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Saab 340 i*cid**t *****t cla*ificati** ***d*d

Just fi*ish*d **adi*g a *u*way *xcu*si** *****t a*d I ***d abit *f cla*ificati**** It says *** *f th* *****ll**s aut*-c*a*s***d at t*uchd*w* du* t* a* i*t**ti**al **w** l*v** s*lit f** a c**sswi*d la*di*g** Is aut*-c*a*s**i*g a* aut*f*ath** situati**? htt*://www**mlit**g***j*/jtsb/**g-ai*_*****t/JA001C***df Aut*c*a*s** Activati** a*d Its Timi*g (1) Bas*d ** th* d*sc*i*ti**s i* 2**13**2 @, it is c**sid***d ***babl* that th* actual a*gl*s *f th* **w** l*v**s b*tw*** 11:26:13 a*d 11:26:14 m*t th* aut*c*a*s** activati** c**diti** (*LA > 64 d*g***s)** (2) Du*i*g th* ***i*d b*tw*** 11:26:13 a*d 11:26:14, th* l*ft **gi** t**qu* was b*l*w 50% whil* th* *ight **gi** t**qu* was ab*v* 50%** At 11:26:13, th* t**qu* diff****tial b*tw*** th* **gi**s was 29**1% alth*ugh at 11:26:14 it was 23**2%, a l*v*l slightly b*l*w th* aut*c*a*s** activati** th**sh*ld** It is th***f*** c**sid***d ***babl* that th* t**qu* diff****tial m*t th* aut*c*a*s** activati** c**diti** i* this 11:26:13 t* 11:26:14 ***i*d** (3) I* th* ***i*d b*tw*** 11:26:12 a*d 11:26:14, th* *ight **gi** *3 **s* ab*v* 150 *si whil* th* l*ft **gi** *3 **mai**d b*l*w 145 *si** It is th***f*** c**sid***d ***babl* that th* *3 s**s** switch t*i* th**sh*ld (i*****, 145 *si maximum) f** ***ssu** *isi*g c**diti** d*sc*ib*d i* 2**12 (2) was m*t** As d*sc*ib*d ab*v*, it is c**sid***d highly ***babl* that a**u*d th* ***i*d b*tw*** 11:26:13 a*d 11:26:14, th* Ai*c*aftfs l*ft **gi** m*t th* aut*c*a*s** activati** c**diti**s i* HIGH **W** m*d*** This is als* su****t*d by a sha** *is* i* t**qu* a*d a d*** i* *****ll** s***d *f th* l*ft **gi** i* additi** t* a s*u*d sugg*sti*g d*c**as*d *****ll** s***d, which w*** **c**d*d f** this ***i*d by th* DFD* a*d CV*, **s**ctiv*ly** It is th***f*** c**sid***d highly ***babl* that th* l*ft *****ll** was b**ught t* th* c*a*s** *itch at that timi*g**
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