View Full Version : Anyone know?!? (EFT related)

2nd Aug 2004, 15:37
The APP course itself costs $55,000. How much extra will I have to dig out if I want to do my distance learning at Bristol with accomodation? Because I do need to live somwhere while studying there :P My limit is $70,000 and that is basically what I'll be living on as well (food, accomodation, insurance, two round trips from USA to UK, whatever license fees I need to pay to CAA, and private consumption). Is that going to be enough? Anyone know?

2nd Aug 2004, 16:22
Check your PM!


26th Aug 2004, 14:08
THinking of doing exactly the same thing. Advantages are holding down job in UK during GndSchl to help pay for training is it worth the 500 flight?Check ur PM.