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Dominican, what do you mean by the day off pay? This cannot be the compensation for working on your days off (less than 90$!).
I agree with you in the sense that this is very low, but I just posted what was on the spread sheet that one of their pilots sent me, I don't know what to make of it either

the 10 weeks JCAB course is a biggie though, Skidmark or elsewhere you are looking at 24-28 weeks.
Is it possible to get by it in 10 weeks or is it just a hook, and then you get the job and you have to pay your own expenses for 6 months? The rest of the carriers provide everything for that period
I don't mean to contradict USMCprobe in any way shape or form, mind you that I DO NOT work at Jet Star Japan and the information that I have gotten is from guys who were here and now are working there, but I have never heard of such a thing as a 10 weeks course and all of those guys went through the normal training cycle if you are interested in this particular gig, you need to clarify this issue.
On regards to the comment about the 7 months of training.....! That is the training length here in Japan, they pay you your entire salary from day one and give you plenty of time off during training to enjoy Tokyo's night life, you are not going to change it nor convince them otherwise, if you can't hack it, then don't apply.
Skidmark is paying 14K USD net of Japan tax. ANA is more, but I am not sure of Japanese taxes, and have heard conflicting things from former ANA guys that I know. Dominican???
Two different job conditions here, SKY is a resident job, you will have a resident card issued to you thus having tax liability in Japan, the company will pay your Japanese taxes and you will get the documentation to use against your tax liability in the US ( this is just in the case of US citizens I'm talking about, the rest of you don't have a greedy uncle as we do) in the case of AJX is a commuting job only, so no residence in Japan nor tax liability in the country.

PS: just wanted to clarify that I'm not saying the information about the 10 weeks expedited training is incorrect, just to verify it since I've never heard of such a thing. The pay for this gig is low as compared with other jobs here in Japan, but not far from what JetStar is paying in other subsidiaries. The information that I got from the pay package at Peach is that it is not too far from this T&C's, it seems they are trying to aligned the pay structure with what is beeing paid in other LLC's, don't know how this will work for them since the cost of living is quite high in Japan, if I'm going to make the same salary at Air Asia for example, then Kuala Lumpur would grant a better choice than Tokyo in cost of living if they will take this into consideration eventually depends on the amount of applications they get, I don't really see JCAB rated guys making a line for this gig, as a matter of fact I only know of two guys that quit here to go there (Japanese contract pilots that didn't want to fly freight and wanted to fly domestically) and two western guys that I know are there, but I'm not getting into their reasons as to why they went there, everyone has to find their own nirvana and guys make the argument that an A320 type with time of the airframe gives you a better job prospectively than 767 time....! Everybody has their reasoning as to why they do things. But still this offer is quite low, if they want significant numbers they need to either sweeten the pot, or open this offer to non type rated pilots with no time in any mid size A/C (IE regional guys) if they want to get people to apply.

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