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Training Training Period is anticipated to be about 8-10 weeks. Annual Base Salary only to be paid for this period. Training Costs for all pilots, regardless of experience will be USD22,500 which can be paid upfront by you or through your bonuses or monthly salaries. Jetstar will provide detailed options. Training will include 1 week of ground school in preparation for Japanese Air Law exams, company Ground School and simulator training.

The above was cut and pasted from the contract brief.

I don't know what the Japanese civil authority allows, or what "deal" they made with Jetstar. Just passing on the info I got when I looked into this contract last week. Since no one has actually done it yet, maybe it has not been officially approved and it is just a "carrot" to get you to bite.

Also, from what I read on the contract and Japanese tax law, it can be very expensive to quit this contract. There is an annual bonus paid at the end of each year (target for this is 10 percent of pay). If you quit before the end of the NEXT year, you have to pay this back. And it gets worse. The prefecture and city tax is 10 percent. If you work 1 day into the next year or more, you owe this tax, FOR THE WHOLE YEAR going forward, based on what you made the previous year. Quitting early in the year can be very expensive.

Some may jump on this, but I won't be one of them. Maybe an OK deal for NTR.
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