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Base salary:captains 10,800,000 per year F/O's 6,400,000
You pay Japanese taxes on your income
Productivity pay: captains 15,000 per hour F/O's 7,500 per every hour over 50 flight hours.
One time sign in bonus: 2,000,000 captains and 1,500,000 F/O's

20 days per year for annual leave

24 days of sick leave

Loss of license is provided but taxable

Health insurance and welfare pension is the Japanese social program and it is provided.

Day off work pay 6,000 and 3,500

Layover allowances 5,000 in Japan and 4,000 outside Japan

Crew meals are not provided
Uniforms, type rating, medicals are all paid by the pilot

Commuting is provided within the JetStar network

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