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African Aviation Regional issues that affect the numerous pilots who work in this area of the world.

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ERJ 145 in Mozambique

A Canadian company is looking for ERJ 145 Engineers for Mozambique for a 6 month contract. Does anyone have information on this job. Is it with a regular airline or something else in the works?
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KAYA Airlines based in Maputo is supposedly getting three 50 seater jets so maybe they are looking for engineers?
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possibly also for Solenta in support of their ERJ ops into the country?
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Mozambique express is apparently also getting 2 or 3 Emb 145's
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Thanks for the replies. Im thinking the last post is most likely, can't see Solenta getting a company in N.Bay ON. to hire for them.
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yes I spoke to one of the Mozambique DASH 8 guys recently he mentioned that they were looking at E145'S
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What's competitive pay for an ERJ PIC and SIC in Africa?

I have an FAA Commercial with 2800+TT with 340 and flying 60-70 hrs (in type) per month as a regional FO here in the states. Due to the new law next summer I'll have the ATP and PIC type with more flight time in it...

Is it common to get hired as a DEC down there with a PIC rating and SIC time in type? Or to upgrade from within as an expat?

I've always been interested in exploring Africa... just wondering if its worth the trip down?
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Hi a competitive salary in South Africa for an ERJ captain is about 70000ZAR gross, the chances getting this as a new hire though is minimal unless you get a direct entry command which is also rare considering the amount of experience available in South Africa. I speak only of the South African market as I do not know what the opportunities are like in other countries where ERJ jobs are available. So to be honest it will be hard to get into the South African market as an expat, but do an Internet search and have a look at contract jobs available in other countries.
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