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African Aviation Regional issues that affect the numerous pilots who work in this area of the world.

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Old 17th Mar 2011, 01:41   #101 (permalink)
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Submitting the CV

I have tried submiting the CV via the email but it never gets delivered. Anyone had the same problem?

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Old 17th Mar 2011, 01:52   #102 (permalink)
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It is an advantage to speak french,but this is a multi-lingual country so the interview can be conducted in English or French as you wish.
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Old 17th Mar 2011, 17:58   #103 (permalink)
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As you mentioned in your previous reply that none of the french and the spanish were recruited while the company is in an urgent need of pilots. This is what Flight Ops means: that none of these pilots can do the job.Only the Dream Team (the bunch of Rocket Scientists) knows how to fly airplanes.The rest of the pilots are considered as inferior. This is arrogance as also mentioned by others.
Wonder if OPS, they themself need to go for a serious psycho test???This is what the show is in here.The Bright Minds Theorem strikes all the times! This is a puppet show.

If you get into the rabbit show, you will see yourself how things are.
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Old 17th Mar 2011, 18:20   #104 (permalink)
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So much for the Mauritianisation of the pilot workforce. The usual bunch of b**locks to gain public support.
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Old 18th Mar 2011, 14:39   #105 (permalink)
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I hear you, but I really need this job ! Anyone can help with the interview, tech questions... Anyone went there yesterday or even today ? How was it ?
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Old 18th Mar 2011, 17:19   #106 (permalink)
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This is a real bad place to work, you have been warned. Read all the posts on this outfit before you commit yourself.
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Old 20th Mar 2011, 10:09   #107 (permalink)
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Dont get me wrong Im not against expats, in fact they have been an important piece of the MK puzzle for a long time now. Its just that the promised 'Mauritianisation' of the company is not happening. There is seemingly no long term plan for an eventual expansion of the company in sync with the development of Plaisance. Companies such as Cathay, Etihad, Jetstar, Easyjet and soon BA are gearing up to train their own pilots(both expat and local for some) in anticipation of a potential upturn in the industry. Some are going at it better than others but still, they are doing something. MK is sitting idly, hiring short term gap-filling crew and are not at all thinking about the long term. Whether their strategy is better than those other airlines or not, only time will tell but my opinion is that the enormous amount of money being spent in interviewing and training short term contract pilots could be better spent training their own pilots(again, possibly expat AND local) for the long term. That would also allow for a better planning strategy within the Ops department. If MK hasnt yet noticed, Air Austral is very quickly expanding its operations worldwide and will undoubtedly crush MK if action is not taken. UU are slowly offering more frequent and better services to many parts of the globe. They could soon take over top dog status from MK.

Dont tell me that money is not coming in. Try booking a ticket to europe India or Australia during any period of the year and see how many times you end up the waiting list.

Such potential.
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Old 20th Mar 2011, 19:58   #108 (permalink)
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Anyone here enjoy flying for MK ? ? ?
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Old 21st Mar 2011, 11:15   #109 (permalink)
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To answer your question: Anyone here enjoy flying for MK ? ? ?

Enjoy flying: Of course, Yes.

But the guys running the show here make it disgusting and stinking.

Flying for MK with the rabbit and Dream Team : Noooooooo

It is a pity.
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Old 22nd Mar 2011, 13:23   #110 (permalink)
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Yes, lots of guys enjoy MK, they are either too busy flying to respond(they're all extra busy these day) or they are on the beach......
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Old 23rd Mar 2011, 21:19   #111 (permalink)
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Who's coming for the screening next week ? And, can anyone who did the screening recently, give us a little feedback ?
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Old 6th Jan 2012, 20:53   #112 (permalink)
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Hi Everyone! I currently have 1200 hours on single and multi engine pistons and have a frozen ATPL with an A320 Type Rating but no actual time on type. I wanted to know if I have a chance for an interview for the A319 FO position?
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Old 7th Jan 2012, 02:09   #113 (permalink)
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Hi Everyone! I currently have 1200 hours on single and multi engine pistons and have a frozen ATPL with an A320 Type Rating but no actual time on type. I wanted to know if I have a chance for an interview for the A319 FO position?

I have over 20,000 total time and over 4000 A320 family with a type rating. How on earth did you get that rating without any time on the jet? I'd love that position too!

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Old 25th Sep 2012, 01:50   #114 (permalink)
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Well Men,

I got an e-mail from MK during the week asking for e to send the applicatin and y documents I just sent a CV in Kanuary , they said they are not recruiting but will be soon I am boeing rated with 1k 737 anyone have an idea of my chances of gettin in and them putting me on an Airbus course...? if so whats the bond like...?
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Old 10th Nov 2012, 18:42   #115 (permalink)
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A320 assessment and Int

Hi Guys,
Just got a call from MK for assessment and interview for A320 F/o position. Requesting some help for the same.
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Old 12th Nov 2012, 17:11   #116 (permalink)
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I also was called for an interview on the A320, any info regarding the assesment, as well as pay and benefits?
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Old 14th Nov 2012, 18:43   #117 (permalink)
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Still Waiting

Hey Guys....
Still waiting to know what to expect in assessment and interviw for MK...is anyone here who joined them recently or went through the whole recruitment process?
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Old 15th Nov 2012, 13:05   #118 (permalink)
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A close friend of mine has worked there for a while.
What I found out, be carefull what you wish for.

The bad:

You will have to be very carefull about what you say and to who...

You might be flying with captains that are of a sub-standard.

A senior captain: wondered why the course kept changing while flying a track given by the FMS.

Given the explanation, he will think you are a circus act, a straight line on the globe must be quicker than a great circle track.....

Also be carefull not to catch hepatitis, you'll see yellow-eyed people everywhere. (could be a sympton of untreated hepatitis).

A lot of people drive like idiots, with no headlights at night or always high-beam. People crossing the highway on foot at night and day.

Overtaking in ways that will make you wonder, do they even know what happens in a head-on collision?

There is no guarantee that you will have electricity or tap water. It shuts off at-will, day or night.

Rarely saw tourists with a smile on their face, when they find out that their public transport is a 30 year old bus.

That same busses produce quite a bit of smog, while being on a island in the middle of the ocean, downtown still has quite a bad smog problem at times.


There is one good thing about mauritius though. There are several operators, like Air france, Emirates, BA, Condor that will fly you out of mauritius if need be. (Got sick twice of the food on Air Mauritius flights myself).

The other good thing that comes to mind is they are absolutely desparate for pilots so the interview would be very easy ..sign on the dots though

Steer AWAY
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Old 16th Nov 2012, 09:11   #119 (permalink)
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Hi Inflightfeather
Thanks a lot for those inputs. Will keep that in mind. Just wanted to know wht kind of questions can we expect in interview ( what kind of preparation needs to be done )and whats the salary like for A320 F/O. If you could ask your friend ...
Thanks in advance..
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Old 22nd Nov 2012, 15:06   #120 (permalink)
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So basically anyone has any idea on the assessment? It says psychometric and personality testing....u cant really prepare for that can u?

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