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  1. SAR Not a Walt!
  2. Hawk
  3. Ex RAF spirit medium
  4. You better hurry, this might not be available in a few weeks
  5. Ex Red Arrow wanted:-
  6. Pension post 16/38 point
  7. Reunion Planned for First RAF Tucano Course
  8. US Army To Cut Three Aviation Brigades
  9. 75% Scale Tucano Anyone?
  10. Russiia new Helicopter Carrier the Vladivostok
  11. That type of buoy is?
  12. The ultimate selfie
  13. Female SAR Winchman wins award
  14. Great tale
  15. Egg banjos bounced by sarnie barmy army
  16. Lost Memory Bracelet....Lost, Found, Returned!
  17. Onward Christian Soldier
  18. Bae hawk solo display pilots 1980-1994.
  19. crew height and buttock/knee measurement
  20. Falklands war documentary, on tonight 8pm
  21. 92 Sqn relive their past
  22. 234 Squadron Aircrew re-union
  23. AVM Sean Bell Vs Mr Keith Moon.
  24. Bob Gates Vs USAF....Who Was Right?
  25. Prune adverts
  26. William Hague at Northolt
  27. A-10 spotted in Dorset 1 March 2014
  28. Coastal Command
  29. SAR Walt?
  30. You Are In A Pub Eating Dinner.....
  31. RAF Fast-Jet Combat Squadrons - 80% Reduction Since Gulf War I
  32. Squadron Leader Billy Drake DSO, DFC and Bar
  33. Equitable Life
  34. Fascinating breakdown of MoD spending
  35. ROKAF retires the world's last frontline RF-4Cs...
  36. Question for the Lightning guys
  37. USS Somerset.
  38. Modified J-20 seen being prepared for maiden test flight - Janes
  39. Funny aviation websites
  40. Instrument approach question - one for the IREs!
  41. Some well deserved Pave Hawk crew awards
  42. Harrier GR3s at Maple Flag
  43. Wessex Helicopter Restoration Project
  44. Pssst, can someone enlighten BAe, it goes the other way up
  45. Buccaneer Rollout
  46. No more FTC(A)?
  47. Berlin Wall
  48. Max Hastings BBC2 First World War.
  49. Air Combat Drones
  50. Night Bombers
  51. Interesting Horizon programme on decision-making
  52. Flt Lt E F (Eddy) Smeeth
  53. USAF to cut another jet?
  54. Stealthy super Hornet
  55. In highest tradition
  56. Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum (CWHM) Lancaster to visit BBMF
  57. Droning on!
  58. There is a Wessex flying in the UK again
  59. Why are the Kiwis buying T6 Texan IIs?
  60. Honourable Company of Air Pilots
  61. 1982 Task Force Question
  62. Lightning display
  63. Military 'may have to abandon flood-prone bases'
  64. Andy Leitch (Vulcans)
  65. F-35B Bulkhead Cracks Found on Stress Test
  66. Libyan military plane crashes in Tunisia
  67. Germans Cancel Eurofighter Order
  68. Australian Goverment approves RAAF P-8 acquisition
  69. Ukraine Crisis 2014
  70. Fleet Air Arm - Direct Entry Aircrew
  71. Bastion disposals..
  72. Needing help I am out of my depth
  73. Sean Conolly - Artist?
  74. Where's the base flying safety officer?
  75. Time For Wall To Wall Counseling!
  76. Can You help us locate one of these for our VULCAN
  77. Mel Shipsides - RIP
  78. Barry Neal RIP
  79. Rat packs of the world
  80. Civvy flying mil aircraft
  81. Fitting tribute to two lost US airman
  82. F-15 video
  83. Ex Valiant Reunion at Newark Air Museum
  84. Guards on Parade!
  85. Future Russian Yak-130 aerobatic team will use 12 planes
  86. QRA Office Hours...
  87. Military Port to be built in Hong Kong
  88. SPVA Forecast
  89. Buccaneer ZU-BCR Thundercity
  90. USMC Aviator receives British DFC
  91. Status of Journalists and the Geneva Convention
  92. Anyone got any hours on Gazelle ZB688?
  93. The future of fitness testing.
  94. 5 Sqn Sentinal mapping floods
  95. Don't Criticize the USMC Commandant!
  96. Brevity Codes
  97. RAF Tucano 2014 Display Scheme
  98. Gunship Osprey
  99. Buttons vs text
  100. Seeking Black Buck Vulcan Crew members and other Falklands pilots
  101. C-27J as COD
  102. Jets Flying over Essex
  103. Funeral Help Wanted - Death of an RAF Veteran with no Family or Friends
  104. USAF change AAR
  105. Hats, Caps, and Badges.....It Gets Complicated!
  106. C-9B Skytrain as COD
  107. Armed Forces Pay Review Board 2014
  108. Fokker F-28 as COD
  109. Algerian military C-130 down
  110. MPs not holding back - MoD Annual Report.
  111. Wg Cdr Geoff Amor OBE RAF(Ret'd)
  112. Voyager Plummets (Merged)
  113., not that kind.
  114. Apocryphal Tales
  115. RAF pilot eyesight
  116. Tri Star bowing out.
  117. Cold war special forces jumped with backpack nukes
  118. NEM
  119. 71
  120. Towing Aircraft
  121. Why wasn't Nimrod based in Falklands?
  122. Support for mil
  123. U-2 pilots - high alt - white brain lesions
  124. What's the future of the Red Arrows?
  125. Israel testing unmanned air ambulance drones for the military
  126. 16 squadron (RAF) Germany Late 1950s
  127. RAF Red Flag 14-1
  128. Select Star and Combat Ready Select Crews
  129. Difference between Taranis and nEUROn
  130. Will anybody ever become an ace again?
  131. Achtung Typhoon!
  132. A Family needs a bit of help.
  134. I'm not sure appreciated quite how much Saudi Arabia bought from BAES...
  135. Scones, Cream and Hawk flying?
  136. Saluting or waving?
  137. Courage
  138. Britain's last pristine Spitfire station.
  139. War with Russia next?
  140. Any ex Raf members serve in Oman? Please read
  141. Silly Assed Beer Commercial....Not!
  142. Sqn Ldr Colin Hyder - RIP
  143. FJ Pilots Obsolete and soon to be Redundant?
  144. No.2 Flying Training School (No. 2 FTS) Reforms
  145. This Date.....1945....Cabanatuan Rescue of POW's
  146. Your best moment in the military.
  147. Russia testing new cruise missile and not holding their end of the bargain
  148. Times have changed!
  149. Farewell 617 Sqn (for now...)
  150. Weirdness accessing this forum.
  151. Ripping Yarns : ACM Sport of Kings
  152. Iraq requests six AH-64
  153. Long term road closures affecting MMA
  154. posthumous VC wanted for 14-18 hero
  155. Touch A Name!
  156. Drone down
  157. New FTRS Post @ Waddington
  158. Eject from a CT-156 Harvard II ???
  159. Someone Turned a Quadcopter Into a Flying Missile Launcher
  160. British, Australian jets arrive for Red Flag workout
  161. Flt Lt (Retd) Simon 'Bean' Broadway
  162. Discipline: Can you pass the test?
  164. What Was That
  165. RNZAF to get T-6C
  166. Cause for ALARM?
  167. AAC to consider smaller / surrogate training RW platform?
  168. The Night it Rained Meteors
  169. Questions on F35 and P8 capabilities
  170. 0'clock position question
  171. Air strike Somalia
  172. CAA Safety Notice Ref Heavy/Heavy wake turbulence
  173. Buccaneer Day
  174. Russian carrier ops
  175. Missed the boat-UK Armed Forces unfit for purpose 2020
  176. Moose Jaw Harvard II Ejection, crew OK
  177. Congratulations on the New Chinook rocket pod fit.
  178. AAC want the new Apache AH-64E
  179. Army National Guard aviation restructuring loss of airframes
  180. P8-A is the new MRA4
  181. FI(A) Revalidation - CFS?
  182. surrendering or defecting
  183. Davos. Whom do you serve?
  184. Anti RAF Propaganda : The Times : Letters Page
  185. Loudest military aircraft?
  186. The Combat Shadow's last ride
  187. Mach loop VFR?
  188. Update on Sgt Anderson's redundancy just before his immediate pension point
  189. Mach Loop - Sim video
  190. Captain Ralph Kohn
  191. £5800 worth of viagra stolen from RAF Mahram
  192. Ossie Ardiles involved in car accident in Falkland Islands
  193. US Marine Corps aboard new UK carriers !
  194. RAF receives first three Chinook HC.6s...
  195. Advocating RAFAT trip to New Zealand.
  196. LtGen Hal Moore-Failing Health
  197. AFPS15 OTE, Anybody going to return the form?
  198. Health & Safety Hi Viz Nonsense!
  199. AIM-54 and Phantom tests?
  200. “to fly is heavenly but to hover is divine”
  201. 160th SOAR Blackhawk Crash-Hunter AAF
  202. Harry quits flying
  203. German Tornado crashes, no fatalities
  204. Testing NBC Kit
  205. Irish citizen
  206. Ian Weaver - Blue Badge
  207. Above inflation pay rise.
  208. Cameron dismisses US warning on defence capability
  209. US Navy F/A-18E down...
  210. China Tests Hypersonic Glide Vehicle
  211. Laser thugs target Medevac flights
  212. Drugs and cheating in USAF ICBM force (merged)
  213. UK Maritime Patrol Aircraft - An Urgent Requirement
  214. Puma Overhead Towcester 10:25 15 January
  215. The Tax Man Cometh....
  216. XS452 Airborne again in South Africa (EE Lightning)
  217. Great video on carrier ops
  218. All aircraft maintenance engineers. Please help me with my AME survey!
  219. Dieppe Raid Documentary
  220. Last RAF Kinloss Nimrod named ‘Duke of Edinburgh’
  221. Ministry of Defence pays 80 officials more than £100,000
  222. AVM Sir Peter Harding
  223. Central Band of the RAF and 'The Dambusters March'
  224. Altimeter settings when in Combat?
  225. Amiens Raid 70th Anniversary
  226. Senior Officers and UK Senior politicians may face accusations from Iraqi prisoners.
  227. US Navy Aviation-WWII Chronology
  228. WE177 incident at RAF Bruggen
  229. VG SpaceShipTwo Test Flight
  230. Phantom ejection seat and pilot survial equipment.
  231. Small museums, individual displays
  232. Ascent UK MFTS
  233. Flt Lt Mike Telford
  234. Compare and contrast, 2014 dogfighters
  235. Next Time You Consider Your Retirement Pay!
  236. Time to scramble - RAF F4s on QRA
  237. MANPADS. Why?
  238. Flt. Lt. Sean Cunningham inquest
  239. RAF Odiham Contact
  240. Frecce Tricolori & commercial
  241. Gary Wetzel- Medal of Honor
  242. US CH-53E Down Off Norfolk, VA
  243. Search for Jon Webb, Chivenor, late 80s
  244. What brought down Thunder 21
  245. US Thunderbirds FULL display
  246. Gabriele d’Annunzio
  247. Are politicians finally beginning to 'get it'?
  248. US Pave Hawk down
  249. TSR 2 talk
  250. RAF recruitment