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African Aviation Regional issues that affect the numerous pilots who work in this area of the world.

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No more work permits for foreign pilots in TZ.

Well I guess the heading says it all according to the New pilots association in Tanzania. Let's see how the Goverment is going to handle this shortage of pilots we are having so far.
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Usual chest beating with two massif' bricks I'd say...
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this title made me laugh, cuz no way that's happening. i also laughed when i heard about the new association.
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Old 22nd Jul 2012, 14:49   #4 (permalink)
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Think I've heard this one before. Immigration and the honorable TCAA are a complete cluster**** when it comes to work and flight permits for expats. Left hand doesn't know that the right hand is doing.

- "No, you can't get a permit for your helicopter pilot again! We don't want that many Mzungus here anymore!"
- "Alright, then give us ONE Tanzanian pilot that is qualified to fly helicopters"
- "...ehm... well... err... Okay, you will get your permit, but ONLY if your pilot trains a Tanzanian to do his job during the time of his permit!"
- "Oh, we'd love him to do just that, but your very same government refused to convert our pilots instructor license because he isn't a Tanzanian..."

Needless to say that after three months of waiting the OFFICIAL work permit was withdrawn again by Immigration before it was even stamped in the passport and issued to us, because they issued a fake permit. Themselves.

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Old 23rd Jul 2012, 19:59   #5 (permalink)
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Well said guys especially Hawkeye0001, I'm just waiting for more comments on this because I just feel like its completely wastage of Government's energy and time.
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Old 24th Jul 2012, 07:48   #6 (permalink)
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Well, not even licenses for those who just arrived and are in the process of converting. And not because government or authority. Simply because one of our ingenious fellow pilot went to TCAA to take an exam and he's put his cheat sheats on the table... Thank you my fellow idiot. There will be no exams till September! Happy waiting.
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Ingenious or indigenous ? Or both .
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Old 24th Jul 2012, 15:11   #8 (permalink)
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Same thing happened in Maun a few years back. At least all that happened there was they changed the exam.

Some people are so stupid!
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Old 24th Jul 2012, 16:27   #9 (permalink)
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new carriers

So how will new start ups such as Star and Newton air operate their aircraft? Are there enough BAe146 and ATR 42 drivers ?
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Old 25th Jul 2012, 16:09   #10 (permalink)
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I think Star and Newton are a game so far in which will never win or I should say arise. About our fellow Pilot who was caught red handed has got nothing to do with the work permits. There are special Tanzanian pilots who are dealing with this situation and most of them are jobless to make the matter worse, inshort they have got nothing to loose in this situation apart from winning. Let the Drama continue.
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The pilots union are to be ignored, they just stirring . They been doing this for ages and no one takes them seriously, especially tcaa.
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Old 26th Jul 2012, 10:06   #12 (permalink)
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This new TZ pilots association is really trying to stir up over here. They are NOT a recognized union or anything, just a bunch of unemployed low-time local guys trying to pressure the operators into employing them by getting TCA involved. Apparently they feel entitled to a flying job. I know of one specific member who ran out of fuel in 206 a few months back... turns out he didn't know that you're supposed to lean a piston engine lol. And he wonders why he has no job? What a clown. This association is a JOKE.
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Old 10th Aug 2012, 17:28   #13 (permalink)
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full support

i totally agree with whats happening down there. why should tanzanians open their job market to 'foreigners' when there are qualified locals who can do the same job. Local Low hour pilots need to be 'type rated and line trained' by the airlines... that is the proper way to do things in aviation!!!!!!

I wonder how easy it is for Africans to get work permits to fly in Europe or North America.... Bull$hit
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Old 11th Aug 2012, 12:05   #14 (permalink)
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that's where the problem lies... there isn't enough qualified local pilots to staff the caravans. I believe in giving the local talent job preference, provided they are qualified. with just 250 hours, don't expect a 206 job handed to you... there's a thing in aviation called paying your dues... none of these association members seem to know about this concept... they'd rather sue various operators into giving them jobs... this should be interesting
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Old 12th Aug 2012, 05:08   #15 (permalink)
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The new "association" as they call themselves is an absolute joke. Makes me laugh when I see them in their little "gang" walking around terminal 1 like they're hot shit.
It also makes me laugh that such an association could try to add so much pressure when they arn't backed by the Civil Aviation Association of their own country. Clearly there's something wrong here?
I personally know of many great Tanzanian pilots that have managed to work there way up the aviation ladder without any issues.
It saddens me to see that these guys arn't willing to pay their dues (like most of us have), and to resort to creating such an "association" that would pressure local companies into putting pilots with crap attitudes and lazy mindsets in there planes.
You want the job? It's there, just fight for it with determination and right attitude!
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hey, just out of curiousity, what do you mean by 'paying their dues'?

not trying to be a smart *** here, i've just never heard that phrase used in that context before

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Old 12th Aug 2012, 22:02   #17 (permalink)
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Red face

Just a small correction, the CAA is backing the 'Association'. Indirectly of course!!
How do I know? I'm a victim!! :|
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Old 13th Aug 2012, 07:24   #18 (permalink)
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low time pilots

Just recently, Solenta and TFC advertised for Tanzanian pilots for the C208B and the B1900D - for our growth plans there.
We received very little response....one or two CV's but all 200hr type CV's.... no real experience.

Problem these days is..... anything less than 1000 hrs generally isn't accepted by the likes of UN / WFP needless to mention the Oil and Gas players want in excess of 4000hrs for B1900D Captains, with 2500 ME PIC.

So there are few Tanzanian pilots accepted by the insurers and clients.
We are even happy to let them build experience on our C208's and B1900's / ATR's elsewhere, but as I said, the CV's we received were few - perhaps all the other 750-1000hr+ CV's went to Precision, or Emirates !!

Last edited by Solenta; 13th Aug 2012 at 07:24.
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Old 14th Aug 2012, 09:59   #19 (permalink)
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For Solenta....

Dear Solenta

Where and when did you advertise for Pilot jobs?
There are a number of guys with real time on a/c's in the tune of 4,000 to 9,000 hours and rated on C208, B1900, DHC8-100/200/300/400 and B732 in TZ, Unless you offered well below industry standard....

Keep the Blue Side UP.....
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Old 14th Aug 2012, 10:58   #20 (permalink)
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Hi Savannah

To clarify my friend Solenta's comment. We did not advertise, directly, but requested that the TCAA should inform the PATP that we are looking for crew. At present we have identified and are about to recruit a low time pilot to join our Caravan Fleet in Arusha.

In September we will be advertising for experienced crew to join us on some new projects that we are working towards. Solenta are our technical partners, we lease two of their aircaft and we are looking at ways that we can collaborate with flight crew training and some staffing.
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