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  1. Funny
  2. Footbal Teams and GEOGRAPHY
  3. How do you stop shoes smelling ... of smoke?
  4. Setting up a new telly??? Help!!
  5. Caution, May contain nuts........
  6. Tennis: it's Aussie Open time!
  7. One for the telemarketers
  8. Why jumpseating stopped, post 9/11
  9. Will the sleazy slimeball intervene?
  10. Nigerian minister complains
  11. Bomber Command Campaign Medal
  12. How good is icecream?
  13. JetBlast Challenge (aka HELP!)
  14. Police protect escaped murderers' identity.
  15. Taking the p*ss
  16. Bush's Big Plans for the new year...fizzle....fizzle...
  17. He shouldn't have been there
  18. Double Caption "Competition"
  19. Sailing Mike
  20. A Bit of Toilet humour for JetStar and Qantas colleagues
  21. Latest Royal Navy TV ad
  22. More articulate than some JBers, perhaps?
  23. What I'd Really Like to Do
  24. Controller's stuck mic on Vancouver ATC
  25. Silly but fun !!
  26. Dutch peacekeepers of Srebrenica given award, Muslims angry
  27. Australian flying training video spoof on TV?
  28. Grammar of numbers?
  29. Rosters of dads-to-be
  30. Pay ???
  31. We whinge but is it just us?
  32. The Police to tour again?
  33. We asked a minister to comment but...
  34. London Congestion Charge Thieves..
  35. Wish I'd thought of this name
  36. Slowing speeding motorists...
  37. I want one of these
  38. Promession
  39. Very brave or a very stupid cameraman?
  40. Oh dear, he is at it again.
  41. Operation postponed with 24 hours to go
  42. Foster Brooks as an Airline Pilot
  43. Railway fatality and modern British attitude
  44. Adverts-What makes you sit up and take notice
  45. Where are the Knoteatingham scrolls etc?
  46. Todays Mystery Object
  47. Uniform Stitching
  48. Lonely hearts
  49. Police misconduct hearings to be opened to the public
  50. You're up at 3am and feeling a bit peckish
  51. Fast and Loose
  52. So, being selfish, how will my family and I benefit...
  53. Mind reader
  54. Jethro Tull
  55. Aviation Jokes
  56. Flying saucer fails to land at O'Hare
  57. 'UFO' spooks pilots over Chicago
  58. Lost at 35,000ft...? 737-400 is missing
  59. Another child tragically mauled to death by a dog
  60. Fags and Tobacco
  61. Robin Hood [BBC VERSION]
  62. Young Women's Croak
  63. Naseem'd A Bit Harsh To Me!
  64. The nerdy baggage debate
  65. Happy New Year!
  66. Better Music Back Then
  67. Happy New Year:
  68. NOW I know why people get pi$$3d for New Year.
  69. 80's Pop Quiz
  70. If you get bored or need some mental exercise.
  71. ...but remember, it's called "How NOT to do it"
  72. Quotes for the New Year
  73. Predictions for 2017
  74. Childish, yet funny to sad duffers like us registrations
  75. New Years
  76. Why Sofas?
  77. Facinating clip!!
  78. Most infamous/stupid of 2006
  79. PPrune Honours List
  80. Can anyone translate this ebay feedback?
  81. Xmas Hampers
  82. Anyone done Highway 66?
  83. Round or flat?
  84. Song mysteries, Part 3 - "Sweet Home Alabama”
  85. Song mysteries, Part 1 - "Let It Be"...
  86. What is it about Aviation??
  87. rolex gmt 2
  88. Funniest Arctic Bush Fying
  89. Wii 1 - TV - 0
  90. Weird Science
  91. Liverpool. Dump
  92. Internet Shopping
  93. Can moderators read pm's
  94. Stupidity knows no bounds
  95. More of a mountain than a mole
  96. What do journalists know about meteorology?
  97. Ryan Air lose claim (apparently)
  98. The Police Even Do Themselves!!
  99. Why does the ice sing?
  100. New Year Resolutions
  101. Boeing 797
  102. Air Conditioning and Headaches
  103. Another RIP OFF
  104. It's an honour
  105. Should President Blair be allowed leave office with the Iraq situation unresolved?
  106. The Final Payment.... (Merged)
  107. Thank you BA
  108. How does one qualify as a Grumpy Old Man or Woman?
  109. It's my pleasure
  110. Am I the only one fed up with stupid threads (other than those in Jet Blast)?
  111. Political Party
  112. Australian Redgum Band, I was only 19 song question
  113. Ethiopia - Somalia vs. Jihad
  114. What do you do with a leftover turkey
  115. When animals will rule the world.
  116. Saddam Hussein
  117. More Great Reporting
  118. President Ford
  119. Where TF is Colmac?
  120. Our kids accomplishments...
  121. Snobs+yobs Do we need them?
  122. Hi from India
  123. In-car dehumidifier?
  124. Mate of mine is ADAMANT theres loads of jobs out there
  125. Sydney to Hobart
  126. Cars. This has to be seen to be believed
  127. D.O.R.
  128. Intoxicated Posting
  129. Is it LEGAL?
  130. Speed Camera Causes Increase in Accidents
  131. The lady in the satnav
  132. NOW I understand why opera is so popular
  133. Top tea drinking related tip
  134. Resolutions for the Year 2007
  135. THE KILLING ZONE by Paul A. Craig...
  136. EgyptAir
  137. So farewell then, James Brown
  138. Department Store Pecking Order
  139. How many Dukes?
  140. Have a great Christmas PPRuNer's everywhere
  141. Alcohol rationing ---the latest from guess who
  142. A blog about car A/C
  143. Music quiz 652
  144. Seasons Greetings To All Of You!!
  145. An obvious New Year's Resolution coming..
  146. Santa's request form
  147. His boomerang won't come back
  148. Quality inn Orlando intl DO NOT GO!
  149. Sainsburys and a Happy Christmas
  150. Microsoft Flight Simulator....Wow.
  151. Mark or Matt.Who did YOU think should have won?
  152. What's in a name?
  153. New Years Honours List
  154. Howlers and the Americanisation of the BBC and other UK media
  155. Schooling In England (Oxford)
  156. Comedy Duo Question (Help!)...
  157. Just what does it take to appear suspicious at an airport?
  158. Petition to revoke the independence of the United States of America
  159. Merry Christmas
  160. RIP Santa
  161. Happy Holidays~
  162. Road Pricing- Petition the PM
  163. Its Panto time,....... anyone got any Cindarella jokes going?
  164. Decent Air Lines
  165. Excuses, Excuses...
  166. WHY do people try to sing if they... just can't?!
  167. Jokes with a Christmas theme.
  168. Ripoff Garage - Any Advice?
  169. Traffic Police making the Roads "Safer"
  170. it's a job
  171. Best Christmas present as a child.
  172. Thursday/Christmas joke
  173. Speed Cameras
  174. Saparmurat Nijasov Checks Out
  175. Rant about smug annoying g!ts who are better than everyone else
  176. Limited Xmas wishes
  177. Christmas Music
  178. Lockerbie 21 Dec 1988
  179. Christmas On The Moon
  180. WTFIT???
  181. Happy Pet Coupon
  182. Good motoring news from Somerset!
  183. What time do you knock off for Christmas?
  184. Good Service/Bad Service
  185. Merry Christmas
  186. Rear fog lights
  187. Swiss Airbus Captain aka Jet-Man Flies with Strap-on Wings
  188. We're worth every penny!
  189. Lordly behaviour??
  190. A rant about traffic police
  191. Customer Support
  192. It fell of the back of a lorry, guv...
  193. Fog Ahoy!!!!
  194. Talking to strangers
  195. Never use a mobile phone in the bathroom (part two)
  196. Tracking Santa anyone?
  197. One for the Ornithologists
  198. Iran Drops Dollar for Euro
  199. Zen and the art of cheese making
  200. Man gets airport in sisters veil!
  201. Club class people smuggling
  202. Shane Warne retires
  203. High Speed Trains
  204. Funeral Pace
  205. Identity fraud
  206. Green energy
  207. "Vunnerable"
  208. Sad sexual problem
  209. Jobsworths
  210. opposed to "rediculous"
  211. The Precautionary Principle
  212. Christmas fitness program .....
  213. Speeding ticket
  214. Jordanian Optica ?
  215. It's absolutely ridiculous
  216. Extended warranty on your electrical purchases???
  217. PFLsAgain
  218. No media coverage Zones
  219. What the **** is wrong with Gordon Browns mouth?
  220. Question for Con-Pilot
  221. Cough up...
  222. Can You Park?
  223. Uses of the parachute
  224. Christmas wish
  225. How gay is this?
  226. Is Blair on the run?
  227. Laugh, I was on the floor!!!
  228. Schiphol
  229. Have we finally lost our senses and surrendered to the pc *$&$"£%%£"s
  230. It's a Dogs life 8
  231. Music quiz 651
  232. We dont actually need more police
  233. .org - wonderful at work!
  234. Concern For Fellow Prooners This Christmastide
  235. Croydon, town of Winners
  236. The Official JetBlast You Tube thread
  237. Tribute to Don Rumsfeld. Longest Serving SecDef
  238. B'lated Friday Joke Thread and Xmas Joke Thread
  239. Can you trust your pilot. :)
  240. Iodine One is off to buy some seaweed.
  241. Great video!
  242. Gin Rip Off
  243. What you doing for Christma
  244. Vacancy for a ship's cat?
  245. Allegedly true
  246. Dubya
  247. The Fright Before Xmas
  248. I don't think that was what she meant
  249. Student Deposits Semen in Cafeteria Condiment
  250. Sell-by Dates