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  1. Top twenty songs of all time
  2. Christmas Presents that make you want to go Aggggggh
  3. Happy Christmas
  4. Pprune on Christmas Day!
  5. Monday Jokes...
  6. RIP Oscar
  7. From Tech Chick and Ex Sim
  8. Post a Picture of your car thread
  9. Pressie for a chav idea's
  10. POST OFFICE When is it open next
  11. Klingon cloaking device - a reality coming soon?
  12. Does this worry anyone?
  13. Dr. Who on Chrimbo Day
  14. It's been 14 years since I went to the fliks...until tonight.
  15. Goats sacrificed to fix Nepal jet
  16. Frozen Veg
  17. Top Gear - last in the series
  18. Winning
  19. Your Favourite Poems
  20. Man gets tasered on Jet blue flight
  21. Is saying Brace all the time needed
  22. Iron maiden tour 2008
  23. Etymology
  24. bashing
  25. Is the Queen cool..??
  26. Mr Pun VC
  27. The Last Neutral British Broadsheet?
  28. incompetence
  29. BBC - The Real Hustle
  30. Poll: Causes of untimely death?
  31. UK to be the 51st state of the USA?
  32. Easter Eggs Spotted......
  33. Can I have a Swiss Bank account? - I've had it with HMRC!
  34. Mysterious space machines overhead
  35. Cultural Differences
  36. Letter to FAA
  37. Attention fellow Scotch drinkers.
  38. Import our politicians?
  39. 'Tis the Saturday before Christmas
  40. Headlines that write themselves - 'Hot Rod' Penis Photo Lands...
  41. Time spent playing solitaire
  42. Where's the airport ? - Captions wanted
  43. Carling "Belong" Ads
  44. I hope ATC are given notice of this
  45. No names No pack drill - Bl@@dy good show
  46. £5.10 to get into Wales!
  47. New tax on a/c emissions on the way
  48. Hong Kong, Ebay and the customs man.
  49. Booklet Christmas Carols For The Mentally Disturbed
  50. You Barstewards!!!!
  51. Criminalise prostitution.
  52. Invent a Christmas Word (Or two)
  53. The new 'What I'm reading' thread
  54. What's going on in Iran...???
  55. Fortune'd 101 Dumbest moments in business
  56. Great video about chavs
  57. Go ELF Yourself !!! Its great..
  58. Sensible quotes
  59. Oh God, The British Have Invaded Again!
  60. Should we import terrorists?
  61. Rant 2
  62. A Merry Christmas
  63. Rant 1
  64. US Navy
  65. Not in New Delhi, you say?
  66. Eat your muffin and remove temptation
  67. Winter bank holiday greetings to all....
  68. Any Middle of the Road fans out there?
  69. Pat Metheny fans unite!
  70. A sucker for an engine:
  71. For all you mathmaticians out there!!
  72. Australia - 'Steady as she (successfully) goes' or a Republic?
  73. What it's all been leading to - THE ULTIMATE Christmas carols for fish'n'chip lovers
  74. Farm animals-pun thread.
  75. Drug dealers try to shoot down Santa Claus
  76. Candidate for invention of the year?
  77. Porn, tenants & sweet revenge...
  78. Arguing on t'interweb forums.
  79. DO you professionals still file flying saucer reports?
  80. Lewis Hamilton banned for speeding
  81. The ECB wishes you a Merry Christmas...
  82. Any Renaissance fans in JetBlast?
  83. Why do they need a transporter room on Star Trek?
  84. PC Radio 1?
  85. Westjet "looses" 5 year old girl on plane
  86. Anything interesting on Google earth ?
  87. Easyjet Emergency Landing at East Midlands with Presurisation problems
  88. Air NZ advert
  89. The REAL Jet Blast!
  90. Man backs car over wife accidentally.
  91. Icelandic tourist arrested at JFK for overstaying visa over 10 years ago
  92. As useful as an old door
  93. Hey nautical-type ppruners, is this supposed to happen?
  94. Anyone know the link ?
  95. How long to learn a language?
  96. The Law Of Unintented Consequences
  97. Can you help ...?
  98. Blonde Aircraft Jokes
  99. Does anyone know...
  100. Sod this, I'm off to Panama
  101. On air fried turkey recipe stuns innocent Aussies
  102. These boots are (not) made for walking
  103. Am I smarter than a ten-year-old?
  104. For Christmas Pun lovers only, or yule be sorry...
  105. Something very unusual.
  106. Way to get some Press - offer Pope a makeover
  107. MOT price
  108. The Pervert Test
  109. Classic
  110. Witty Xmas Greetings for email distribution??
  111. The unable to get an election thread
  112. Remind me who suffers from a fuel blockade again?
  113. Iraqi oil output finally exceeds pre-invasion figures
  114. Verbage and Waffling - For charity
  115. Dead Trigger Fish in the Maldives
  116. Hospitals to be fined
  117. Ex Africa semper aliquid novi
  118. Friday Joke
  119. JK Rowling - the £ 1,950,000 Midas touch...
  120. Sailor Malan, biography
  121. Aircraft model shops London
  122. Scraping the windscreen
  123. Fabio Capello...
  124. For Fish-pun lovers only, or you´ll be sorry......
  125. Guess this house price....
  126. 50 years of social progress?
  127. Amy Winehouse sweepstake
  128. '' Not A Problem''
  129. (Video) YSCB & YBBN Landings
  130. The reason they keep trying with these scams is....
  131. Pratchett has Alzheimers Disease
  132. Society is judged by how it treats it's least fortunate
  133. Marion Jones, the golden girl, finally gets justice
  134. Enuf to warm the cockles of even the coldest heart...
  135. Royal Mail money making machine.
  136. Todays politicly incorrect joke
  137. Why is Eastenders so bad
  138. Dangers at sea
  139. Anti skid would be handy....
  140. No Smile in return
  141. Historical Q: UK Road Markings
  142. Microsoft beta test or scam?
  143. Gang rape of a ten year old. Judge says she consented.
  144. QF Longhaul Cabin Crew EBA8 pt 2.
  145. Ryanair Calender Girls
  146. Bored senseless of 'Carbon footprints' to the point I no longer care
  147. Advice needed
  148. The house that Howard built!
  149. P!ss Orf
  150. A new twist on an old scam
  151. Seasons Greetings - Aircraft Style
  152. BBC News coverage of the Reggie Perrin canoeist
  153. Space shuttle spotting- any tips?
  154. Stuck in the Lavatory
  155. UK Passport security.
  156. Junk mail around the world
  157. Fernando Alonso does it again..
  158. Would anyone care to comment on the historical accuracy of this?
  159. Climate Conference - why in Bali???
  160. Are turn signals brighter than brake lights?
  161. Best sports hatch?
  162. R/C mini 'copters
  163. Wasps? In the UK..In December?
  164. For Anyone Considering the Purchase of a Writing Implement
  165. QF CP
  166. In danger of going down the You Tube?
  167. Funniest Kiwi TV Series Ever!
  168. Y2K8
  169. Help needed: New tyres for the car
  170. Iran stops selling oil in USD
  171. A nation in fear?
  172. Why don't they sing real Carols?
  173. diabetics and shoes?
  174. Cops and Lightning
  175. "We will buy a nuclear reactor" Saif al-Islam, Gaddafi's son, told Le Figaro
  176. Hatton v Mayweather
  177. People taking offence at stuff
  178. Bloody Mary
  179. Where's the Friday joke?
  180. Any horse-racing enthusiasts?
  181. Pictures of your Christmas Tree!
  182. Hang Gliding anyone?
  183. iPhone know-all passenger
  184. Titanic Watches
  185. Nobby no mates night out.
  186. For cat lovers Only - sorry!
  187. Tankering
  188. Your Help Finding a Video Clip..........
  189. The Right To Bear Arms!
  190. Can we continue to trust the UK public services with our Data?
  191. Do you facebook?
  192. Ewwwwwwwwww!
  193. The Ant and the Grasshopper
  194. All I want for Christmas is...
  195. Prize Tax ??
  196. 7 year old shot six times trying to stop mum from being shot again
  197. Jeremy Clarkson takes on the Chavs..
  198. joke
  199. One too many old farts
  200. Does Flying Lawyer know this chap?
  201. Professional Pilots to be placed on Endangered Species List
  202. DJ inflight mag, the back half
  203. News from Apple
  204. Now here is a proper Symphony!
  205. What happened to 'Makepeace Island', bought by Branson, et al, for Virgin staff?
  206. Teddies
  207. Where is Santa????
  208. Seasonal Though
  209. Electrickery Question
  210. You say "To-mah-toe" I say "MILF"
  211. Visas and Saudi Arabia
  212. The death knell for human ATC...
  213. Angry Diggers
  214. Rip off telephone numbers
  215. A good idea or more Nu-Labour brainwashing?
  216. Christmas in your country
  217. Top Gear Thread - 2nd December
  218. FO Problem?
  219. Effing massive Christmas tree outside...
  220. The Iceland ads
  221. Chess. Oh, Flippin' ek, me brains gone!
  222. Why don't you all keep your crap out of JetBlast?
  223. A Drum Kit for Xmas
  224. Man in funny hat says something even funnier
  225. Thank you, Canada!
  226. UK P..effin'..C Attitude To CHRISTMAS
  227. Is this "Another" scam
  228. Grumble about absentee moderators.
  229. World's Biggest Pub Crawl
  230. Dog puzzles
  231. PPrune making the news
  232. Evel Kneivel departs on his last ride
  233. The joy of online grocery shopping...
  234. Sky Customer? Beware...
  235. Airfix on BBC's Money Programme - 7/12/07
  236. Fuel protesters
  237. 40% of Wine & Champagne
  238. Another Bl*&^(n Phone Scam
  239. Restricting Access to PPrune
  240. Friday Joke - Hold on for the ride
  241. David Beckham
  242. Strange Sounds Heard over Guard
  243. Guilty pleasures....
  244. Video airbus
  245. Bag's dont work
  246. Steel Band Banned
  247. Calypso 'n Chickens
  248. I thought it would never make it
  249. Qantas Captain Collapses in flight
  250. I never thought that the LibDems had it