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African Aviation Regional issues that affect the numerous pilots who work in this area of the world.

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Old 29th Jan 2007, 05:37   #41 (permalink)
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Location: Mauritius
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that's well said about those who have got in but prefer to stay in their small corner rather than sharing their experiences with all the wannabes! May be they have not tackled the CRM aspect yet, they will soon realise that the acronym "TEAM" means Together Everyone Achieves More. Anyway we can't pull their legs, they will be our colleagues if we r through n they might be seriously busy!
yep dany I'm still waiting for the books, it might be one more week away, will let u guys know how good r they.
thx for the clarification on the verbal reasoning, but still remember the 1st aptitude test i did, comprised of some synonyms, antonyms n fill in appropriate words to make proper sentences. but last one only had passages with True/False statements.they have changed the format.
take care
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Old 29th Jan 2007, 10:52   #42 (permalink)
Sir Osis of the river
Posts: n/a

Don't know if it helps, or even if it is atill available, but Quantas used to have sample papers with very similar questions to what the "Gee whizz bang" brigade , AKA the shrink at MK asks, on their website.

It was somewhere on the pilot application section I think.

Best of luck
Old 29th Jan 2007, 16:19   #43 (permalink)
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Qantas Pilot Psychometric Test Practice

thx Sir Osis,
all those who want to give Qantas psych test a go, here is the link

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Old 3rd Feb 2007, 12:57   #44 (permalink)
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Does anyone know when is the next intake of cabin crew for mk……
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Old 11th Feb 2007, 12:37   #45 (permalink)
Join Date: Nov 2006
Location: Mauritius
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Re:cabin crew.

hey Lilou,
it looks that no one has got an answer for u!
from memory when i was last speaking to a friend back in July, he advised me that Air Mauritius was conducting selection for cabin crew. I'd guess you have missed out, but keep an eye on the local press as I think they would required more due to the expansion of our fleet.

But here is another chance!!!
I'm not sure if you'll be ready to be based in another country!
if it's a YES, you shd consider reading today's newspaper, the WEEK-END page 31.
QATAR AIRWAYS is recruiting cabin crew.
If you want to join the 5-star airline, there's an open day at
Les Pailles, on the 25th FEB 2007 at 0900 sharp

You will have to apply online at http://www.qatarairways.com/hr_cabincrew.html
you will have also, on the day to bring your cv,full length and passport sized photograph.
Assuming that your at least 20 yrs old and 157.5 cm(arm reach 212cm)

Good luck
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Old 11th Feb 2007, 15:14   #46 (permalink)
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So is there a possibilty, the QR may fly to MRU Island?
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Old 11th Feb 2007, 21:00   #47 (permalink)
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I sent my resume in via email to the two recruiting pilots. Maybe it will turn a head
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Old 15th Feb 2007, 18:28   #48 (permalink)
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Location: Dubai
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Be very carefull about Air Maurituis - too many of their pilots at Emirates and the picture they paint is not very good.
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Old 18th Feb 2007, 17:41   #49 (permalink)
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hey thx PilotVD for replyin....well qatar airways is far from Emirates but well may be i'll send my cv. by the way i have send my cv to Emirates in dec but haven't receive any answer frm them so i think it's better droping EK
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Old 19th Feb 2007, 09:06   #50 (permalink)
Join Date: Nov 2006
Location: Mauritius
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hi lilou,
i thought Emirates did interview some Mauritians down at Labourdonnais (Caudan) in the last week of Dec 06. Candidates were to show up with passport n full length photos.
Those who were successful with the initial interview would be contacted...
well u have to keep ur options open, once u build some experience, u can always switch to another airline of ur preference.

Good luck!
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Old 14th Sep 2009, 09:04   #51 (permalink)
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As this thread seems to be long dead, may I try to revive it a lil? Anyone know if MK are planning to hire Cadets this year or next year? Anyone know the e-mail address of HR so I can send my CV and contact them? Thx guys!
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Old 30th Sep 2009, 11:33   #52 (permalink)
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Thumbs up bump

Hey all, I'd be interested to know about the above too....

Also would anyone know if the contacts listed on page 1, 'fonfori' and 'Irvin' are still the correct people to contact?

Also is there anymore detail on the recruitment process for fATPL licence holders???

Thanks guys.
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Old 5th Oct 2009, 02:36   #53 (permalink)
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A couple of years back I spent the best part of a day filling out the Air Mauritius application forms and getting together all the required documentation before submitting my application by registered mail. At that stage my total flying time was around 3500 hrs.

After waiting a couple of weeks and hearing nothing, I sent a couple of mails to various contacts in the HR dept. asking if they could simply confirm if they had received my cv - no reply. I was then given a contact email for a Mr Leung by a friend and I sent him an email asking the same thing. Nothing. I then contacted a Captain Mc Gregor - like the others he couldn't afford me the courtesy of a response.

If the HR department at Air Maurtius is indicative of the rest of the airline, then I wouldnt bother applying.
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Old 2nd Mar 2010, 10:40   #54 (permalink)

Probationary PPRuNer
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wht a joke

So finally uve all witnessd HR of Mk was suspended by ICAC ( was on news in feb 2010). why? bribery for 2007 cadet pilot position ..when there is no meritocracy at all.

lemme reassure to mauritian citizen, u need backing to get into this company. I no longer work for the company now.
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Old 16th Mar 2010, 02:46   #55 (permalink)
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Good for you WAC-chart you left MicKey Mouse Airlines….(MK) !!!. As you know, many people here are working on this as well… The way they have been treating people last year showed us how bad they are. It doesn’t matter if you have 20 years seniority or 2 years, if you are an expat or a local. They are loosing, year after year, their best local pilots. Expat are also jumping the ship fast forward!!

The way contract renewal is handle is terrible. One day you are out of a job, The next day you will have 3 months break before your next contract. A few weeks later they call you in for work because they realize they are short….A senior local pilot was advise by email, while on a lay over, that after returning base he was out. A few pilots over 60, some with freshly renewed contract were fired since they were over 60!!! They were given contract when they were over 60 and they finally decide that they don’t want them any more. You had an interview with another airline, you are fired. You are thinking about retirement, you are fired. All this happened last year……and the list goes on and continue to happen!!!!

Don’t trust anyone from the “dream team”. They will call you my friend when they need something from you, but stab you in the back at the first occasion. They are there to protect themselves and look after their own well-being. If you don’t say or do what they want you are told that you may end up on the black list….HR is there only to sc..w you up and do whatever is needed not to pay what is owned to you. Here I am not talking about corruption, it has been mentioned on another posts…..

This is how it goes at Air Mauritius and I could say much more…..

For, Goahead2010, who PM me, the information above should help, interview: you can expect some technical stuff, HR girl or guy might test you with some questions, all in all nothing different from other places. First year FO basic salary is euros 2842/monthly.

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Old 17th Mar 2010, 17:23   #56 (permalink)
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I just got an e-mail offering me 4100€ + 900 house allowance for f/o A330 Air Mauritius....

Anyone getting this as well?

I read all the information about air mauritius, most of it is outdated...

Is it really that bad?
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Old 17th Mar 2010, 21:07   #57 (permalink)
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Location: EU
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sorry can't help you, but 4100 doesn't seem to much for a 330 postion...
Just out of interest, are you 330 rated?

Ate ja
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Old 17th Mar 2010, 21:16   #58 (permalink)
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Location: Portugal
Age: 34
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I am A330 rated.

That's the offer they sent me, i've heard of 6000€ per month, so that's why i am asking....
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Old 18th Mar 2010, 01:39   #59 (permalink)
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Well, as I said basic salary for A340 F/O, first year is euros 2842. At the top of the salary scale, means after 15 years it is up to euros 4093. Don’t think about an upgrade to the left seat any more. There are enough local pilots to fill all future slots.

Ask them to fax you page 2 of the contract, it is were you will see your basic salary!!

Housing allowance is around euros 600, it is paid in local currency. Expect to pay around 1000 euros for a descent place. This is what they probably mean when they told you 1000 euros!!!! What is missing comes from your pocket!!!

Coto, 6000 euros is for a 15 years Captain on A340 or A330. If you are rated and have a job better stay were you are…..

They are lying to you, nobody trust them any more. Pilot unions are fighting them in court continuously. The last MOU they signed with the unions is not respected by them. They are breaching it big time as well as your individual contract.

This is reality.....
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Old 18th Mar 2010, 18:56   #60 (permalink)
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Location: Meca
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Wool over your eyes....

Coto, stay well clear my friend. If you have no desire to move to left seat and happy to just sit on the beach then this job is for you. That is if you are not too knackered from flying your butt off because they are seriously low on crew.
Remember you will never know if you can ever meet friends or family because they will never confirm your LEAVE until the roster is released, so you can forget about buying cheap low cost tickets, if you were planning to go somewhere on a firm seat at a cheap price. That said, you might find you LEAVE cancelled even after it has been confirmed "due to operational requirements", loosely translated, they are a bunch of jungle monkeys with no clue how to plan ahead.
The money you were quoted is correct, however this is based on you completing a full 4 yr or 5 yr contract, including your gratuity and other allowances divided by the 48 or 60 months respectively, hence you were quote in excess of 4000euro per month.
On a brighter note, it is a good place to pick up a cheap or free rating to make yourself more marketable. Many have done it in the past, although I dont agree with this practice but the company have brought it on themselves. So make hay while the sun shines.

Happy days...
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