View Full Version : Offshore Flight Hours

19th Aug 2004, 12:21
Wondering what the average (norm) is for a heavy IFR offshore pilot to fly in a year.


19th Aug 2004, 12:48
Scotia Line pilots are averaging 700 hrs at the moment and the work seems not to be trailing off, despite managements forcast.

Funny how they seem to keep getting it arse about face yet again.;)

The Governor
19th Aug 2004, 12:48
I'm not that heavy but I fly 600-630 hours a year offshore.

Bravo 99 (AJB)
19th Aug 2004, 15:29
On the west coast based on what i am doing at the mo i would say about 450/500ish but you average a bit less if you dont ask for more duty (flying not extra shifts)