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  1. HMS Coventry 1982
  2. HMS Coventry 1982
  3. Number 1 for xmas?
  4. Thanksgiving....Where Will You Be This Year?
  5. Spitfire 944
  6. Organising a flying competition
  7. Repurposed mil aircraft w/pics
  8. RAAF C130H off to new home
  9. RAF Air Engineer Branch
  10. Mustang P51 Combat Flaps
  11. Possible 9th C-17 for the RAF?
  12. Air Chief Marshal Sir Jock Kennedy - RIP Sir
  13. East China Sea ADIZ
  14. F-16 meets SAM over the Balkans, 1999
  15. There are some bum jobs ...
  16. Females can not march like men....
  17. Civvy guards to go
  18. Pardo's push
  19. Lancaster found.
  20. Possible help?
  21. Question for Ex MPA Dry men please
  22. Puma Reunion - 2013
  23. Chinese Taranis/Neuron
  24. MOD Hardware : Annual Statistics : April 2013
  25. 'We need more wars'
  26. New opportunity to give 4 years service for nothing
  27. Gibraltar
  28. 56 (F) Squadron, RAF Wattisham -1992
  29. US Navy debuts the P-8A Poseidon at the Dubai Air Show
  30. Maj ANTONI TOMICZEK CV late of 1586 Special Duties Flight
  31. MT big brother AKA Trimble
  32. Royal Navy Pilot Flying High With Raf Typhoon Squadron
  33. GoCo NoGo?
  34. Women In Combat-Lowered Standards A Threat?
  35. Are the Army more competative?
  36. 48 Sqn' RAF 2014 reunion
  37. BZZ
  38. Excuse my ignorance
  39. CAA consultation licensing and it includes Service experience
  40. Need Ideas for Christmas for an Aviation-Mad 13-17 year old?
  41. Identification of this Pilot - is it HRH Duke of York or not?
  42. Time lapse of every nuclear explosion ever undertaken.
  43. Digital Mil Aviation Artwork
  44. Another drone down.....
  45. Are you older than your Squadron number?
  46. Happy 40th Birthday Bulldog XX553, ULAS '07'
  47. Terminal Grant and Interest Only Mortgages
  48. Royal Air Force: 100th.' Birthday?
  49. Finnish Hawk midair collision 13/11/2013
  50. Can anyone help??
  51. Cold War Jet Photoshoot this weekend
  52. Kicked out of school for wearing ATC uniform
  53. Tristars to be scrapped at Raf Scampton
  54. Unconventional Warfare: The Missing Link in the Future of Land Operations
  55. Undue Deference to Senior Officers
  56. Aircrew knife - HELP!!
  57. RAF AT to the Philippines?
  58. Pictures of SAR flare path?
  59. Travel Claims - Where to Draw the Line?
  60. Substitute Marine A for Pilot A.
  61. Whoops - Dutch F-16 pilot strafes range control tower
  62. Contrasts on Remembrance day
  63. Should CDS be Dismissed?
  64. A Remembrance Story
  65. Interesting article re Spitfires and photos
  66. China: First display of J-15 from carrier
  67. New USN Carrier USS Gerald R Ford
  68. Remembrance Protocol
  69. Displaced ILS question
  70. Sea Venom
  71. Failed aylum seeker learning to fly
  72. Request for help
  73. RAF Uniform - Remembrance Day
  74. Any Takers
  75. Sqn Ldr Tony Iveson RIP
  76. As the Air Eng's are having a reunion, help needed for a daughter.
  77. Do the current generation of Senior FAA Officers lack something?
  78. Major Terence Joseph Patrick Murphy RM - RIP
  79. Saudi Nuclear Weapons
  80. Guardian intelligence oxymoron
  81. Reluctant Paratroopers!
  82. Canberra PR9 - XH134
  83. Warfighters
  84. Drones on the QEII Class Cariiers ??
  85. Should we buy British?
  86. JSM Fits Super Hornet AND F-35A for RAAF?
  87. Report of HS125 shot down in Venezuela
  88. Military Pension - Forced Redundancy Days Before Entitlement
  89. No 5 Facing Silk
  90. The Best and Worst Postings in the RAF
  91. Royal Navy new carrier trials, someone's barking mad
  92. Cold War, Hot Jets BBC2 2100 Friday
  93. Re-writing History?
  94. RAFSE(S)A 'Squippers Association'
  95. Have Doughnut
  96. 115 Sqn Association
  97. Ratio of Air Marshals, Air Commodores and Group Captains in the RAF
  98. Quote: "How a war game brought the world to the brink of nuclear disaster"
  99. FG.1/FGR.2/F-4J(UK) yellow triangles question...
  100. Royal Navy : Barracuda DP872 Restoration
  101. US Army Budget Cuts Cause Change In Pre-Deployment Training
  102. Gizza job.
  103. MoD lawyers soar
  104. Apache helicopters over London 1/11/2013
  105. Bristol Beaufighter sad news.
  106. Could civilian AAR ever happen?
  107. Highest casualty rate in any conflict?
  108. Brian Trubshaw's logbooks for sale
  109. Yank Spitfire 1944
  110. Bit of good news from the GA forum
  111. SR-71 replacement
  112. It isn't what you know..
  113. Chinooks 20 ft above my house - West Sussex
  114. Airmen's Club RAF Coningsby
  115. Spitfire over Cottesmore just now..
  116. That 32 Squadron HS.125 damaged by hail-storm at Kandahar, Afghanistan...
  117. Ageing Choppers Near Disaster Over Glastonbury
  118. Tornado GR.1 auto-land question...
  119. Congress to Honour Winston Churchill
  120. 20 years ago!
  121. Wartime ELG?
  122. Question on WW2 night interception
  123. UK, French air forces hail success of Capable Eagle
  124. Wellington T.XIX
  125. An insult to all
  126. S-3 Viking reborn?
  127. Latest PsyOps Anti Piracy weapon : Britney
  128. RAF Photographer of the Year
  129. Historic colour film about WW2 night bombing
  130. RAF Oban and the Sunderland
  131. Now that's a BOMB !
  132. NATO competitions during the cold war
  133. Herc Near Miss in South Africa
  134. Terrorist and enemy military threat from microdrones and UAV.
  135. IMAX Red Flag Fighter Pilot Film
  136. French AAR
  137. What Makes the red Arrows Such An Effective team?
  138. Pilotless military
  139. Taranis flies
  140. F/A 18 Crash
  141. 2 blade Huey
  142. John Oliver (Jo) Lancaster DFC - Ejector Seat
  143. Drinking, driving and flying
  144. Al R
  145. Just Culture
  146. Submarine collision...odds?
  147. Death of a warrior.
  148. OCU Ab Initio Pilot Training
  149. TSR-2 Files
  150. Lt Cdr Timothy J Barker RN, 771 Naval Air Squadron
  151. Pensions Calculator, Pensions Advice ref 16/38 point
  152. Some nice aircraft pictures
  153. RAF film "Wing to Wing"
  154. Jaguar and Harrrier GR on ITV4 now The New Avengers
  155. Swiss F/A-18D Hornet crash
  156. Terrorist Plaque NI
  157. Flying Doctors
  158. XV202 Gibraltar 2011 [Pic Heavy]
  159. A400M vs Belfast
  160. Question about Eurofighter Typhoon
  161. Ouch, this has got to hurt, feats they thought they'd never walk away from.
  162. Chivalry in WW1
  163. Secrecy...outdated concept?
  164. A Quick Pose at Deptford Down
  165. Blue Angels and Thunderbirds resumed demonstrations
  166. UK Air Force Retire its C-130Ks
  167. XV295
  168. Firemen to get better pension terms than Military.
  169. Hunter blue note
  170. MoD holding files
  171. MOD Ambushed
  172. Good HD video of F14, no TOPGUN involved!
  173. Ranger Hargis
  174. Cranwell Flypast
  175. WWI Airfield Stow Maries To Be Restored
  176. Treble One Teddy Boy
  177. Cloning the Longbow?
  178. England Vs Poland tonight.. solidarność.
  179. CPI inflation rate for September announced.
  180. RAF says bravo for going that extra mile
  181. Unwelcome visitors
  182. Will CVFs Miss Gangnam Style?
  183. Want a good laugh ?
  184. More flak for defence sec!
  185. survival skills
  186. US sacks nuclear missiles General Michael Carey
  188. Flying finished at Gutersloh
  189. US Navy SEAL's Have Math Problems
  190. Scott Carpenter
  191. Bluestars....48th AHC and Lam Son 719
  192. "I Am Still Here!"
  193. How low can you go
  194. US takes delivery of BRAND NEW Spartan C-27J fleet straight to the boneyard
  195. AF-1B Skyhawk Brazilian Navy Rollout Video
  196. Another great escape for Valley Hawk crew!
  197. Jeremy Paxman is concerned.
  198. Afghanistan imploding again
  199. I'm sure this will give some of you Stick Monkeys a Laugh
  200. Excellence sense of humour.
  201. Royal Flush 1968
  202. going to war with the modern dambusters - any good?
  203. Prince Harry looked superb today in Sydney
  204. Cool pic. If you squint....
  205. One of your adversaries is missing...(merged)
  206. Operational Honours and Awards List : October 2013
  207. RAF Wildenrath these days (photos)
  208. WW3 Battle of Britain
  209. sea king down at yeovilton
  210. POB increased to 8
  211. Argentina buys Mirage F1s
  212. October's desktop calendar
  213. CAPT David Ramsay RAN Biography Notes PDF (ex-A4G/SHAR pilot)
  214. Jim Lovell honoured by the Guild of Air Pilots (now incl photographs)
  215. Road sign prize?
  216. Brave ATC cadet has leg amputated.
  217. Dave "Soaks" Oakley
  218. The man who keeps a Harrier in his garden
  219. HAS site at Boscombe Down
  220. 84sqn griffens
  221. Strategic Air Command - Film
  222. Two Generals now looking for employment.
  223. Looking for advice: ex Jaguar GR1(a) pilots/maint.
  224. What were they thinking !!!!!
  225. Noise at Brize Norton
  226. No.228 (Javelin) OCU, RAF Leuchars
  227. Flight Lieutenant Alistair 'Al' Graham sadly passed away
  228. Tories remove Army cuts protesters from conference hall
  229. IA Half-wing question
  230. Lightning crash
  231. 29 Squadron 1953
  232. New Zealand NH90 hit by lightening
  233. GR4 looses half a wing tank arriving at Malta show
  234. Loan to buy house for Military
  235. How the Military and RAF are perceived by the general public
  236. You don't need a SWO or RSM - you just need a good officer like this....
  237. - MLAT feeds
  238. Italian Tornado at TTTE - Wheels Up "Incident"
  239. Man's best friend
  240. 112 Signals Unit, Stornoway, I.o.Lewis
  241. The US Army At Its Worst!
  242. RAF Bicester
  243. The things you see in fields...
  244. The day the Music finally ended.. Bruntingthorpe 2013
  245. Central Flying School Top Hat Trophy
  246. F16 Drone Thread (merged twice)
  247. Ex-MALM Ken Gorham - RIP
  248. Commander Giles Binney RN
  249. Breaking News!!
  250. Another aircraft down in Oman