53

Right turn out and back to LGKV via the south coast of the island.

18th Oct 2006, 04:55

Just turning base foe a touch and go

18th Oct 2006, 04:58

18th Oct 2006, 05:45

Fire fighting helicopter at LGSR!

18th Oct 2006, 05:47

18th Oct 2006, 05:49

18th Oct 2006, 09:02
Everybody ends up in the same place :) Santorini:

and the whole island this time (hard to avoid cockpit reflections)

The front of the national museum at Tirana, Albania (not taken from the air I dare say)

18th Oct 2006, 11:41
Hoxton Park

Miss Fire

Short final into The Oaks. western sydney

from a 38Sqn Caribou. As rough as it gets in Oz. the Blue Mountains.

Turning downwind from yerrandarie, a private airstrip, in a private town. west of Sydney

Same airstrip as above, Yerranderrie.

5th Nov 2006, 19:12
Training flight south of KAPF:

Cross country @<hidden> 16,500'

Return at night fall:

Adrian N
6th Nov 2006, 07:49
Yesterday in France:

6th Nov 2006, 15:28
30 minutes ago

17th Dec 2006, 13:06
Another, more recent photo of Halfpenny Green.

31st Dec 2006, 14:49
Flight to and from from Castle Kennedy from Blackpool on the day that everyone down south were fogged in.
Blackpool on the way out
It was a beautiful day on-top. (More photos on my Beech Bonanza Blog)

Kyprianos Biris
1st Jan 2007, 09:09
In Greece we have not faced a serious (for our standards :O ) winter climate yet for this season.

Mountains are without snow and December still had some perfect flying weather for most of its part.

Before yesterday I flew a route (I did a year ago as well) that takes you over some of Greece's high mountain range, south Pindos mountains. I flew from Athens Megara LGMG to Ioannina LGIO.

The full album of Dec. 2005 & 2006 similar flights can be seen here :

Happy new year all.

Noah Zark.
1st Jan 2007, 10:49
As usual, stunning pictures, Kyp. Keep them coming in 2007, and Happy New Year to your beautiful part of the world!

4th Jan 2007, 19:26
Taken on 30th December... my first solo (well, with a passenger but without an instructor) flight in France. Also my first time flying the Diamond DA40-180 which I thought was a really nice plane to fly.

5th Jan 2007, 19:08
Flight to and from from Castle Kennedy from Blackpool on the day that everyone down south were fogged in.
Blackpool on the way out
It was a beautiful day on-top. (More photos on my Beech Bonanza Blog)
I flew into Castle Kennedy last Autumn, wx was pants, but enjoyed the trip. Had a wee bit of difficulty judging the approach as I had to fly over the trees at the Eastern edge of the runway. How did you find it?

5th Jan 2007, 19:53
Just thought I'd show some images. Not very good as My license hasnt arrived yet and taking pictures with instructors onboard is ok to do but slightly weird. Anyway hope it works and are not too big.

leicester airport

Belvoir Castle

6th Jan 2007, 13:16
I took these a few weeks back of the UK Dynamic WT9, at Chiltern Air Park
I also had a flight in her, an amazing machine.

Links fixed

Flying Lawyer
20th Feb 2007, 09:05
The Western Cape offers wonderful flying and, away from Cape Town itself, endless uncontrolled airspace in which to play to your heart's content. :)

Approaching a farm strip at Kersefontein
- near Hopefield, about 90 nm N of Cape Town

Heavy rain a few days earlier -
but puddles shallow as per landing info

Kersefontein farm is a wonderful old Cape Dutch homestead which is also a guest house. The owner, whose family have farmed there since 1770, is a keen pilot, very knowledgeable aviation enthusiast and excellent host.
We didn't stay at the farm this time, but certainly shall on another visit to the Cape.
Link here for more information. (

Western Cape coastline

Saldanha Beach

Following the coastline back to Cape Town

Quick detour around Robben Island

The prison - now a 'Mandela' tourist attraction

Table Mountain and the Lion's Head

The Twelve Apostles, just South of Cape Town

Cape of Good Hope, from False Bay looking out over the Atlantic

Stellenbosch airfield - in the winelands not far from Cape Town

Landed for another break. Stellenbosch must be one of the prettiest settings for an airfield in the world. The surrounding mountains are stunning. The pic gives some idea, but doesn't do the scenery justice.
The Flying Club offers training at non profit rates. Link (

All good things must come to an end eventually ..........

Table Mountain, Lion's Head and sunset over Table Bay

A wonderful day flying.

Sultan Ismail
20th Feb 2007, 10:48
Pangkor Island off the West Coast of Malaysia in the Malacca Straits, have just arrived from Kuala Lumpur, check out the shadow of the aircraft.

20th Feb 2007, 11:26
Johnfg I flew into Castle Kennedy last Autumn, wx was pants, but enjoyed the trip. Had a wee bit of difficulty judging the approach as I had to fly over the trees at the Eastern edge of the runway. How did you find it?
I found the approach into Castle Kennedy a little confusing too but got there in the end. I had the advantage of speaking to the very helpful Lord Stair who owns the airfield first and he gave me a good briefing.

22nd Feb 2007, 16:37
Overhead Gunwharf in Portsmouth early November 2006 en-route to Bembridge IOW

Final for 30 Bembridge. This was my first trip to Bembridge and only my third flight after qualifying. The other two trips were to Sandown IOW and Goodwood. A great experience each time and splendid hospitality at each airfield.


16th Mar 2007, 06:57
Wow, just found this thread - some great photos here! Here's a few of mine

Brisbane Area

30th Apr 2007, 10:35
The haziness in most of these pictures were mainly due to 3 reasons:
a) Some African dust drifting slowly to the north to anoy me.
b) My constant inabillity to remind myself to wipe the windscreen clean before I set off.
c) My unimpressive photographic skills.

The old Athens International Hellinikon Airport (closed LGAT) where some Athens 2004 Olympic installations were built and Agios Kosmas Marina. Glyfada in the distance.

The main port of Aigina Island, very close to EGN ndb

The little village port of Perdika in Aigina island with its fresh fish tavernas and sea-front bars is a well known and favourite weekend destination for Athenian leisure boats... Late in the afternoon in a weekend in the Summer months, there will hardly be a mooring position left!

Petrokaravo is what's left of an islet that used to be used as shooting target for the navy in the past

The southern coastline of Poros with Poros town, Lemonodasos and Galata straits in the distance

Back along the east coast of Aigina, passing Antonis Point. Nice spots for an afternoon swim, if you have a speed boat or dinghy to bring you over from the Athens coast

Alimos Marina on the Athenian coastline with Kalamaki Nautical Club in the foreground

Panathinaikon "Kallimarmaron" Stadium was host to the 1896 first modern Olympics. Zappeion Megaron where Greece accession in the EU was signed in 1979 can be seen in the background.

Pictures of the Acropolis and the rest of the tour can be found here (

Rallye Driver
30th Apr 2007, 12:04
A friend at North Weald asked if someone could do air-to-airs of his new toy. Of course we obliged, what a gorgeous aircraft! Flew its first air races over last weekend too.

RD :ok:

DX Wombat
30th Apr 2007, 23:48
A recent flying visitor to Halfpenny Green.
and the aircraft I did my differences training for a little earlier this year:
But I still like the C152 :ok: :)

2nd May 2007, 00:25
...been done before but always a nice destination.

Tsouggria Islet, just off the port of Skiathos

The view form Skiathos Tower towards rwy 02 threshold

More here (

2nd May 2007, 10:24
I bet not many will guess the type of aircraft!!
The Steel city of Newcastle Australia.
coastline of the Nelson bay region of NSW
Nelson Bay
Stockton Beach
overflying Wollongong airport. Aus.

Kyprianos Biris
2nd May 2007, 12:00
Snapshots from a set of private flights executed between April 19th and 23rd, 2007 from Athens Greece to Bournemouth UK.
Aircraft : Socata TB20 Trinidad reg. SX-ATK. Kerkira LGKR to Stapleford EGSG was flown in one day.
Full set of of pictures + video clips of this trip downloadable from :

Leaving Athens GA airport, Megara LGMG

Arriving to Kerkira LGKR (Corfu) just after sunset
Left base 17

Next morning, Brindisi LIBD in Italy

Above Roma Fiumicino LIRF @<hidden> FL120

West Elba and Marina Di Campo LIRJ airport

Cannes Mandelieu LFMD

Calais (can you spot LFAC ?!) in the NW shores of France

Dover port in the southeast shores of England

Arriving at Stapleford EGSG in Essex UK.

At Stapleford after a 10 hrs flight day, sun setting over London

2 days later, Shoreham EGKA, Brighton in the distance

Next morning, IFR arrival to final destination, Bournemouth EGHH

Will Hung
2nd May 2007, 14:25
KB, without doubt some of the best photos I've seen on here. Love the one approaching Bournemouth. Well done.

20th May 2007, 04:59
Abel tasman National Park, NZ

Finals to Nelson, NZ (Not that it's very high quality)

20th May 2007, 15:13
Just got here, so maybe a small intro : i´m a 36 hour PPL student pilot from Portugal, and i find a lot of the pics posted on this thread simply stunning. Though not in the same league as some here, i´d like to share a few pics i´ve taken while flying solo (i know, student pilot shouldn´t be taking pics, but hey, who can resist?! ;)) :

Let´s see if i can make this work:

Shoreline south of Lisboa, with "Lagoa de Albufeira" in sight:

One of the beautifull beaches in the "Serra da Arrábida", near the city of Setúbal :

The Troia peninsula, south of the city of Setubal :

Apparently, didn´t work out so good, as only the link shows. Sorry.

Kyprianos Biris
21st May 2007, 05:45
Sierra Golf it seems to be a private album not in view by the public.
Go to Photobucket, change it to public and insert here the specific image url for each picture with the [IMG... tags.

Welcome ;-)

21st May 2007, 06:32
Really beautiful photos, can't wait to get my license to be able to fly in Greece! By the way, do you think the communication will be difficult for me since I have learned everything in English?

21st May 2007, 09:09
By the way, do you think the communication will be difficult for me since I have learned everything in English?

Although Greece is not the best in the world to demostrate the fact that English is THE prime language in aviation, and although perfectly legal, sometimes the frequency gets clogged with Greek, you will absolutely not have any problems communicating in English with Athina Information (FIS), assuming you will be flying VFR. Sometimes if you're lucky, nearby traffic may even talk back to you in English, for situational awareness purposes. :D :hmm:

ThinkRate! ThinkRate! Don't Think!

21st May 2007, 16:06
Well at the end of the day I guess it will not be hard to learn the appropriate greek phraseology to use in order to keep everyone happy..;-) I may mostly be flying from Tatoi Airport in the suburbs of Athens...not sure if the airport is called that but what I do know is that it is 10min from where I live..:-) Thanks for your answer!!

21st May 2007, 17:11
With immense thanks to OC 6 and the rest of the Squadron for making this possible. True professionals one and all.
Rolling as a two-ship.
Climbing out and "holding hands"
Entering IMC and we tighten up
I'm flying the aircraft and have never flown this fast - still accelerating up to 420kts
Pulling high Alpha above Wales
Letting down for a GCA at Valley

21st May 2007, 19:26
How on earth did you swing a flight like that stik???? :cool::D:ok:


Noah Zark.
21st May 2007, 20:14
Excellent piccies, Stik!

21st May 2007, 22:55
Thanks chaps. I am not very good with cameras and I just pressed the tit when it seemed appropriate. I think I took 55 pics!

How was I allowed to be there is quite a different topic. Mmnn - let me just say that I was incredibly privileged. Those of you who know me, know the bizarre turn of events that caused it to happen as I left the RAF 24 years ago!

The only remaining Sepecat Jaguar Squadron in the Royal Air Force, 6 Sqn, have been told that the Jaguar will be withdrawn from service at the end of this month, some months before the due date. This has caused disruption to all Squadron personnel, from the "fairies and sooties" that service the jets, through to the ever so nice "squippers", safety equipment folk to the admin and ops folk.

An amazing day and when I'm 80 odd years old and dribbling, making incoherent noises - it'll be the one that I'm thinking about!

Thanks to OC6 and Jag Staneval!

Stik aka Al

28th May 2007, 11:02
Some fresh pictures from last weekend... The Summer season has positively arrived.

Complete set of pics can be found here (

Skiathos town and port:

Skiathos old port:

The old town and port entrance

Runway 02 and town

Koukounaries resort to the west, where the "rich-and-famous" reside:

Kanapitsa Bay:

Tsouggria Islet, approaching Skiathos from the south:

Tsouggria Islet:

P.S. Mods: maybe this has been asked before but why can't this thread be a "sticky" so that we can all readily share some excellent flying experiences from around the world? :ok:

ThinkRate! ThinkRate! Don't Think!

Kyprianos Biris
29th May 2007, 05:18
P.S. Mods: maybe this has been asked before but why can't this thread be a "sticky" so that we can all readily share some excellent flying experiences from around the world?

I agree, I believe it has matured enough to become pinned on top :ok:

4th Jun 2007, 13:28
Practicing formation flying with the club Cessna.

5th Jun 2007, 20:20
Apologies if I should'nt post this here but I am a new member - and this is my first post.

The annual get together was once again held at the Norfolk Gliding
Club Tibenham AIrfield.

Thanks must go to the organisers for a very well organised ,safe,
relaxed and informal gathering and excellent Beer and BBQ.

Despite the sunny weather numbers of aircraft visiting were down on
last year but a good selection still graced the parking area and were
well placed for photo's.

An interesting homebuilt was
Mickleburgh L107 G-BZVC see picture below

6th Jun 2007, 00:03
Landing on runway 27 at Barton

6th Jun 2007, 08:25
Even more pictures taken at the PFA Fly-in at Tibenham last sunday can be found via this link (sorry I have'nt worked out yet how to get them to appear within the message !)

Just click on each small picture to enlarge (,%20Norfolk&u=location&sort=&limit=50)

6th Jun 2007, 21:21
A few more pictures from the PFA Fly-in At Tibenham

GY201 Mini-Cab

Zenair CH601XL
Rans S7 Courier

9th Jul 2007, 21:12
Dumfries & Galloway Aviation Museum

11th Jul 2007, 22:05
There is actually shares for sale in G-BBKY if anyone wants to PM me about it.

Great group.

12th Jul 2007, 13:39
This taken a few weeks ago from accompanying plane, coming back from Dunkeswell.


2morrows pilot 2day
12th Jul 2007, 22:00
Trafficcontrol and I taking the 172 (G-WACY) for a spin- EGTB-EGTK
(i actually got to fly it too!) :ok: (
Cessna 172 (G-WACY) (
Cockpit, on finals for RWY 24 at Booker (

Copilot (2morrows pilot 2day) Captain (trafficcontrol) and mum ;)

Basil Smallpiece
13th Jul 2007, 19:51
Wanted to go flying the other day but had to wait - these two were blocking the hangar!

Mollis is idyllic - no ATC, security fences or yellow jackets. The parallel taxyway is a public footpath, people recognise the risks, behave sensibly and everyone gets on fine. It's an ex airforce airfield now open PPR.

Basil Smallpiece
13th Jul 2007, 20:47
Some more...

15th Jul 2007, 03:46
Here's a picture taken over downtown Montreal in my Beech Sundowner on a beautiful October day in 2005.

16th Jul 2007, 11:56
Few pics from Greece:
FL85 near Brindisi

16th Jul 2007, 22:00
Guys I know its in here somewhere, Im going goggle eyed looking for it , but how do you post pics would anyone give me a quick prece?

17th Jul 2007, 10:44
Here you go:

How to post pictures (

17th Jul 2007, 15:43
Thanks heli , Im gonna try a tester
It worked , any guesses as to the location ???????????

17th Jul 2007, 15:46
Top of Snowdon ?

17th Jul 2007, 15:48
Nope , Snowdon has large building site on it at the moment , this pic was taken 3 weeks ago believe it or not , it is UK

17th Jul 2007, 15:51
Flew past here en route to it

17th Jul 2007, 15:55
Nope , Snowdon has large building site on it at the moment , this pic was taken 3 weeks ago believe it or not , it is UK

Is it Ben Nevis? Looks like it

17th Jul 2007, 15:59
Now I can do it here are some recent ones , excuse the quality Im no photographer
Dont think this needs labelling
Greatest Rugby ground ever
Islay Scottish islands
All mod cons , gotta love em

17th Jul 2007, 16:01
So where was the first one?

17th Jul 2007, 16:01
Kanu takes the cigar , Yep snow covered Ben Nevis in June , just after passing Fort william

17th Jul 2007, 16:11
Ok, easy one:)

Note the 'eld Tower

Airfield (just) to the right of pic.

Sorry chaps, not really private flying, but don't they look great- think they're playing this gig at the weekend, so remember to check the NOTAMS !!

17th Jul 2007, 16:21
Had my photo trips all not started from that exact location that might have been difficult , that would be Barton , sorry city airport manchester, obviously a while ago as the fekin large ski slope aint visible

17th Jul 2007, 16:25
Not the best but this should stump a few people
any ideas?

Adrian N
17th Jul 2007, 16:51
A couple of shots from a rather enjoyable flight on Sunday.
North face of the Eiger:

17th Jul 2007, 17:12
Nice one Adrian , lovely pics

Basil Smallpiece
17th Jul 2007, 17:40
Benbecula. In my experience not a GA friendly airfield.

17th Jul 2007, 17:43
Basil , well done indeed , they were nice as pie to us matey , after all apart from the jetstream coming in we were the only non islanders they had seen all day , had nice meal in local pub and went on our way happily, apart from being searched in case we decided to hijack our own aeroplane

Basil Smallpiece
17th Jul 2007, 19:06
Adrian, was in the same place the day before, looked down on the Red Bull Air-race site at Interlaken from 12,000ft...

Jungfrau, six climbers swept away by an avalanche the day before

Aletsch Glacier

Climbers on the Monch

Piper by the Monchsjoch hut

Climbers making a late descent from the Finsteraarhorn and lucky to escape the avalanches

Adrian N
17th Jul 2007, 19:56
Fabulous pictures, Basil. I didn't take many photos, but my passenger did so there may be a few more to come. We explored the Oberland fairly thoroughly, then aimed for the Matterhorn (which we missed, due to heavy sink just North of the Dent Blanche), flew past the Grand Combin and on to the Mont Blanc massif. It was a great morning's flying.
This is the Otemma glacier, just East of the Grand Combin:

17th Jul 2007, 21:08
Blackpool Tower & an empty beach!

18th Jul 2007, 18:28
Wow some incredible Alpine shots there at Interlaken.

Would love to get there one day, for now I stopped in Aosta (LIMW) on the way to Mont Blanc !

Adrian N
18th Jul 2007, 22:31
Aosta is a nice destination - pleasant town, and a good airport in a stunning location. Nicer still is the nearby strip at Chamois, a few minutes flight from Aosta. The village of Chamois can be reached by cable car, or by air. Here is the strip (the threshold is about a quarter of the way up the picture, directly above the wing):

Final approach, several thousand feet above ground level at this point:


Touchdown in a strong crosswind:

The parking area during the annual fly-in:

24th Jul 2007, 14:42
En-route to Kirkbride Sunday 22 July 07. Two Ship G-PLAN & G-BJXB.

24th Jul 2007, 21:20
Nice pics indeed , isnt G-PLAN a barton aeroplane ?

25th Jul 2007, 12:46
She is a well known ol' gal. Its amazing who knows her , a few years ago I managed to get up front on a flight to Tenerife (in the good old days :) ) Talking to the Captain I mentioned that I had a share in a plane at Barton. It turned out that he had done some of his ppl training in G-PLAN. Small world.
Although only a C150 she has seen me to Orkney in the North , Alderney in the south , lands end in the west and I think North Coates is as far east as I have been. May not be the fastest in the aviation world or perform like the proverbial homesick angel , but reliable and easy to fly , definitely.

25th Jul 2007, 17:02
Yep saw her today went and took our aircraft for a quick spin , glorious weather today , G-PLAN was parked right behind me

Kyprianos Biris
3rd Aug 2007, 10:04
Yesterday I took out the freshly repainted SX-ATK and two friends with a Cessna and we flew off for some aerial photography.
I attach samples:

Complete set of pictures found here:

3rd Aug 2007, 15:40

Established Localiser
3rd Aug 2007, 20:57
Barton taken last Sunday

Established Localiser
3rd Aug 2007, 21:30
Looking West from Blackpool on an Evening
Blackpool Pleasure Beach
Short Final for Caernarfon Flour Bombing the Caravans

5th Aug 2007, 12:54

Link fixed.

6th Aug 2007, 07:56
Some fun a couple of days ago, stunning clear conditions over Sussex.

(Taken on my Passengers mobile phone, which makes that Prop look like rubber!)

6th Aug 2007, 08:06
WOW! Some GREAT pics on this thread. First time here, let me see if I can paste some in.
Waterfall in Yosemite, Sierra Nevada
Lake Powell, Arizona
Denali (Mt. McKinley), north of Anchorage
Lake Clark Pass in the Alaska Range
Bedtimefor Yellowbelly

That wasn't too hard.


6th Aug 2007, 13:27
Hey Mr Dingbat!!
Who was flying Miffy???? Mate and I were supposed to take it up to a place near Newcastle yesterday but forecast 35kt gusts straight across the strip put paid to that one.... I hear it's a Citabria with, shall we say, 'character'... ;)

6th Aug 2007, 13:44
Crop Circle seen in Wiltshire..................not been so many around the last couple of years..........ailens must have learnt all the is about us, either that or the creators have got bored and are now doing something else....:)[/IMG]

7th Aug 2007, 22:00\Documents and Settings\HP_Administrator\Desktop\gcaFEs133232-02.jpg

9th Sep 2007, 12:42
Hello Mr Slingsby!

You looked like you were having fun today over Wessenden Head.

Thanks for the wave as you went over - made my small son's day!


9th Sep 2007, 16:18
A small trip last Friday with my dad as passenger, Newtownards, around the Mourne mountains, up to Enniskillen, returning via a more direct route as the sun started to set
Ignoring the reflections, Newcastle, Co Down, and the almost inviting sea!
Southern end of the Mournes, with Carlingford Lough ahead, and the Republic of Ireland to the left.
Town of Rostrevor, peaking out from behind the mountain
Crosswind to land at Enniskillen, over picturesque Lough Erne
Finals to Land rwy 33.

Ah the sun! The weather had been dodgy all day, lots of low ceiling bkn convective clouds around. Not long before we arrive we broke into this! It stayed this way all the way home.

Sitting on the ground, at a picnic table, sipping an ice-cold coke, basking in the sunshine, and sharing all this with your long suffering dad... priceless!

Oh, and wouldn't mind a go in this sometime!
looks like fun, what with all the lakes around!


17th Sep 2007, 16:44
Some pics from a recent trip

Alps over Switzerland

Brac airport, Croatia

Corfu from FL100

TB20 at FL190

Hania, Crete

Hania, Crete

Losinj, Croatia

Treviso, Italy

Losinj, Croatia

24th Sep 2007, 22:14
Hi, folks, Just found this forum. Fantastic pix. :):) Thanks for sharing them! I hope to be able to see sights such as those as I start to get further afield. Living in the northwest of Scotland, I have some stunning scenery on my doorstep but not always the weather...:hmm:

25th Sep 2007, 03:55

27th Sep 2007, 07:06
(I already posted this elsewhere, but please bear with me while I try to get the links to display the way I want them...)
Well, now I'm a member of the Real Aero Club de Baleares at Son Bonet!
(But only for one more day, because a one-week-membership is the shortest they offer.)
I booked with Cesca under the aforementioned number and got checked out in their PA28-161 EC-FXS from Son Bonet airfield (LESB) by a very friendly English lady named Valerie, and then rented the aircraft for another hour. The condition of the a/c is okay but not great, as are the prices.
Here's a few pics of our trip:
Our Warrior:
The map of local attractions:
San Ponsa / Paguera:
Mrs f and me:
The ferry to Menorca?
All in all it was a very nice trip! Highly recommended! :ok:

27th Sep 2007, 16:00

28th Sep 2007, 21:46

Some ancient history:

and even more ancient:

DX Wombat
30th Sep 2007, 16:19
Just a few from this year:
Compton Abbas during the BAeA Aerobatics Competition

Shobdon, August 2007:

Evening Visitor

Sywell 2007

Probably my favourite;

Not sure if this last will turn out well on here, if it can't be seen I'll remove it.
Night Visitors, Shobdon, September 2007
And finally, one which represents a significant personal achievement;

G-BFZT at Duxford, August 2007

14th Oct 2007, 13:41

14th Oct 2007, 21:24
Misty October........... around 6 Km viz. Over Hampshire .

16th Oct 2007, 23:30

San Francisco International from a C172.

17th Oct 2007, 01:38
Harris Hill Gliderport near Elmira, NY on October 13. Also home of the National Soaring Museum. Fall is a little late in coming this year.

17th Oct 2007, 11:35
Maybe not comparable with all the very nice pictures here in this post, but for me emotionally it is!! Leaving for my first solo on EBAW runway 11, taken by the instructor in the tower who told me minutes before: "So what do you think, try one on your own hu ?" in which i stumbled.. sure why not!

22nd Oct 2007, 03:22
Well, today I took my 6-year old for his first glider ride. It was 70 degrees out, 30 miles of visibility, just a little bumpy.

Ended up just being a sleigh ride but that was ok. As we were rolling down the runway he was so excited I thought he was going to levitate us and wing us past the cub.

Before I took my son up in the glider, I took him up in a 1946 C140. I joined the 140 club partly for the purpose of introducing my kids to flight. I have access to a super cub as well as the gliders, but side-by-side seating can't be beat for being able to project confidence to your child.


22nd Oct 2007, 12:58

I think all C150/2s should have this conversion done, it ups the cruise to 100 knots and it's a taildragger.

23rd Oct 2007, 01:43
I think all C150/2s should have this conversion done, it ups the cruise to 100 knots and it's a taildragger.
There is an easier way. Sell the C150/2 and convert the money into a C140. 100kts cruise with a c85 and it's a taildragger!
That air2air shot of the C140 was taken from a friend's C150. In climb we were about dead even, both airplanes hauling two adults. In cruise I could really run away from him. I have heard C120's are faster, no flaps, and a cleaner wing.
But I would not argue against your sentiment of taildragger-izing the world.


25th Oct 2007, 14:56
Hi Folks,

The thread seems to be creeping down the list, so here's my attempt at adding piccies to keep it alive (it my first time adding from picassa, so I'm sorry if I screw up!). These pics are from a little jaunt taking off from Schenetady, NY (pronouced ska-neck-tady by the natives), heading down to the Catskill mountains then around Albany, NY - which is the state capitol (a little known fact!). I took a well equipped 172 and three friends from uni and it worked out at $29 a piece for an hour - bargain. Enough preamble, here's (hopefully) the pics:

Autumn colours in the Mohawk river valley:

Nothern Catskill mountains (sorry for the reflection):

Government buildings in the centre of Albany, NY. I've been told they are the biggest buildings between NYC and Montreal, which I can beleive.

I hope these pics work, otherwise you can take a peek at the album, which is found at



26th Oct 2007, 01:20

Good pics. My old glider club is based at Freehold, you may have flown right over there. BK (before kids) I spent many weekends skiing at Hunter Mountain just a little south of there.


26th Oct 2007, 01:29
This was just after I earned my private rating in 1991. About to take my first passenger (Dad) for a ride. It was colder than it looks.
This next pic is in south Florida in the summer of 1993. That's my bike, and my instructor's Pitts S2A. I flew about 10-11 hours with him. It was hotter than it looks.

26th Oct 2007, 12:59

You have a good memory! Freehold was sort of a turning point (turned away about 5 miles early to avoid the gliders) and the second pic is from just before that point.


27th Oct 2007, 12:32

Oakland with San Francisco on the distance.

San Francisco.

Golden Gate Bridge from a C172.

Super Cub at Goodwood.

PA28 at Duxford.

DX Wombat
27th Oct 2007, 12:44
Sternone - don't worry about the quality of the photo, that's a really lovely one to have. It represents such a huge milestone in your flying. :)

27th Oct 2007, 13:15
Hehe, i would like to say to all almost solo'rs, just make sure you have your photocamera with you !!

30th Oct 2007, 03:52
Yesterday was the last scheduled day of the soaring season on the hill. Pictured below is one of our pawnees hooking up to a 2-33. My Blanik L33 solo is tied out all the way to the right of the picture. I took it apart today and put it in the box.
It was also a great local day, the ridge was working and we found thermals to 4500' msl. At one point we were running the ridge at 85 kts and going up at 6 kts!
Ship #6 was working the ridge a little lower, caught them here over our emergency field. It's about 800' lower than our field, and about 2000' long.
Now the season is behind us, I'm working on my instrument rating.


30th Oct 2007, 04:04
Amazing glider pictures!! :D:D

30th Oct 2007, 04:22
Amazing glider pictures!!
Thanks! That's the nice thing about a two place glider, makes it easier for air-2-air.

Don't sell your first solo picture short, it's a big moment that any fellow pilot appreciates. I wish I had a picture of mine. Emergency services mustering, villagers fleeing and screaming in terror...


11th Nov 2007, 04:57
New way of hunting ??

11th Nov 2007, 18:29
Vancouver International Airport/5500" ASL

Vancouver Downtown/1700"

A message on the back of a Cirrus SR20

11th Nov 2007, 19:49
How the friggin hell can you run a giraffe over in a plane????

12th Nov 2007, 10:18
Not a video I know, but I thought I'd share these pictures anyway!

Great way of spending your 35th birthday.

Climb out from Las Vegas North (KVGT):

Level @<hidden> 9500ft (highest I'd ever flown) on the QNH

Towards the Grand Canyon

Overhead the Grand Canyon

On our way to Hoover Dam

Hoover Dam, avoiding pesky helicopter traffic

And again

And thrice

Coming back into Vegas, you can just make out the strip in the distance. Low RH so incredible vis

Stratosphere tower at the bottom of the strip

Most hi-tech plane I've ever flown. 2 years old, even has AUTO PILOT!!! Was tempted to fly the SR22 that they have there, but time was running out and missus was informing me it wasn't a flying holiday :sad:

Will Hung
12th Nov 2007, 10:55
I've had dogs on the runway in Thailand before, and a family of ducks at, wait for it, Duxford, and a Hare-miss at Cranfield. But a Girraffe ? ! ! Judging by the port flap, the pilot was landing. I suppose he could be excused. Girraffes can motor, and maybe, he simply didn't see it. That's a nasty looking crick in the ole boys neck ! Incidentally, where is "V5" from ?

12th Nov 2007, 11:28
Sunrise over Africa
a bit of ice
A bit more ice

Sultan Ismail
13th Nov 2007, 03:27
V5 = Namibia formerly known as South West Africa formerly known as German South West Africa ad nauseam

13th Nov 2007, 08:51
The Endeavour replica, 5 miles off the coast of Sydney
Bondi Beach
every revhead should know this place!
City of Wollongong.

Established Localiser
26th Nov 2007, 22:24
Overhead Manchester Airport on Champions League Final Day, Aircraft parked on taxiways
Base leg for Le Touquet

Established Localiser
26th Nov 2007, 22:28
A high definition example of the Manchester Airport picture here

26th Nov 2007, 23:37
Hi There. You must be a member of Photobox to view the Manchester picture.......

Can you host it elsewhere?

Established Localiser
27th Nov 2007, 08:25
Way too big!!!!!!!!!!
hows that a bit better or:
It is my copyright

Check my bad SLF
29th Nov 2007, 21:02
Exactly how much do I want to be on Bondi Beach right now?!

Great pics and great thread!! Keep them coming...

6th Feb 2008, 14:16
Some pics taken last weekend during a day out to Syros Island in the Aegean Sea.

Complete set here.
Syros Island Airport and town

Syros Town (Hermoupolis):

Cape Sounion and the Temple of Poseidon:

Astir Palace Hotel in the Vouliagmeni suburb of Athens:

Alimos Marina, Athens seafront:

Flisvos Marina, Athens seafront:

Pireaus: old port and sports facilities

Pireaus: Zea Marina

The Port of Pireaus:

Shipyards near Pireaus:

ThinkRate! ThinkRate! Don't Think!

6th Feb 2008, 14:24
Cracking pictures mate, many thanks for posting them :)

2nd Aug 2008, 03:50

2nd Aug 2008, 18:07
What a great thread that I've not noticed before. Some amazing pics!

I have a few pics here ( All a few years out of date but they bring back memories!

28th Aug 2008, 11:22
Pics from my flight yesterday over the Solent.


28th Aug 2008, 11:48
Some fun over the last month or 2:

All photos credit to David and Zan from David and Zan Take Great Photos- powered by SmugMug (

The complete set of the above pics can be seen at (best then click Slideshow):
David and Zan Take Great Photos- powered by SmugMug Link 1 (
David and Zan Take Great Photos- powered by SmugMug Link 2 (


28th Aug 2008, 12:17
Nice photo's NoD, good to see you can get the time off :p

The RV8 looks very nice!

Also the visibility looks awesome out of the bubble! I miss aerobatics :(

See you soon


28th Aug 2008, 12:38

That is an incredible picture!!!

28th Aug 2008, 13:26
The great British Summer at Blackpool... and the slightly high rushed approach and landing / escape :\ that followed... no IR for me yet :}

28th Aug 2008, 14:51
Downwind at Propriano, Corsica

Calvi, Corsica

Reggio Calabria Airport, Italy

Palermo, Sicily

Bocca di Falco Airport, Sicily

28th Aug 2008, 16:34
The ten year old in the back of a Citabria:

29th Aug 2008, 19:50
I hope I haven't posted these before...

Pribram LKPM

On the way to Spain

Zaragoza final


30th Aug 2008, 03:10
Cascade Mountains, Oregon, USA.

Front to back (I think, please correct if I am wrong);

Mount Bachelor
Broken Top
Three Sisters (South Sister, Middle Sister, North Sister)
Mount Washington
Mount Jefferson

30th Aug 2008, 20:17
Some nice pictures here. I can't match them, but today I took my autistic 5-year old son flying in the c140 for the first time. Short hop around the pattern, a special day for both of us.


30th Aug 2008, 21:12
The Pointy One (a.k.a. Matterhorn)

The Alps in unlimited visibility (overhead LSZB, towards East, RH side)
Same place, opposite direction, in a DA40

Mountain Lake in the Grimsel Pass (I promised I did not changed the color):

And 1000+ other pictures in my photo gallery: Photo Galleries (

30th Aug 2008, 21:29
(my first attempt at posting photos, let's see if it works!)

DX Wombat
30th Aug 2008, 21:38
A couple of photos from Shobdon.
One of our visitors passing through:
And a couple which landed behind my favourite C152:
One of our regular visitors :)
Oops! Just realised you can see only one of the two helicopters; the other was a short distance behind it. :O
(and also that I can't count. That's three photos)

31st Aug 2008, 23:51
Some which I posted in reference to my post earlier in the year about mountain flying..

31st Aug 2008, 23:53

31st Aug 2008, 23:56

1st Sep 2008, 06:41

1st Sep 2008, 06:53
...but interesting (well, I thought so). This is a model of the only nonoplane (plane with nine wings) ever built, the 1921 Caproni Ca.60 (, at the Musee de l'Hydraviation ( (Seaplane Museum, roughly translated), in Biscarosse, south-west of Bordeaux. It did fly, twice - once successfully, the second time someone forget to secure the ballast representing a full load of passengers - on rotation it all slipped backwards, and that was the end of that (and the pilots, too).

16th Sep 2008, 21:28
Are those people waving or shaking their fists? (Taken on Sunday during self-tour of neolithic sites in the area - Andrew Marr eat your heart out!)

17th Sep 2008, 09:12

Col D'Isere


Pont du Tarn

From September's tour!

17th Sep 2008, 10:15
OK chaps - nice pics but let's size them properly before posting.

I am sure PPRUNE has access to a lot of bandwidth but I don't need to scroll 2 metres right to see all the pic.

Resize before posting to about 1000 pixels wide - it will still look good.


17th Sep 2008, 10:22
so remind me how to add a photo to a reply ? clicking on the " add image" doesnt seem to work ............:*

17th Sep 2008, 10:30
Here is an example

R2160 with me a few years back

17th Sep 2008, 10:32
Use Search - there is advice all over this site to show you how to post images properly.


17th Sep 2008, 10:41
I am sure PPRUNE has access to a lot of bandwidth but I don't need to scroll 2 metres right to see all the pic.

Resize before posting to about 1000 pixels wide - it will still look good.

They all fit quite nicely on my screen. What browser are you using? (My photo is 850 pixels wide)

Advice for posting photos is at the beginning of this thread.

17th Sep 2008, 11:17
David Good !

I am using MSIE 7

But that is not the issue.

Why does my pic sit nicely in the screen and yours doesn't?

I have a wide screen - running at 1152 by 864 pixels.

If I change the resolution - which seems to defeat the fact that like a lot of other people we have upgraded to LCD and better screens - will this make the difference.

Maybe the instructions should change.

How does my pic appear to you?


17th Sep 2008, 13:32
I followed the adive on the site religiously and resized the images to 800 x 600. The picture of the Robin is half screen width on my machine whilst Davidhoul's and mine are screen width.

Something amiss somewhere!

17th Sep 2008, 14:45
All pics look alright to me.

Only had to delete one recently that was massive. All others fit ok here....

17th Sep 2008, 15:09
Sunday afternoon fun, sunshine, somebody else's aeroplane and a cute pax!

17th Sep 2008, 19:15
Why does my pic sit nicely in the screen and yours doesn't?

I have a wide screen - running at 1152 by 864 pixels.

If I change the resolution - which seems to defeat the fact that like a lot of other people we have upgraded to LCD and better screens - will this make the difference.

Maybe the instructions should change.

How does my pic appear to you?

It takes up about 2/3 of the PPRune column width.

I have two monitors - an LCD 1280 x 1024 - the pictures fit fine on this one - the other is CRT 1024 x 768 and I don't see the whole of some pictures.

17th Sep 2008, 19:22

17th Sep 2008, 19:29

Salt lake near Dealesville, Orange Free State. Not sure what the giant's watercolour palette is.

17th Sep 2008, 21:20
Took a photo of my 360' roll and the camera fell out - damned open cockpits!

20th Sep 2008, 17:42

21st Sep 2008, 05:59
my Starduster Too-

and with a good mates' Hiperbipe, all taken in BC, Canada


21st Sep 2008, 06:08
A couple from a Citabria flying from Vancouver Island to the mainland -


21st Sep 2008, 07:28

Are those registrations for real?!?!?!?!? :ok:

21st Sep 2008, 09:09
FL200 in a TB20

Final approach to Granada LEGR

Le Mans racetrack from FL100

Somewhere in Spain, FL100

Tempelhof EDDI

21st Sep 2008, 19:54 cough...$35 extra.. We just asked...

Kyprianos Biris
22nd Sep 2008, 09:03
FL200 in a TB20

Geee IO, you took the beast up to the limit :eek:
Excellent :ok:

23rd Sep 2008, 20:11
Photos: Piper PA-38-112 Tomahawk Aircraft Pictures | (

I'm rather proud of this image.

23rd Sep 2008, 20:54
That is a cracking picture Andy.

How much did you stop down for it, what other settings did you use etc?

23rd Sep 2008, 21:32
Thanks. I'm not too sure of the exact settings off the top of my head,will check when I get home. I do remember it was a very cold evening,I had my ski wear and arctic gloves on! This was one image of 5 taken whilst this aircraft conducted night circuits. I use a Canon 20D and for this shot I used a Sigma 15-30mm EX lens. Camera was tripod mounted,using the bulb setting with a remote shutter release. ISO would have been 100 and an exposure of approx 2mins but I will check that and aperture later.

Fortunately it was a very still night at the end of the runway,although as you can see from the chimney to the left there was some wind about a mile away,unfortunately there were very few stars in the sky that night.

Thanks for the comment,glad you like,I will be attempting some similar night shots in the near future.

25th Sep 2008, 10:28
Don't want to interupt these great pics - but solved the problem re viewing on my wide screen.

Took someones advice and increase the resolution - like the screen was designed for 1280 by 960 and it works.

Thanks. :ok:

30th Sep 2008, 12:25
Had a fantastic time up in Inverness last week with the Highland Flying School. I did their Advanced Handling Course which got me familiar with the PA-38 Tomahawk. Included short field takeoffs and landings, grass field operations (at the Dornoch strip), spinning, Chandelles and Lazy Eights. They booked me into a very reasonably priced B&B at nearby Ardesier (on the shores of the Moray Firth). Excellent breakfasts but best foregone on the day one does the spinning - I found out the hard way!

The day after the course finished I took one of the Tomahawks solo up to the Orkneys after a short detour over Loch Ness. At Kirkwall I found a grizzled but friendly taxi driver who took me on a two hour tour of the island.

4th Oct 2008, 23:08
more at: Trip to Austria with OK-VLA (

Pilot DAR
5th Oct 2008, 04:19
Well, I'm not sure that it's private flying, but here are some photos I took the other day on the way back from flight testing...

I don't know how to actually make them appear here, perhaps someone can offer some additional instruction...

Cheers, Pilot DAR

5th Oct 2008, 10:19
use the [ img ] and [ url ] tags but remove all the * in the tags (put there so you can see the code)


If you want to link the image as well...

[*url=] [*img]http://the_url_to_the_image.jpg[/img] [/url]

Pilot DAR
5th Oct 2008, 13:47

Let me try...

A new skill! Thanks Nibbler!

Pilot DAR

13th Oct 2008, 22:53
Took my lady as my first passenger up on a bimble to Goodwood and back last Thursday. The weather was fantastic and in spite of being extremely nervous she thoroughly enjoyed the flight. She also took some amazing photos!

Arundel castle

20th Oct 2008, 22:30
I assume there are more people reading than posting to this thread so it tends to get lost several pages into the forum. Is it possible it could have a permanent place at the beginning in the same way as Flying Videos. I personally enjoy the photos more than the videos.

Pity more people don't take the trouble to take pictures or is it that they are too shy to share them with us?

21st Oct 2008, 18:43
My son Harry & me formating on John Kelsall in a 182 before the air races in Alderney - photo by Glynn Farrar

21st Oct 2008, 21:45
Where are the wing tips???

Will Hung
22nd Oct 2008, 15:28
Where are the udders ?

Kyprianos Biris
11th Nov 2008, 12:54
I took two weeks off during the end of October to have some relaxing vacations with the wife in the islands around Tahiti; Society Islands of French Polynesia in South Pacific.

There, for 3 days I rented a PA28 from the aeroclub in Tahiti Aéroclub Les Ailes du Fenua ( and toured around Bora Bora (NTTB) and Maupiti (NTTP) before returning it back to Tahiti Faaa Intl. (NTAA) and continuing the vacations in "ground mode" !
Bora Bora NTTB
Maupiti NTTP
Tetiaroa NTTE (closed) - Marlon Brando's island
Bora Bora from the East on sunset ...
and from the west
One of the hotels we stayed in Bora Bora

Excellent experience.
GA flying there is very simple without hassles.
The views are amazing.

No PNR, No handlers, No charges, Nothing special for VFR or IFR op's.
So basically there is nothing to report :-D
All goes smooth down under there.
It's French Territory and the JAR PPL is used as if in Europe.
All ATC & Pilots talk there (even NTAA's ATIS) is in French but they talk in English (to you only as everywhere :evil: ) as soon as you call in English.

There are plenty of islands to tour around and a couple of AVGAS refueling points (NTAA & NTTR).
Most info. can be found in France's on line AIP.
SIA - La référence en information aéronautique (

Here is an online album of my flying (and some ground!) multimedia from the trip.
Enjoy :wink:
French Polynesia (

My favorite is the landing video in Maupiti NTTP.
YouTube - Maupiti landing (

11th Nov 2008, 15:50
Fantastic, Kyp!!

It is great to see that aviation thrives so much in some places.

Mike Parsons
12th Nov 2008, 19:58
pulse1 - on your glider cockpit was the electrical vario inoperative, if so 10 knots + ...were you in wave!!?

13th Nov 2008, 19:13
Me saying hello to Popham October 2008.


13th Nov 2008, 21:33
Mike Parsons - We certainly weren't in wave. As far as I remember, the lower vario was total energy. The upper one wasn't. Just after I took that photo, a 737 went past us at the same height.

6th Jan 2010, 20:34
A couple of mine:

Tupperware Pilot
7th Jan 2010, 06:41
Here are a few of mine....some air-to-air...some air-to-ground!
Air-to-Air - a set on Flickr (
If anyone would like some air-to-air of there aircraft drop me a PM...

Britain from above - a set on Flickr (

UK from the air at night... - a set on Flickr (

Tupperware Pilot
9th Jan 2010, 19:41
We found a runway that had been cleared!
UK in the snow...Jan 2010 - a set on Flickr (

9th Jan 2010, 23:09
Hey All - Here are some of mine:

Flying to Lydd (and back) (
Flying lesson 25th Aug (
Flying lesson 10th July (
Ground to ground Biggin and Headcorn (little bit of Cov) (

My favorite ones from the sets are....:
First over-head join
First time using a fuel pump - in my life - The excitement :}

Sorry they are not all that good quality I really do need to get some good aviation ones! Maybe on a rainy day :)


Edit: Thought I would add these too!

Random video that I took of my mate!

Me Feeling a little artistic!


24th Jan 2010, 18:17
Some from this weekends flying.

A very interesting large layer of grey cloud hanging over the land north of the South Coast.

Any guesses which town this may be? (Its also a VRP)

Saab Dastard
24th Jan 2010, 18:47

And you were lined up at Bembridge, I think.


24th Jan 2010, 21:26
Correct, full marks!!!

Pilot DAR
24th Jan 2010, 22:20
Last week's flying.... My 150 is more than just person transportation...

24th Jan 2010, 22:45
For some reason the pic won't insert


25th Jan 2010, 12:30
what the heck does that do ?:)

25th Jan 2010, 13:17
Pilot DAR what is that thing? ;)