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  1. Glider from Devon ditches, pilot swims to safety
  2. Pitts Special Prices
  3. Instrument Approaches without ATC - could the CAA shift on this?
  4. Aerobatic rules in Europe/EASA
  5. Contact for BigRedKite?
  6. London Oxford (Kidlington) Airport Costs?
  7. Landing Question!
  8. East Minch
  9. Elevator-Downward or upward force?
  10. Re Validation Certificate
  11. AFSP/TSA
  12. GA in Berlin?
  13. EASA/JAR PPL confusion
  14. Aerobatic Insurance Company
  15. Angle of Attack-which cord
  16. Middle Wallop fatal aircraft crash investigated
  17. british light aircraft missing over the med
  18. Large formation Flight tomorrow 28th south coast
  19. Military Landing Fees?
  20. PPL Intensive Residential
  21. New PPL holder, confused about rules on Aircraft hire cost sharing with PAX?
  22. Aligning Class rating Revalidations Worthwhile/Necessary?
  23. EASA publishes draft IMC flight 'Opinion'
  24. Reliability of Training Aircrafts
  25. VFR Question
  26. VFR Minima vs PPL(A) priviliges
  27. Change of training direction - NPPL(M) to SSEA
  28. Ex-Military Jet Trainers
  29. Lost ppl student
  30. info for flying in Australia
  31. AERO Friedrichshafen 2013
  32. NPPL SSEA to LAPL(A) to EASA PPL, advice sought
  33. G1000 SoftKeys
  34. PPL in Hertfordshire
  35. Luton and Stansted CTR transits
  36. Rudder pedal & diff braking steering
  37. Afraid to use PPL
  38. Airfields in Hertfordshire
  39. RAF Jack plug to UK NATO Jack plug
  40. Strubby Airfield
  41. Tacho time question
  43. PPL Euro American School of Aviation (Flyeasa)
  44. Conversion Training
  45. Bug Free now ?
  46. Interesting facts for PPL holders
  47. Bendix/King KSN770
  48. Class Rating Validity - EASA Part FCL (help please!)
  49. learning to love turbulence
  50. PA28 or G115
  51. C 172 Amphibian conversion -Diesel plus Group ownership Scotland -any interest?
  52. And another one !!!!
  53. David Clark - headset purchasing 101
  54. Hello from a newbie!
  55. Pilot Fined Following Serious Infringement
  56. Have Sandtoft Airfield closed??
  57. Red tape reduction in GA? - your opportunity
  58. Loneliest cruising altitude
  59. Procedure following Heart Attack
  60. regulations & permits for sinlge landling on private properties
  61. P51 Ride
  62. Navigation "doghouse"
  63. EASA aircraft (NO TC HOLDER - ORPHAN)
  64. The landing and judging height.
  65. Now, where do we start?
  66. Sunglasses with graduated tint
  67. FAA to verify the authenticity of EASA licence, fees payable to UK CAA (AGAIN)?
  68. GA airport near Munich
  69. Seeking for suggestion of intensive PPL course
  70. Le Calais restaurant
  71. Tips for nailing a landing?
  72. Seeking Varieze and Long-EZ pilots
  73. Stall landing/Slow landing
  74. Air law exam advise needed!
  75. Old Buckenham Notam
  76. Anyone had smoke/fire in the cabin experience?
  77. NPPL(M) and new EASA LAPL - Conversion route?
  78. FAA IR School recommendations
  79. How did you justify the cost of the PPL?
  80. PPL Pa-28 vs Cessna
  81. Pipistrel Panthera
  82. Negative G help
  83. GAPAN Interviews
  84. Paid flight instruction without CPL knowledge.
  85. Altimeter and temperature
  86. Pity we do not have the balls of the French more on IR and IMCR
  87. Cessna Caravan Loch Lomond Seaplane
  88. Glider Pilots Stay Up Longer!
  89. A nice day yesterday
  90. Anyone heard of the the Popham Flying Group?
  91. Flying Microlight on PPL
  92. Strip close to Glastonbury Festival
  93. Private Licence
  94. Beginners iPad for GPS Questions (with apologies)
  95. UK ground school tuition
  96. Cross Crediting Hours
  97. Top 5 things that could knacker you up VFR touring in Europe?
  98. Photo-voltaic solar farms and aviation
  99. Pilot Errors
  100. Crp 1 calculator / app
  101. Structure of a Correct AIREP?
  102. EASA to accept FAA licences as direct equivalent
  103. Insurance and Registration
  104. Sometimes all you need is....
  105. Kick-starting your career (engineer to pilot)
  106. Newbie PPL Diary
  107. Sandtoft Kirkbride Sandtoft
  108. hello all hour building jar
  109. DA-20 cold start
  110. Church Fenton Closure
  111. Body of Pilot found in Tennesse
  112. Reduce to minimum speed
  113. San Sebastian to Jersey
  114. 28 Day (20 Flying) / 45h50m PPL(A) Completed at ANT, Blackpool
  115. Data label format for Garmin TIS display on a Garmin G500H via ARINC 429
  116. Crossed over to the dark side
  117. licensing caa
  118. Landing Fees in South of France?
  119. For those who were waiting.....
  120. IMC/ILS self practice
  121. Tower closures across the US to commence April 7
  122. PPL Revalidation - CAA charge.
  123. Flynqy
  124. Robin R2100A
  125. Logging P1
  126. Cambridge Gliding Centre Open Day
  127. Please: Suggestions for weekend flying outside of UK?
  128. Sample mortgage deed?
  129. any thoughts on cabro aviation aberdeen? and medicals
  130. Miami/Florida hour building
  131. King KR85 ADF
  132. Remove rear seat on C172, legal?
  133. Saving the IMC. Did we do enough? Can we do more?
  134. CAA/JAA/EASA Hassle: Why not do FAA PPL instead?
  135. Sywell
  136. Shoreham Landing Fees
  137. Lycoming IO360 - relationship between throttle position and fuel flow?
  139. O-470
  140. GA in Japan
  141. Help me decide what aircraft to buy.
  142. Pershore Worcestershire - Please visit
  143. Will hours I log here in france count towards a JAA ppl(h) in USA
  144. Most GA friendly country in Europe?
  145. PPL requirements confusion
  146. utterly confused over ppl medicals
  147. Which medical to go for? Class 1 or 2?
  148. Lyneham ATZ?
  149. why not make skydemon for iphone?
  150. Hopefully going to Stapleford soon
  151. How many years to get automated aircraft drones?
  152. Tim Hiett at BFC
  153. Why are NOTAMS so obscure?
  154. Question for an N reg paperwork expert
  155. Twin Crashes at Fort Lauderdale Executvie Airport
  156. Aware for iPad
  157. ATCO - PPL exemptions
  158. Air Law PPL
  159. PA28 - Replacement Clock
  160. Operating cost for PA34
  161. a moving inspiring surprise
  162. Change Of Address
  163. VFR Helicopter Trip Switzerland-Germany-Denmark-Sweden
  164. The Fall of Singapore: The Great Betrayal
  165. PPL, Theory, different countries, EASA
  166. PPL question about applying for license?? please help.
  167. Rochester Hangar
  168. sNo problem, sNow problem at all
  169. From EU to China
  170. Seeking pilot to share sub-Saharan adventure!
  171. GA in an independent Scotland
  172. Airfields in the UK with a Spa
  173. Duxford Safety Day 13th April 2013
  174. Rant time
  175. PPL Theory app?
  176. Software replacement for VFR flight charts, planning etc
  177. Skydemon cessna150 profile
  178. Allowing Ratings to Expire.
  179. HIRTA's ??
  180. Hour Building USA
  181. Taking the next step !!
  182. PPL Prescription sunglasses.
  183. Looking for an FAA instructor North WesT England for BFR
  184. Whitby musings
  185. what is the most economical piston (single/twin) aircraft
  186. Pressure Breathing
  187. What's viewed as "Mandatory" maintenance on EASA reg GA aircraft?
  188. Proposed Withdrawal of Cranfield VOR (CFD)
  189. Disabled pilots
  190. Navigation flying and the Triangle of Velocities
  191. Flying Solo - Why the 4th time is harder than the 1st
  192. EASA differences training by non-EASA flight instructor
  193. Medical Question
  194. Air Traffic Control Nightmare
  195. Disabled Passngers
  196. Skydemon For IPad.
  197. Guam to Jacksonville - non stop!
  198. how far would you travel for a share?
  199. How much to run an aircraft
  200. Now this looks like fun and economical flying
  201. Beautify yourself, company coming up !
  202. looking for resident glider tug pilot position 2013
  203. Rental in Dallas area
  204. IR(R) -
  205. Radio Problems
  206. things you can get away with. ....
  207. GA Hangarage
  208. 100 Burger
  209. spreadsheet for syndicate accounts
  210. Busy airspace has the Commander flustered!
  211. Noisy Cockpit Environment - Intercom/Radio
  212. P210 Training
  213. PPL courses ........ FREE!
  214. Best international airport, NE Spain, S France?
  215. Holiday homes with an airstrip/aerodrome
  216. Paramotor?
  217. Training in ATO of another country
  218. TMG rating with EASA PPL
  219. Air Law Exam.
  220. Bolkow Junior
  221. Survey: Pilot Weather Related Decision Making
  222. Guild of Air Pilots: 2013 Gliding Course Scholarship
  223. Computer simulation - flight physics
  224. Carry on with aircraft ppl or switch to microlights?
  225. Hour Building-Europe
  226. ebay
  227. Is a kit aircraft cheaper to maintain?
  228. Cessna
  229. Kirkbride
  230. Student Solo Taxiing
  231. MET Study
  232. Yorkshire/Northern England places to get licence
  233. Gliders & Parachutes
  234. "Anyone can fly it"
  235. Runways... we don't need runways.
  236. Recording audio using Bose headset & smartphone
  237. O.M.I. Markers... where?
  238. newbie needing advice
  239. Socata TB20/21 vs. Mooney 201J/252 vs. Beechcraft Bonanza V35
  240. HASELL
  241. Peak Performance for Aerobatics
  242. Knee Board For Ipad Mini
  243. please explain this one
  244. A damn nuisance to themselves and everyone else in the air
  245. Which ground school subject first?
  246. P-51 XR
  247. Only in Russia...
  248. cheapest way to build hours
  249. Which flying school?
  250. Woman with no arms is a pilot